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Wheel of Fortune Game Show

How to Get On a Gameshow (18 Shows Looking for Contestants)

Participating in a game show is an easy and fun way to make extra money. Some game shows are tougher to get on than others, but by registering for all of them, you can significantly increase your chances [...]

ThePennyHoarder.com Scholarship

We’re Giving Away a $2,000 Scholarship to a Frugal Student!

We’re so excited to launch ThePennyHoarder’s $2,000 “Frugal Student” Scholarship. Students are a huge part of the Penny Hoarder community and we are always looking for unique ways [...]

Free $200 from Nationwide

These Guys Will Give You $200 for Free…

Put this one in your Christmas savings account… The fine folks over at Nationwide bank are giving every reader of The Penny Hoarder a free $200 in cash if  you open a checking account with them [...]

Modern Family Picture

How I Made $77 During Last Night’s “Modern Family”….

Last night was a pretty typical night for our family. We ordered Thai food, ran the dog all over the house, and vegged out to the TV. It was awesome. But, since it was a repeat of one of my favorite shows [...]

Trivial Pursuit

Are You a Smarty Pants? Here Are 4 Ways to Earn Extra Money Playing Trivia

Do you know who won the 1966 World Series? Or the name of the movie Joan Crawford won an Academy Award for? If so, put that useless knowledge to work and start playing trivia for cash! There are thousands [...]

Flickr - Creative Commons

7 Weird Ways to Save $4000/Year Without Cutting Back on Anything

So much of the personal finance advice out there is about how to restrict your lifestyle to save money. They want you to cut your cable, make dinner at home seven nights a week, and wait for retirement [...]

Flickr - Creative Commons

These Guys Will Give You a Cash Rebate When You Buy Milk, Bread, or Eggs…

Anyone who’s ever cut coupons knows how extremely rare it is to find a coupon on staples like milk, bread and eggs. It’s sad, but so many of the coupons out there are for processed foods that [...]

Lego Bank Robber

Your Subconscious is Stealing All of Your Money. Here’s How to Get it Back…

The financial havoc the Great Recession wreaked on American households took a substantial toll on their savings. But even now, years into economic recovery, saving money continues to be a struggle. A [...]

How to Auction Your Old Stuff For Free

Find it easier to get rid of your old stuff when you know you’ll get something new in return? Perhaps that’s why the team at Listia created a different kind of auction site: a place where users list [...]

Image: Nielsen Digital Voice

This Company Will Pay You to Share Your Internet History…

Raise your hand if you spend several hours of your day on the Internet. Come on now, don’t be ashamed. We all do it. Oh, and connecting with your cell phone counts too… That means we’re all guilty. But [...]


5 Ridiculous (but effective) Ways to Save On Your Groceries

Listen, even if you’re not one of those crazy coupon ladies that you see on TLC, you should still be saving a lot more on your groceries than you already are. I’m not saying you need to hoard [...]

Capital One 360

Hot! Earn a $176 Bonus from Capital One 360 This Week…

Capital One 360 Independence Sale is now LIVE! I know many of us are spending the week buying too many fireworks and burgers, so here’s your chance to get a little of the money back… Every [...]