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$10 Bill

Get a Free $10 Amazon Gift Card Just for Signing up at Personal Capital

Another day, another free money alert. Today’s free cash comes from Personal Capital, a portfolio management site, and they are giving away $10 to everyone who opens a free account! I’ve [...]

Focus Group

Attention Guys: These 3 Focus Groups Are Paying Cash This Week…

This one is just for the guys. We’ve been hearing more and more that focus groups are having a hard time getting men to sign-up. And we found three such companies that are looking for panelists [...]

Instant Rewards app

Sick of Wasting Time in Line? This App Helps You Earn Money While You Wait

Who enjoys sitting at the airport, killing time in waiting rooms or spending an hour at the DMV? Not me (and probably not you, either). That’s why I love finding new ways to turn otherwise wasted [...]


How to Earn $175.20 While Sitting On the Couch

January is always a great month for promotions and I just found a couple of new ones that I wanted to share with you! Both of these take a small investment, but you should still be able to profit $175.20 [...]

2015 cash

The 12 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in 2015

Happy New Year! I’m sure you can relate to this, but the holidays did quite the number on both my bank account and waistline. Bah. I can’t help you with the waistline (and it’s 18 degrees [...]


Download These 2 Free Apps & This Company Will Pay You $50

Here’s a quick money-maker. We’ve found 2 companies that are willing to pay you to download and keep their apps installed on your smartphone/tablet. It’s not a ton of money, but it is [...]

Make $2.02 Buying Windex

Target Money Maker – Buy Windex and Make $2.02

If you’re at Target this week, make sure you keep an eye out for this promotion. If you buy four Windex Touch-Up cleaners at Target, they’ll give you a $5.00 gift card. Stack these coupons [...]

Starbucks Gift Card

Where Should I Sell My Gift Card?

There are very few of us that end the holiday season without a stack of gift cards and inevitably we all end up with a few that we can’t use or don’t want. Maybe your boss gave you a gift card [...]

Wikimedia Commons

CostShredder: This Free Tool Helps You Save a Ton of Money While Shopping Online

I’m a huge fan of stacking savings. By using coupons, discounted gift cards (that you paid for with a rewards credit card), and a cash-back shopping site, you can save an incredible amount of money [...]

Free Birthday Stuff

100 Places That Will Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Hooray!  It’s your birthday! The last thing you should do is pay for stuff.  So we’ve put together a list of 100 places where you won’t have to! Most of these places require that you sign up at [...]

CEO of Jet.com

Want 100,000 Shares of Free Stock? This CEO is Giving it Away…

So, this is unusual… A new startup, Jet.com, is promising to give you free stock options just for becoming an early email subscriber. But here’s where it gets really unusual: we have no [...]


How to Make $345/Year By Installing These 3 Apps

So this one is about as simple as it gets. Google, Nielsen, and Media Insiders Panel are paying participants to install their apps on your computers/smartphones/etc. And they’ll pay you for every month [...]