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Wheel of Fortune Game Show

How to Get On a Gameshow (18 Shows Looking for Contestants)

Participating in a game show is an easy and fun way to make extra money. Some game shows are tougher to get on than others, but by registering for all of them, you can significantly increase your chances [...]

Image: Ski resort jobs

Get Paid to Ski and Snowboard: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Ski Bum

For many years, I dreamed of living in a mountain town, skiing whenever I wanted and enjoying après-ski drinks with a gaggle of new friends. I dreamed of being a ski bum. So the summer after college graduation, [...]

Image: Raking leaves

Money Does Grow on Trees: How to Start a Leaf-Raking Business

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? If your parents ever paid you to rake the leaves, you know that there’s green in those red and orange beauties. When the fall colors start to turn, it’s time [...]

Image: Cat Enclosure

Handy With Tools? Here’s an In-Demand Business You Probably Never Considered

It’s a dangerous world out there for cats, what with cars, coyotes, and other kitty killers. That’s why indoor cats live up to three times as long as outdoor cats, and why my wife and I keep our [...]

Image: Debt

What You Need to Know About Debt: Lessons From a Debt Collector

Debt collectors don’t want to call you any more than you want to call them. Or at least, some of them don’t. Like Grayson Bell, who left his job as a debt collector for a major mortgage servicing company [...]

Don’t Mind Getting a Little Grubby? Collect Worms for Cash!

Which underground animal can take the shape of a dollar sign? A worm! And while there are those who make good money farming worms at home, there is another way to profit from these wigglers without breeding [...]

A Simple Side Business You Can Start for Under $40: Painting House Numbers

A friend told me he charged homeowners $20 to paint house numbers on their curbs, and paid college students $10 per hour to do the painting. Some of his employees did 15 jobs each day. My first question, [...]

Image: Costume Busking

How Dressing Up in a Funny Costume Could Earn You Money

Every part of him was painted silver, including his eyelids. A crowd gathered around him on a street corner in Baños, Ecuador. I dropped a coin in the slotted box at his feet and he jerked into motion, [...]

How Pretending to be Your Favorite Fictional Character Could Put Money in the Bank

If you’ve always dreamed of writing professionally online –- or are already earning money as a freelance blogger –- then you’re going to love this. You can earn a nice chunk of change each month [...]

Make Money as an Adult: Bring Back 3 Classic Kid Fundraisers

We all remember those classic kid fundraisers: fighting dehydration in the Walmart parking lot to sell countless boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, painting huge cardboard signs and dancing on the [...]

Get Paid in Beer: Volunteer at a Craft Beer Festival

If you enjoy frothy stouts, hoppy IPAs and citrusy Hefeweizens, beer festivals are about the greatest thing on earth — except for the damage they do to your wallet. Ticket prices can range from $75 [...]

How Pretending to be Sick Could Help You Make Money

“Where’s Johnnnnny?” the patient howled, her high-pitched voice screeching down the hallway. The terrified medical school student responded shakily, “I don’t know who Johnny is. He’s not here. [...]