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How to Earn $275.20 in Free Cash This Afternoon

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Every year businesses give away thousands of dollars in free money and gift cards as a way of promoting their websites/products. And we found two good ones today. Both of these take a small investment, but you should still be able to profit $275.20 for […]

How Do I Start Investing With Only $100?

Hi Penny Hoarders – I truly love getting your emails! I try to answer as many as possible, but with more than 100 reader emails a day (not to mention comments, FB discussion, and tweets) it can be a bit overwhelming at times! This week I received this email from Christopher… “Hey, I was wondering […]

How to Make $25 While Sitting in the Doctor’s Office

Think about all the time you spend waiting… Waiting for the doctor. Waiting for the subway. Waiting for your Starbucks coffee. One study suggests that on average, our waiting times add up to 62 minutes a day! That’s crazy! So, how do you use this time? I’m sure most people use this time to zone […]

How to Make Money Buying Virtual Real Estate

For Sale: Luxurious, seaside bungalow. We guarantee that the structure will never need re-shingling, re-siding, a new furnace, a new water heater or foundation repair. Appliances will never break; you’ll die before they do. Property’s unique arrangement makes it so that you will never need homeowner’s insurance, gas and electric, garbage pickup, property taxes or […]

How to Buy Plots of Land for $100 or Less

I was reading an article the other day about this billionaire media mogul named John Malone who recently overtook Ted Turner as the nation's largest land owner. His most recent acquisition of Bull Ranch in New Mexico brought his total holdings to more than 2.2 million acres (for your reference, that's just slightly bigger than my apartment). People have long been skeptical of the two investors' thirst for land. The article suggests that some have feared they may be planning to create a huge wildlife refuge (the horror!), while others have guessed that it might be water rights the two men are after, since it is one of the rarest commodities in the West.

The 7 Wackiest Investments for Under $100

If your savings account isn’t exactly ready for prime time or you are just looking for some weird ways to diversify your portfolio, check out these seven wacky investments. All of them require $100 or less! 1. Invest in a Band You don’t have to be a major stakeholder in Columbia Records to invest in […]

Did You Know That You Can Make Money Tracking Hurricanes at Home?

It’s hurricane season again. While we cross our fingers that it is a mild season, climatologists are predicting it could be very active. And one group of entrepreneurs is counting on it… Enter Weather Risk Solutions. Weather Risk Solutions is a new website which essentially allows people to bet on where a hurricane might land. The […]

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