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FREE Money Alert! Western Union is Giving Away $20…

by Kyle Taylor

Woot! We’ve got another opportunity to score some free cash this month…

The folks over at Western Union are running an awesome deal this month to promote their WU Pay service. They’re offering a free twenty bucks to new users who purchase a gift card on their site by June 30, 2012.

Here’s how it works…

1. Visit the Western Union gift card site and select a gift card worth $100 or more. There are tons of stores included in the promotion including Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes & Old Navy.

2. You need to pay for the gift card using Western Union’s WU Pay payment method in order to get the $20 cash back. With WU Pay, you will log on to your online bank account and pays the WU Pay email receipt via your bank’s online payment system (you will receive an email receipt shortly after you order the gift card). It’s similar to paying a utility bill, so there’s no need to use a debit/credit card.

There aren’t any fees involved with this and since it’s Western Union, you know it’s on the up and up…

3. Wait 15 days. Western Union will send you an email within 15 days explaining how to claim your $20 cash back. You can either use the money immediately to buy a gift card worth $20 or you can save it up in your WU Pay account until you have enough cash back to request a check (The minimum is $50).

The free $20 promotion is only good once, but you’ll earn a cash back percentage for every gift card you buy in the future (up to $200/year).

Heads up: I am an affiliate of Western Union so I get a kickback for mentioning this deal, but rest assure, I would have shared this deal even if I didn’t have a connection with them. :)

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

by Kyle Taylor
Kyle is the founder of

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