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You’re Wasting $600/Year On Something You Could Get for Free

October 5, 2015 | Updated 2 days ago
by Kyle Taylor

Did you know the average American spends more than $50 a month on bank fees?

You probably don’t even realize it’s that much, but a bunch of small fees can add up quickly.

Americans are paying an average of $4.35 in fees every time they use an out-of-network ATM, according to Bankrate. And we’re doing this, on average, 7 or 8 times per month.

Slap on anywhere from $8-$12 in a monthly service fee many customers aren’t even aware of.

And if you don’t maintain the monthly minimum balance? That’s another $15.

The average minimum balance required, by the way, is over $6,000. I’ve seen them on the lower end, too, but even a few hundred dollars can be a challenge some months. You shouldn’t be penalized for that.

Want to Save That $600? Here’s How

The crazy part is these fees are probably unnecessary. Several banks offer fee-free accounts with equal or better services. A free account or one that costs you money just to have it – it’s kind of a no-brainer, right?

We’re a fan of both Fidelity and USAA, because they automatically reimburse ATM fees and there are no minimum balances to keep your account free.

Fidelity also offers an interest rate on your balance; click the orange button below to open to take advantage of their special offer:

We want you to get the most out of your account. That means getting rid of these unnecessary fees that eat away at your balance.

I’m pretty impressed with this offer. The Fidelity account is in a tiny minority – only 4% – of interest-bearing checking accounts that are free to use.

Bank Chart

I’m challenging you to make the switch. Click the orange button in the banner above to learn more about the offer.

Your Turn: Are you surprised to learn how much we pay in bank fees? Are you going to make the switch to the free Fidelity® account?

Sponsorship Disclosure: A huge thanks to Fidelity® for working with us to bring you this content.

by Kyle Taylor
Kyle is the founder of

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