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How to Save Money When You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Empty Pockets

by - December 20, 2013 - 301 Comments

I know… I know… For a lot of our readers, the thought of saving money when you’re living paycheck to paycheck is a joke.

It’s not that working people don’t want to save, it’s just that too many of us are struggling with trying to pay the rent and put gas in the car that by the time the month is over, there’s nothing left to save.

So I’m not going to lecture anyone on the importance of saving, but let me share some tips on how I broke the “paycheck to paycheck” cycle….

Month 1 -

Open an online savings account and deposit $5. If you can do more, great! But, if things are tough, I just want you to start with $5. Heck, roll your quarters if you have to.

There are a bunch of great online banks, but my favorite is definitely Synchrony because they’re offering Penny Hoarder readers an awesome interest rate (click the “open account” button below to get the promotional interest rate)…

You can open a savings account at your local bank, but my suggestion is to go with an online bank. You’ll be less likely to withdraw the money.

And, I know it doesn’t seem worth it to deposit $5, but getting started is an extremely important first step! Just trust me.

Month 2 -

This month I want you to save $15 in your new savings account. Again, if you can do more, awesome!

If you need a little help earning an extra $15, I’d check out Ipsos Panel & MySurvey. They are the two best survey sites, and if you sign up for both, you should easily make an extra $15-$30/month (most surveys pay between $3-$4 each for 20 minutes of your time). Heck, sometimes I fill them out while I’m watching Netflix.

Another great way to earn $15 is with MediaInsidersPanel.com. If you install their app on your smartphone, they’ll pay you $5/month per device. And you can install the app on up to 3 devices for a total of $15/month. You can read more about the program here.

There are also a ton of different ways to make extra money on this site, so start poking around the archives. Remember you just need $15 this month.

Month 3  -

Our goal is work up to saving $100/month in the savings account. I know that seems lofty, but I’m going to help you earn that extra $100/month.

For this month, I just want you to try and put away $30 in the account.

One of my favorite ways to make a quick $30 is with InboxDollars. There are a number of websites that will pay you to read advertiser’s emails, sign up for offers, and take surveys. I’ve tried about a million of them, but there are only a few of them that I would recommend. Inbox Dollars is one of those companies.

It’s free to join Inbox Dollars and best of all, they give you $5 just for signing up. Inbox Dollars just requires that you accumulate $30 in earnings before you can “cash-out” and they pay you by sending a check. Some sample offers include one that asks you to sign up for a email newsletter from AMF Bowling. That pays 50 cents and takes about 15 seconds. Another offer asks you to sign up for a free account at Turbotax.com to earn $3.50. These are simple and there are nearly a hundred of them to choose from. If you are interested in giving Inbox dollars a try, visit the sign-up page here to get started (open to every country).

Need a different idea?

Another great way to earn $30 is with Bing Rewards. They will actually pay you to use their search engine on both your phone and computer. It’s not a ton of money, but think about how many times a day you search for something. Those pennies can start to add up pretty quickly…

Congrats you’ve saved your first $50. That’s something to be proud of!

Month 4 -

Alright, this month it’s time to try and put away $100. Daunting, I know. But I’ve got a few ideas that might help…

– Try selling some of your old stuff online. For books, use a site like Bookscouter.com and they’ll compare 30+ different buyback sites and tell you which one is willing to pay the most for your books.

– Have you tried opening a bank account just for the bonus? Nationwide will give you $200 in cash just to open a free account with them.

– You can try our list of 16 Companies giving away $1,810.25. These companies want you to try them out and they’ll pay you to do so. Some of them are easier than others, but just check it out.

– Or how about mystery shopping? Before I became a blogger, I was a full-time, professional mystery shopper. And I got pretty good at it – earning around $5,000/month. Here’s a list of the companies that I worked for…(none of them will charge you money to signup. And if a mystery shopping company ever tries to charge you, it’s a scam. Stay away from those.)

I know a lot of people are already working two jobs, but mystery shopping can be a way of earning money and relaxing with your friends/family at the same time. My favorite are the restaurant mystery shops – you get a free meal and you get paid! :)

Month 5 – 12 -

Continue saving $100/month for the entire year. We want your year-end account balance to be $950.

Here are some ideas on how to make an extra $100/month:

How to Make $750/Month Selling Used Books

Get Paid $50 to Write a Guest Post

What’s in Your Fridge? Get Paid to Share…

How to Make an Extra $50/week Working for Amazon.com

How to Get Paid $200/month Testing Websites

Year 2 -

It’s important to continue saving at least $100 each month. Use your regular paycheck for living expenses and save any extra money you make from the ideas on this website.

Once you’ve reached year 2, you’ve saved nearly $1,000. At this point, my suggestion would be to open an IRA. Lending Club happens to be my favorite (because I’m earning 14%/year), but anywhere will do.

Just one more piece of motivation. If you can continue to save $100/month for the next 20 years (at 14% interest), you’ll end up with $106,022! Can you imagine? More than $100,000 in a bank account! 

You can do this. End the cycle today.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

Disclosure: We appreciate you letting us include affiliate links in this post. It helps keep the beer fridge stocked in the Penny Hoarder break room. 

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  • El

    Newbie question about IRA, can i only open IRA on one company? I’ve read that the maximum limit is $5,500, can i invest part of it to LendingClub and the other to Vanguard or Betterment? For the sake of diversification.

    • Kyle Taylor

      Hi El –

      Yes, you can open more than 1 IRA (at different institutions), but you are correct, you still have to adhere to the maximum contribution limits each year. Assuming you are eligible to make the full contribution to a ROTH (your contribution maximum is limited if you make more than $112,000/yr in 2013), you could contribute $1000 to LendingClub, $1,000 to Betterment, and $3,5000 to Vanguard. Or whatever combination you prefer. Once we get to January 1st, you’ll be eligible to make another $5,500 contribution for the 2014 tax year.

      Hope that helps!


  • jasoromch Campione

    We are making a good Plan to save the Money by reduce the consumption in different things.

  • Roger

    There are so many better ways to make money that don’t involve getting a second job. Look up “network marketing” and you will see that no other industry gives everybody the same level playing field to make as much money as you want. Your education or background makes no difference if you find a good company and work the business.

    I would also like to know where the author of this article found a savings account that pays 14%! You are giving people false hopes when most savings accounts pay less than 1%.

    • Kyle Taylor

      Hi Roger-

      LendingClub is not a savings account. It’s a peer-to-peer lending site that has been around for years….14% is not uncommon and many of my readers are earning even more than that.


      • Richard Hung

        Absolutely zero discussion on risk for LendingClub. That’s how scams work. They show you the upside and actively avoid or worse, deny the downside. Some of Bernie Madoff’s early clients made a lot of money with Bernie too. I’m sure they’d be happy to recommend his services.

    • Norine

      Try .01%, that’s what I’m earning.

    • Dana

      Savings accounts are not investment vehicles. They’re meant as a kind of money storage in case of emergency or to save up for a future purchase.

      It’s nice when you can find one that pays higher interest but that’s not what they’re for.

  • Karin

    Don’t like Ally Bank, tried once to sign up for an account. Gave them all of my information only to be told that I couldn’t sign up for an online account because they don’t have online accounts. Odd since they are an online bank.

  • Norine

    Hi Kyle,
    I saw a post from a friend on FB about Saving $. It’s a 52 week challenge.
    Your idea is wonderful also but how this works is first week you save $1.00,
    second week $2.00 and so on, you get the idea. I was able to print the form
    that allows you to check off each week as you save, unfortunately I don’t know
    where it came from, I just printed for myself. Of course people can decide to
    save more each week. I just thought this was easier to handle. $100 seems
    like an impossible amount when you can’t even pay your monthly bills.
    Merry Christmas and keep up the good work, I love this site.


    • Mike

      It is, except by the time December rolls around you are trying to save 200 bucks in that month ($430 from the beginning of November till the end of December). :)

      • Angie

        Try going backwards… beginning at the end will help you at the end! Start saving $52 the first week; $51 the next week, and so on…

        • Aimee

          I love this idea and started doing it this year. Also if I have extra money I will scratch off a week to know I saved that amount but when I get to that week if I have the money I will put it in again. Looking forward to having almost $1500 in bank by December 2014.

          • Jenny

            Hello can u please share the process we are in the month of april how will i go about starting? Iam very intrested since Im in the same boat ad you…

            Thank u


    • Courtney

      I’m trying this this year. I wrote every amount that you’re supposed to put in on a piece of paper and I have been mixing it up. The week I can put in $52 I cross off the 52. If the next week I can only put in $25, I do that and cross that one off. Goal is to cross off every number by the end of the year. Some weeks are just going to be easier than others, so you do what you can do. I get paid monthly, so I put in the $50 amounts that week and towards the end of the month right before payday I put in the smaller amounts.

    • Jenny

      Hello where can I find more info on the 52 week save challenge?

      Iam so intrested…


      Thanks for sharing

      Jenny :)

  • Jackie

    Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for all your great articles. You mentioned in this article that you were making over $5,000 a month doing secret shopping? I’m sure you were being contracted by several different companies, but is there an article on how you did that? I do secret shopping, but only make an extra $30-$40 per month, lol. I’d love to hear how I can up that amount!

    • Kyle Taylor

      Hi Jackie –

      This article is in the works. :) I haven’t done a comprehensive guide yet, but I can share a few strategies…

      1) Routes – I only do shop if I can do like 10 or 12 of them in a row. I’m signed up with 30+ mystery shopping companies, so I spend a few hours each week going through each site and scheduling shops that are near each other for the same day. I’ve even done overnight trips in other cities if I can get enough high-paying shops in the same city (remember to save your receipts, because your hotel/travel costs are tax deductible).
      2) Ask for a raise – the listed shop $$ can usually be raised if you just ask your shop manager. Especially towards the end of the month, they are more than happy to apply bonuses so that they get done.

      Hope that helps!


      • Jackie

        Thanks! That is a lot of shops to keep track of! My husband and I are trying to pay off debt, so I am going to try your tips :)

      • Aimee

        Love mystery shopping. I can pick my job site, type of job, and have fun doing it. No more sitting at a desk or standing behind a counter all day. So far only working for about 5 companies. Biggest check so far was almost $500 just from 1 company. :)

      • Norine

        Just FYI, there are tons of scams going on with this, I got into one, it was for a Walmart Mystery Shop, signed up, they immediately sent me a check and being in banking for 30 years I knew something was wrong. It was a fraud check. If you weren’t familiar with checks you wouldn’t know, it looked totally real. Here’s a secret, when you copy a check the copy should say copy on it, something you don’t see until you copy it. So beware of this stuff.

        • Kyle Taylor

          Yes! Great tip, Norine. Folks, mystery shopping companies never send checks before the job is completed. And make sure you’re only signing up with reputable companies. Check to see if they are legitimate with the MSPA (mysteryshop.org) or just sign up for the ones I mention on this site (I’ve been working for all of them for several years).

  • Kamiko

    we have a system we use for one cards which gives rewards when you spend a specific amount. to use this card we do the following:
    – we only charge our monthly bills to this card, bills we normally pay for anyways.
    – Then we pay the bill off for the credit card 100%, so it does not gather interest.
    – When we have paid up to their required minimum, we get free gas cards and restaurant gift cards. What a yummy way to pay our bills we have to pay anyways!

    …This keeps cash out of our pockets, and a temptation to buy things we dont want or need. we think about those free gift cards we will be getting! it’s $50 to $100 every 3 months!

  • Mary

    Interesting post. I will definitely give some of these suggestions a try.

  • eloise reimer

    Wonderful ideas!

  • http://2-copper-coins.com 2 Copper Coins

    I work with individuals in poverty in a financial counseling setting and saving $10 a month for a couple months is one of our biggest first steps! It seems so small but for someone just barely getting by seeing an account open that isn’t dropped to zero each month is huge, whether or not the amount is that impressive.

  • ton forbes

    Hi Kyle,
    Thank you . You are a great inspiration!!

  • Just someone

    My bills are 1800/month and I make 1600/month. Explain how I can save money.

    • Tanya

      Start by lowering your bills. If you don’t have to have it, stop using it. Don’t eat out. Buy store brand. Have cable? Get rid of it. You won’t die without it. Work out at home or run outside instead of paying for a gym membership. I don’t mean to sound trite, because I know what you’re saying. My husband and I support 4 kids on $2000. per month. It’s hard. It sucks. But if you look hard enough you will find a way to save money.

      • sanjosemike

        Tanya, please read my article on dumpster diving. I know it sounds weird, but a lot of people do it. You have to know how in order to do it safely. You can learn on-line and connect with local DDivers.

        Tanya, I’ve been poor. I have been poor enough to not have any food in the house and one pay-check away from being on the streets. I am no longer poor. You’ll have to trust me on this.

        I don’t know if the moderator will allow my post on DDiving of not. The economics of DDiving are compelling. It can be enough to get you off of welfare and save enough to allow you to bank one entire family income source. Not just food, but clothing and other household necessities.

        People throw away billions of dollars of perfectly usable stuff. I am about to toss a perfectly usable oven/microwave that has the paint on the inside of the microwave chipped!

        I will put it up on a “free-stuff” website, or otherwise it will go into a dumpster.

        Think about it.


        • http://howtosavemoney Ann Wilde

          Is there a real place for “free-stuff” never knew this.

      • http://askthedragon.org Dartagnon Puissant

        stopped the cable n spent the next months cable bill on an antenna. I get NBC, ABC, CBS, Spanish channels, 60’s TV shows, cw, n more than I can watch in one night, FOR FREE!! My cell phone is a necessity since I’m rural n can’t get a landline that works, so I use Walmart n get Verizon unltd talk n text for $45/ month. 1/2 what I paid for AT&T n service is better in the desert. My att is best on the coastal areas. Recycling brings in about $50/month for Powerade bottles n cans. Good luck. Happy $aving!!

    • Meutherland

      You will need to decrease your monthly debt and increase your monthly income. It’s really that simple.

    • Tara

      I found a program that offers products and discounts that can save you money. They even have discounts for travels. I use it constantly and I have saved tons of money. Check it out, it might help you.

      • MoMo

        but you didnt give the program name or website to check out

        • Doug

          That’s part of the journey, I guess. :)

      • patty martin


  • Aimee

    Donate Plasma. I get over $200 a month by donating 2 times per week. The very first visit is about 3 hours because you get a FREE PHYSICAL. Then any other donations take about 45 minutes to an hour. I made over $2,000 last year and another benefit did not have to pay any taxes on this money. WOO HOO

    • Dana

      Just be aware that it’s a time suck, even after your first appointment, if the location where you donate is popular with the locals. You WILL be waiting. Great if you are in school and studying or if you’re a knitter or an avid reader, though.

  • Jason McTierney

    People who make $5000 per month generally don’t live paycheck to paycheck.

    • http://www.mycinsay.com/c/100-health-solutions/healthier-living Lili and Al

      Do you want to bet? Since BO has been president, $5,000 per month is difficult to make ends meet! Costs of everything have gone up, pay days have frozen or shrunk!
      We wonder how anyone can get by on that amount or less?

      • lt

        If you can’t live off $5000 a month your living well beyond your means. You need to down grade your life style. What do you pay for rent/mortgage do you have new cars, drug problem, 5kids?

        • Viv

          Even if you make $5000, after taxes are taking out it is not 5000! If you have children, it is not cheap to cloth them, feed them, get them to and pay for school activities and entertainment (for 18 years). Not to mention Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and saving for college! Place to live at
          college, school supplies, used automobile (pray it doesn’t break down). I know a lot of people are thinking gifts, entertainment, college and automobile, but in my opinion, if you are going to skimp on this stuff, then why even bother having children!!!! But my point is, even 5000 doesn’t go a long way if you have children.

      • Barack Obama

        Here we go again. Someone is always blaming me for everything. I walked into a financial storm of an economy from the mess the guy before left me and you blame me for the fact that his rich cronies screwed up the house. I just cant win… well actually I did twice, but you know what I mean?

        • Bill

          I’m never voting for you again!

        • http://thepennyhoarder.com nada

          I love you mr president

      • Ted R. Mann

        I have a 3000 sq ft home with exercise room and hot tub two cars, twwo harley davidson motorcycles, both bought new. One is an 07 the other is a 12. My bills run about 3800.00 a month. I am not living beond my means. I make over 115k average per year. I am not trying to rub anyones noes in that. My point is that I dont live in a brand new house. Our cars are not new. My house was built in 1903.I can afford a lot more . I choose not to do that. In spite of my income I am on this website looking for ways to inhance my welth. If I can take a little seed money and earn some on the internet, that I am on anyway, I would be stupid not to. I am not so well off that I am going to turn my nose up at free money. Even if it is only 1200.00 dollars a year. Like the commercial says; Just do it. If these methods don’t work I will let you know.

        • Vela

          Thanks for speaking up. I’m in total agreement. It is all relative and the key is to not live beyond your means and be smarter (not calling anyone stupid, so I mean savvy) . I grew up as a welfare child and could easily have continued the trend given circumstances. Instead I fought to get out of that by making ‘savvy’ decisions and NEVER trying to keep up with the joneses and always saving a little for the inevitable rainy days. At one point I was making up to $150k but I’m proud to say that even then I would clip coupons for groceries and only once bought a brand new car but only when I could pay cash for it. I hate paying finance or interest to companies and avoid that. Today we live off less than half this with 2kids and one in college. I’m on this site taking in all these great tips because every chance to save $ is like making more or spending less. Same diff, it is more in your pocket to use wisely. That’s the operative word.

          Dumb decisions are nobody’s fault but your own. There is lots of free entertainment everywhere. You don’t need cable, smart phones, fast food, candy, soda, etc. I see so many ‘poor’ people prioritize this and it baffles me. Not smart and then they complain…. It is not Barrack Obama’s fault.

          • Dana

            You ever notice how a lot of these people screaming about Obama are driving Escalades and you can see what they are watching on their wide-screen TV through their window and across a four-lane road? It’s no wonder they think the very poor are wasting *their* money… it’s called “projection.”

      • Christine

        My husband and I live off around $1000 a month. I can’t imagine the things we could accomplish with 5k a month

        • Doug

          I, too, keep my household for $1000 – less than one paycheck.
          The second paycheck is “free” money.

          Just got to live froogle (and single).

      • Dana

        You might have been sleeping through Bush’s 8 years, which would actually explain a lot, but prices were going up BEFORE Obama took office. I remember noticing the price of my heavy cream for my coffee hadn’t changed while just about everything else was going up. Looked at the ingredients and Kroger had begun watering it down with skim milk. That was before the early ’09 inauguration. Grow up a little, would you?

      • passerby

        What in the world does Barack Obama have to do with you saving money? Either get tips on saving money, or go to a different blog … geeesh

    • Corerinea

      I only wish I made $5000 a month. If I made half of that I would be happy, I wouldn’t have the bills I have

      • Tara

        Maybe this program can help with your current situation. I use it and I have saved money on every day living items. You can even make money, check it out you never know.

  • Judy

    Hello, I am a mystery shopper. Only one of the companies that I shop for pays weekly the rest I have to wait a month or two. Do you know any companies that pay weekly?

    • Jenny

      Hello can u share that company that pays weekly please?



  • Nick

    Mr. Taylor,
    Sir, I find your article title very misleading. The article is not about how to save $1000, it is about how to earn an extra $1000. BIG difference, and therefore an extreme waste of time I will never get back.

    • Kyle Taylor

      You’ve got to make it before you can save it, Nick. :)

      • Mariya Mariela

        Kyle, how you can save 100 000$ for 20 years with just saving 100$ per month. I counted and if you save 100$ per month with 14% interest you will have 31 160$ for 20years. So can you explain how you got 100 000$ please?

        • makai

          Compound interest over time. By year 20 it’s 106k. Assuming your IRA grows at 14% every year. Some more some less. It is a great way to turn 25k into 100k

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Kyle mentions saving X amounts of dollars every month, in increasing increments, and then offers ideas to earn extra income to reach that goal fir the month. I suggest you go back and re-read the article.

    • rose

      Yea. agreed.. I work ridiculous hours, 6 days a week, no time fire a life or friends, don’t have/can’t afford internet, cable, tv, etc. and I should have the time+ resources to waste my whole day taking online surveys for 50 cents??! And what, earn enough Rio pay for the internet bill? please. maybe I can do them in the maximum 6hrs a day I have to sleep, too… honestly.

      • Ted R. Mann

        Do you have 15 or 30 minutes? How much time is spent watching TV or playing a game system. The library has computers with free internet. If 100 dollars a month is not obtainable start with 30. No matter what just stop making excuses. You have mentioned why this is not feasable without even trying. You might want to start by being positive. We all have heard why it will not work. Now tell us why you think it will work. It does not matter if you think you can, or think you can’t, your right.

        • VA


          • Jim

            I don’t think Henry Ford said that. I highly doubt he had a gaming system. :-D

      • Dana

        You said you couldn’t afford Internet. Why would you need to pay an Internet bill?

      • Mark

        You had enough time to read this article and write a response, plus you must already have internet access since you are reading these articles, so what’s the problem? Everybody is always the victim, never the cause of their own problems.

      • http://solventropy.com/ Will Congdon

        Rose, I can help you earn more money in fewer hours than you are now making. Check out my website and call me. JusticeHelps.com Let me give you the assistance & support you need. Call me even if you think it nots for you.

      • jansa

        How did you post here if you don’t have the Internet

    • passerby

      I think we are so set with proving someone wrong that we miss the intension. The concept is good. Run with that instead of creating an issue over something so pety. (What’s wrong with people)

      • JonnyOnTheSpot


        • Allahu Akbar


          • The Bastaard

            Educating ignorant people is not petty. It’s a gift that people like yourself do not deserve.

    • fcabanski

      $100 x 12 = $1200. The article is about saving more than $1000. It’s not saving in the sense of saving money on purchases or bills. It’s saving in the sense of saving money in a bank account.

    • Justanothermonkeyman

      Saving 1,000 and making 1,000 are not mutually exclusive. If you need to save 1,000 and don’t need help making it, you shouldn’t need much help.

    • mymossworld

      Was it not even more of a waste to take time out and write this review? #GEESH# Besides…I found it very helpful!

    • karen johnson

      I love that the article explains how to earn the additional income you will need to start saving money. If the article stated for people to just save a few dollars a week people would swear they can’t afford even that small amount. The author went ad far as telling you how to get the money you will need to start saving and he/ she is still being shot down. Some people will never get what they need because of skepticism and self doubt. I’m going to try out everything said in the article and if I doesn’t work then I wasn’t harmed in trying.

  • Natalie

    I enjoyed every nook & cranny of your article. I’m inspired to take on the challenge. Thanks.

  • Bits Marino

    You guys have some terrific idea’s….I agree . . . you’ve gotta make it before you can save it.
    Judy . . . who pays mystery shopping weekly? Never found a company that does that.

    • dmichael66

      Nobody… most companies take a month or more to pay you.

  • Richard


    Thank you for the advice, when opening a savings with Amex is it better to open high yield savings or cd? Thank you

  • Jay

    Just checked out Media Insiders, they offer 2 rewards, the first is entries in to sweepstakes, the other is something called a Tango Card. Did not see anything about a cash payment.

    • Kyle Taylor

      Tango cards can be redeemed for cash.

  • lisa

    Wrong. My husband and I make roughly $4800 a month and with 2 kids and tons of bills we definitely live check to check.

    • Desi

      You should definitely think about dropoing or down-grading some of your bills. My husband and I make $3400.00 per month and have 5 boys aging in range from 14 to 2. We do not live paycheck to paycheck and we still have things we want as well as things we need. It is all about budgeting wisely and knowing what things are neccessary and what things are not. It is possible, you just have to buckle down.

    • RetGnny

      I don’t believe some of you. Many Americans are forced to survive off of disability and 200 a month food stamps. We are talking about less than $1,000 a month. If they have kids it may be a little more than that but not much. They would love to switch places with some of you and living on $5,000 a month, and would work very hard for it. I know my daughter would. she hates the situation she is stuck in because of the misfortune that came her way in life by the hands of someone else. Count your blessings people!

      • Bill

        Yeah. What about if you onlt make $1000/mo in SSA benes.
        We get taxed on savings!

        • MoMo

          $5000 a month means different things to different people in different situations…and is relative to the region where you live, if there are costly health issues requiring medication etc…

    • Dana

      My daughter’s dad (I’m roommates with him) is earning something like $100k a year and we still oftentimes find ourselves with more month than money. There are two reasons a person might have a bill to pay. Either it’s something they need or it’s something they want. Unless you are buying everything new or your rent/mortgage payment is really high or one or more of your family have weird health problems, you don’t have $4800 a month worth of needs. One of those problems is solvable immediately by moving. One of them by shopping more sensibly and only for things you NEED. You know what else you need? Emergency savings in case something in your life goes kerblooey. If nothing in your life ever goes kerblooey you still need the savings. I know someone who kept having his savings decimated by various life crises. He hits 65 this year and he is in one major mess. Don’t be that guy. He couldn’t help it completely (at least one incident was a freak accident that really hurt his then-wife), but maybe you can.

  • sandy

    I like the advice!!..and the websites to earn extra money is great! Thanks

    • http://n/a Laura

      This one is an instant site it is my favorite! of all the sites I do. If I need a buck or 2 for gas I can do the site print it out take it to Walmart get it put on a card and use it at sam’s or murphy’s or anything in the store. I like getting my money now with no wait!


  • http://ThePennyHoarder Cathy Kay

    I have tried numerous force to save and don’t eat out , etc etc .What my issues are is getting older been in the working force 30 years now ( will be 47 soon) and the very hard job I only have skills for ( nurse aide) work my back and both knees completely out.So now even I am in my 40’s , I have a lot of medical expenses because of the wear and tear and chronic issues .What happens is I get some saved up and at least 2 times a year a medical issue or crisys comes up .It never fails then I am broke again .Im not a materialistic person and have no issue with saving but something always happens -any suggestions ? Also to mention was in a car accident no fault if my own and have been without a car for 5 years ( the accident was complekytr their fault -the check I got was barely enough to pay my rent cause it was cash value of my car only ) Thanks ! Looking forward to your reply !

    • http://www.rnrjohnson.teamasea.com Raenell

      Hi Cathy,
      I’ve never replied to one of these before, but for some reason really felt compelled to answer you. I’m a retired teacher and had lots of the same health issues as you. My husband, who is a workaholic farmer/rancher was also dealing with health issues that almost forced us to quit farming.
      To make a long story short, we stumbled across a true scientific breakthrough supplement three years ago that has given us our health back. It’s only sold through word of mouth (network marketing), which has turned out to be a blessing because, though we originally only hoped to pay for our product, we’re now making enough extra to pay for vacations, new linoleum etc.
      Everyone’s different, but we noticed better sleep and more energy the first month while bigger issues like joint pain were much improved after three months. The doctors recommend at least a 90 day trial and it’s important you’re consistent.
      I checked off the notify box so you can direct questions there I think… Hope this helps your situation.

    • Viv

      Have you ever checked out a Sitter job at the hospital? You would definitely be qualified and it would be physically much easier. If you don’t want to give up your job because of the payscale, it could be like a second job. Not that you really want a second job, but it might get you to retirement a little sooner.

      • Jenny

        Hello I read your comment a sitter job at the hospital? Is it more like companion position?

        Can u please give me a little more info?


        Jenny :)

  • Susan

    Too bad you’re lazy, Nick.


    Love this site, always resourceful. Hope to see more frequent, more unique postings! Love your work.

  • Tam

    Great information and links to other resources, thanks!

  • John

    Thanks for the great article!!!!

  • Lisa

    Wow! I really Loved getting all this fabulous information! I make a decent salary as a RN, but still find it hard to save. I am a single parent and my child is in college. I can’t imagine how people make it on minimum wages, especially if they pay any living expenses. They feedback here is so motivating and I know now I Can Save! Thanks so much for this post and for all you wonderful people stories and ideas. I am going to email this to ALL my family and friends! Thanks a Million lol ; )

  • Staci

    Holy crap you guys! You can’t live on 5,000 a month? My husband at his highest made about 2,000 a month and now that he is going to college for his Bachelors he had to take a lower paying job because nobody wants to work around his school hours. So now we are LUCKY to make 1600.00 in a MONTH! We have a 5 and 7 year old and one vehicle that no longer works and my SUV all of a sudden had everything in the dash stop working so I am using a GPS just to know how fast I’m going. Seriously check your finances and stop buying things you don’t need. Man some of us would love to be making that in a month. Everything that you are throwing away is desperately needed by other families and some of them are probably in your area so instead of wasting your money help someone in need. You’ll feel much better in the end.

    • rose

      dear god would I only be able to imagine 5G a month. unreal some of these people.
      and don’t give me your I make so much money, but my bills are so much I’m in the same boat as ‘you people’ bit…
      that’s just being obnoxious. really, when you can talk about spending a tight $50 at the grocery store per month, and not on your Starbucks per week, then feel free to comment.

      • Jade Green

        Have you considered maybe they live in an area with a much higher cost of living? Honolulu, LA, NY etc.

        • Jane parishoner

          I live in NYC and my husband and I get by just fine on 2k a month.

          • CaptainSpauldingNephew

            Jane your RENT must be dirt cheap. 2K a month is rent in NYC? I live in NYC too. Rent is 2K a month. FOOD! is expensive. Owning a car here is expensive. MTA is expensive. Night Life is expensive. a bag of chips is expensive. Just to breath in NYC is expensive. How are you managing on 2K a month?

          • Jane parishoner

            Believe me I know! We have no debt, which helps a lot, and are good bargain hunters. We don’t own a car. I work at home so only one of us has commuting expenses. Our rent is $900 a month. We don’t live in Manhattan, or we’d never be able to afford it! We live in one of the the other boros.

          • CaptainSpauldingNephew

            I live in Manhattan. It’s brutal.

          • deank

            You live in manhattan and only pay 2000$ a month rent? I live in manhattan and you can’t get a closet for 2k, where do you live Harlem?

          • Cintia

            How is that even possible?
            There is no way your able to save each of you for a retirement off that income.

            Think about if you stopped working at 65 and lived for 20 years till 85 years old.

            If everything stayed the same (cost of living, food costs,rent, transportation, TAXES, ) which wont happen, but lets pretend.

            if you only saved to provide 3 meals a day at $5.00 a meal for 30 days *12 months in 1 year, *20 years … You would need to each have by age 65 saved $108,000 (assuming your eating each meal with $5.00 and you have no medical costs, no rent change, no food increase, etc)

        • http://nobohnsaboutit.com Erin

          If your pinching pennies you wouldn’t live in Manhattan. We moved out of Manhattan 5 years ago. Our rent for a crappy apartment was 3,300 (again 5 years ago, that apartment would be way more now). Our rent for an awesome apartment not in Manhattan is now 1500. I doubt we could get by on 2,000 a month. But we can definitely manage on what we make.

    • Dana

      If it were just me and my kiddo we’d totally make it on $5000 a month.

      We live with her dad and while he’s a basically decent person, he’s always been clueless with money. Most of my money woes are from not having enough. His are because he feels poor if he doesn’t spend. I can’t fix that.

    • Kristin

      That’s pretty crazy. I made 9,000 last year. Full-time student/part time worker. I completely live off 9k a year. I would love to have 5k!

    • dbxbfgfg

      I work hard and make $6-7k a month, but with a seven amd eight year old and a wife, no medical insurance, mortgage on a barely $110k house that needs every kind of repair and update. (NEWS FLASH: nobody comes and fixes your shit when it tears up if you had the credit to go get a mortgage instead of throwing money away on rent. Unless you’re existence is subsidized by the government, then, sure.) By all means. Take your food stamps , state healthcare, etc etc. I pay the Federal Government like 18-23% of what I earn in income taxes. I get a check for $8? And can spend it within a day of two. Get pissed about these physicians that drive around in their $100k sports cars.I

      • Jane parishoner

        You make $7000 a month and you can’t afford medical insurance? Cry me a river. If you can’t support your family on 7K a month you must be completely financially irresponsible. Stop blowing your money on crap and grow up.

      • BoonGetBizzy

        You sound pretty dumb!! Seriously you are a fuckin idiot!! I know for sure you’re one of those white guys that’s always crying bout how hard life is while sitting in ur two story house with the big yard…. Sometimes I hate beingwhite. People like you make other races hate us!!

    • Holly Holt Wann

      I find this extremely interesting… my husband at his highest paying job which is the one he has right now brings home about 1500 a month and that is in a good month… And I thought we were doing good… lol then I get on here and everyone is complaining about how little they make bringing in so much more than that… I can remember when my husband only cleared about 900 a month and you know even then we did our best to support our 2 kids… people just need to learn to live within their means…

  • Chris

    Just so you know just because people make more money doesnt mean they are able to see. Often times as income goes up, spending goes up. I make $10,000/ month, take home $5000 and my outgoing bills are $4800. Granted thats living above and beyond but it doesnt make it any easier to save.

  • Viv

    Great article! Thanks for the tips, and your article also received comments at the end that are very useful and helpful! I will definitely be trying out some of this stuff!

  • http://gsman36@yahoo.com chuck

    great get a second job and just put that in a savings account. That way you earn extra and will never see it.

  • sharon

    Forget about banks, get that account at a credit union. They are better regulated than banks, fewer fees, and better rates.

  • http://facebook Bonnie Wireman

    MY question is this: Many EXPERTS in the wall street and all kinds of places where they tell you to invest, even your bank that we have our money in, there are many economist’s and rich people are taking all their money and selling off all of their stocks and bonds, as many of these expert economist’s have predicted the total collapse of the American dollar, so to invest in anything like what you are saying to do ,wouldn’t that be like investing in nothing??? IF the US Dollar collapses our money would not be money any more ,just worthless paper right??Wouldn’t it be a better or safer thing if we bought pure gold with our money now,before the dollar collapses?? I’m just saying, wouldn’t GOLD be the most safest of all investment’s, as our Nations economy is pretty much in question at this time?? Respectfully, Bonnie

    • Jade Green

      If one is living paycheck to paycheck how are they going to get 1600$ for an ounce of gold.

    • torchsinger7

      You may want to read the book, The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley. The link following is to the online version. The first part is on “philosophy” and the real “strategy” part is Part 2, which starts of pg. 59. The author will present some alternative to both banks and gold. I highly recommend this book!


  • Susan Sheri Harp

    We are in our 60’s and have disabilities and live on $1300 a month. Can you suggest a good company to work for at home on line. I see several but dont know if they are scams. I saw one for Melaluca but can you tell me if it Ok or not? Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

    • adam

      stay away from mellaluca… they want you to buy their products on auto pay and deliver and convince others to do the same… I saw them on ripoff.com right before they almost talked me into it and when they called me and I told them that they hung up on me.

    • layla

      Market america is a great network marketing company!

  • sanjosemike


    Anyone who is living from paycheck to paycheck needs to learn safe dumpster diving (DD). There are compelling financial reasons to do this. Most people think that you can only get rotten food from dumpsters and that you can get sick. I agree, you can get sick unless you know how and where to dive.

    And you must do it safely, which means that you have to learn how from people who know.

    1. Myth: Everyone gets sick from doing this. Wrong. You can carefully wash your produce and other products with a dilute bleach and water solution. If you do this, you will almost never get sick.
    2. Myth: All you can get is day-old bread. Wrong. Many outlets of course have that, but some “premium stores” that have the initials TJ throw away excellent organic foods.
    3. Myth: All you can get is food. Wrong. You can often get dishware, furniture, clothing, household necessities like cleaners, cosmetics and other necessities.
    4. Myth: DD is illegal. Wrong. It is not illegal in most states and municipalities, but you have to know where and when to go. Some dumpsters are dangerous and you should never try to access them.

    The savings are enormous. Most people live on 2 minimum wage salaries and have to work an extra-job beyond this just to pay for necessities. DDing can completely REPLACE one of your minimum wage job in savings alone.

    If you and your partner make 2,000/month combined, for example, DDiving for both food and household stuff like clothing, furniture, use food banks, do couponing you can save 1,000/month!

    If you have responsible teenagers, you can teach them to DD and they can even find more for your household.

    Living on only 1,000/month and saving 1,000/month is a powerful way to get off the low-wage spiral that is life changing. If you could end up with 24,000 dollars after two years of DDing, you could end up buying your own house or condo.

    Plus you will have an emergency fund, which is enormously empowering. How to start out? Go to your local public library, look on their computers to learn DDing. After you get connected with others who do this, they will help teach you. They are not usually selfish and will be glad to help. Never confront police or store workers. Politely leave. Never argue with them. Remember, you can always come back later. You’ll have the last laugh.


  • Cleveland

    Thank u for all the information. It is well needed.

  • http://energybiz2014.com Jody

    This is great info. I will now have the extra money I make from my energy business into that GE Savings Bank. Out of site out of mind!! Thanks again!!

  • Laura

    I have been selling items around the house on Facebook rummage sale sites. Most towns have a local group. I get more for my items than if I sold it in a rummage sale. Also many people will post what they are looking for. I shop my local thrift store and keep those items in mind that people are looking for. Also I will watch to see what others are selling their items and at what price. I take this into account when looking for items at the thrift store or even the local clearance items

    • http://Whittlesonlineresale/facebook.com Whittles

      Hi Laura…you are right on the money with this. I do the same and this savec my resale business. I live in a town mostly made up of copycats. No one can make any money when 30 people decide to open the same type bysiness. Now i dominate…i sell for others in my town on the fb page. I do it for 5o/50 and send them their part the same day that it sells via Paypal…we ship and even deliver within 25 miles and meet a half doz or so people in Kmarts and Walmart parking lots to pick up their purchases. For more insight add us on Fb Whittles Online Resale :)

  • http://Facebook KP

    14% INTEREST where?

    • The IWC

      By opening an IRA… if you read the last couple sentences.

      • fel121

        Lol, ok sure.

      • Cintia

        IRA’s can give you 14% if the market goes up 14% or more, however when
        it Declines, you lose money. The average return in the last 27 years
        (ups and downs) has been about 8 percent.

        The problem with all
        IRA’s, 401k’s,403’bs , stocks, mutual funds is that even with the best
        money managers, no one can predict tomorrow if the market goes up or

        It’s the down markets that have depleted and hurt the Retirement accounts of Millions of people.

        there is a way to earn the upside potential when the market gains, and
        not lose any money when the market declines, however it’s not found in
        any of these traditional retirement options mentioned in this article or
        in my example.

        There is a way. If you would like more information we can help.
        Email Ourmoneydoctor@gmail.com

        • C B

          Cintia you’re a scammer. There is NEVER a guarantee in the market… and to those reading this… ANYONE who claims to always have an upside… it’s called a ponzi scheme… and you as the investor lose EVERYTHING in the end. Please talk to an actual advisor, get a proper risk assessment, and report people like this to the SEC.

    • Stevetuck313

      I’m crying tears of laughter bc I thought the very same thing.

    • Cintia

      Exactly that’s not realistic for year after year after YEAR not in an IRA bc it’s tide to the ups and downs of the market.
      There is a place to earn the gains of the market (to a cap upto 13% in most cases) without ever losing money when.the market loses but you will have to email me for the secret. Ourmoneydoctor@gmail.com

      It’s definitely NOT in the actual stock market.
      2000~2001 market lost over 20 %

      This guy is crazy to think 14% return in an IRA for next 20 years what a joke

      • Colleen Quinn

        I think that this article is extremely helpful.You can live off the land,raise your own chickens for eggs and meat,use generator for electric and survive on your measley paychecks and yes,! even put away ten dollars each check into an account for a rainy day.Isn’t that what companies do for health insurance?

        • Cintia

          $10 each check? What is that suppose to ever amount to?

          It’s not enough. You should be saving at least 500/month depending on your age.

          • witchymama

            Saving $500 a month is impossible when you’re making minimum wage.

          • Cintia

            That’s not possible. You need more money and a money management/budgeting program. Often times we spend money on things we want instead of need. Have you looked into a home based business? I know of a great one.

          • witchymama

            Saving $500 a month is impossible when you’re making minimum wage.

          • Cintia

            That’s not possible. You need more money and a money management/budgeting program. Often times we spend money on things we want instead of need. Have you looked into a home based business? I know of a great one.

  • PrettyPenny

    Did you inadvertently include CIT on your list of potential banks where savers can own an account? The minimum for opening an account is $25,000, but if your audience is trying to get by, then that wouldn’t be very useful.

    • Kyle Taylor

      Hi there –

      No, I don’t believe CIT is on my list. GE Capital is my favorite and there’s no minimum to open.


  • Caitlin

    I was curious if there is some reason you advised to open an IRA account. I’m 20 and looking to invest now so I don’t have to worry about it later. Would you recommend opening a ROTH account?

  • Tabitha

    First I would like to say I enjoyed your article. It was in fact inspiring. As for some of the comments they were ridiculous. I have been working very hard for years to try and stop living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve even gone to extreme lengths just to fail repeatedly. As for most of us out there below poverty level, every time it looks as if we finally will be able to take the next step in our lives something bad always happens either draining our savings and/or have to add a “borrowed money from” bill it pulls us right back down to where the we started. We all have our stories in life, whatever they maybe, but if you truly want to succeed you need to stop making excuses.
    For those of you making 5000 gross a month maybe you should take a look at your spending. I make 5000 a YEAR!!! And I have 3 children in which I am raising myself. All of which are my choices. So remember when you brag or complain about your money situation, there are people and families out there that need articles and options just like this to help them survive!
    Oh and PS I don’t get welfare or social security… And I’m lucky if I get any kind of child support so don’t judge!
    Once again thank you for all of the wonderful tips. I will be trying a lot of the suggestions in this article.

    • Vela

      Good for you Tabitha, seriously. Unlike many of the complainers here, you sound like someone who understands being accountable. With an open mind and a good attitude, you have a high chance of getting out of poverty like I did. Try things, learn as much as you can, investigate things before jumping in (being smart) and then go for it. Jump out right away if it does not give you results and try something else.

      Education and knowledge is power. Got get it… You’ll be better off than those who just complain and are lazy. I’m already proud of you.

    • Rebecca Dugger

      You are a great role model to single parents, everywhere.

    • Jeff Lachance

      Living on 5000 a year with no handouts… yea sure >.>

    • AudriG

      Right… you make $416/mo. You get no govt assistance. You house, clothe, feed, and otherwise care for yourself and 3 children. Are you living in the woods, hunting for food, and drinking/bathing in the river? Bullshit.

      • Tiffanie Cobo

        I live in the woods. I eat what I shoot. Waste not want not. We have a city water and well. There are fresh water springs out here where I live also. Which is free. I live in Winslow Arkansas. There are still people that don’t have “city water”here. I’m a stay at home Mom. My husband works but I an very frugal with the money that we spend. My kids dress well but I catch a sale on Thursday at a thrifty store where items are marked down to .25 to .50. Buy meat in bulk then separate it. Example bag of leg quarters from Walmart 7.90 cut them into thighs and drumsticks put in freezer bags and that’s 5 meals there. I still have deer meat in my freezer from deer season which some I grinded to make ground deer. There is no need for your hateful attitude. Didn’t your mother teach you if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Because she sure as shit didn’t teach you to be frugal by your comment. Where there is a will there is a way.

        • Faith Taylor

          Wow tiffany my hat truly goes off to you and i know what u mean ppl are hateful and mean when they dont understand currently im not working and i have one child and not by choice but by health i have crohns disease, but yes. Want not waste not is soo truly God bless you and yours

        • Lacy Webb

          Hey! Tiffany, how are you? It was cool to be reading these comments and see yours and that your from Winslow, I’m from Fayetteville. My husband’s and I are about to move to Greenland, Ar. We are wanting to downsize from a 2 bd, 1 bth apartment to a 1 bd 1 bth. We will be saving about 250.00 a mth in rent & utilites. I shop at Aldeas (a discount grocery store) for most of my groceries, and in the spring and summer grow some of my own veggies. We will be able to plant a garden and get some hen’s for eggs. I also go to thrift stores, goodwill, and yardsales. You can find all kinds of things dirt cheap, many things brandbrand new. I even shop on ebay for items. I by brand new hats and gloves between .99 cents to 5.00 with free shipping. I appreciate this info to do things from home, saves time, gas, and money. Was wondering if you could email me the name of that thrift shop that you go to and where it’s located? Thank you ahead of time.


        You are an ASSHOLE

      • Sandrareed Booker

        AudriG ,
        I honestly feel embarrast for you, do you realize how ignorant you sound, and I know this is going to sound as im being a bully, but, I’ve always dealt with people similar to you, and what boils down to, your lack of confidence, and self esteem, you are obviously living paycheck to paycheck, or welfare to welfare check, or ur just broke as well, which is the reason why you’re on this site, and based on ur profile picture, your appearance is not very appealing, and you seem unhappy. Im sorry your miserable, take it or leave it, my advice to you, as a woman, and mother, take notes of others saving techniques, accept constructive critisism, be humble and
        regardless if u believe in others success or failures, what is it to you, you think its bullshit? Probably because u happen to be conceived through anal sex, because being such an asshole just doesnt seem to be natural. WE are woman, strong and opiniated, and we should back eachother up, and praise our each and every success and failure. I hope u see the positive side of my message, not only the negative. Good luck to you and your future endeveours.

        • Josh

          Learn to spell…. Sandra

          • David Kattan

            You make 90k? What the fuck are you doing here — you fucking tourist! Of course this article is basically a cleaver technique used in order to stimulate people’s interest in a bunch of time consuming survey. No-duh! But that being said and it’s a hundred percent true; these site actually do pay what they claim. The pay is so petty (given the time needed to invest) most people would be put off at first glance. But ultimately, 15 bucks extra a month is fucking 15 bucks extra. But me personally I eat 15 bucks for breakfast. No wife/kids/gf/pets/ or any other things that drains income. So am golden. But other people do have what was aforementioned and guess what? They need every penny they can get. And as for “learn to spell,”seriously? Go easy on the bricks, to much bumbs got your brain numb — it has you criticizing Internet spelling. Haha! 90k ha haha ya right/ u got me wanting to sell you a time share. Fuck if I believed you. 90k Watcha do, con old ladies out of there coin collection? You shouldn’t criticize for spelling or call people lairs — you snake oil salesman.

        • Tommy Gregory

          First step in making a decent paycheck is a good education. Start there Sandra…

      • Josh

        Agreed. Btw the way. I’m on 90k salary. But I started here. These techniques are posted as an article merely for you people to sit on the website and put their adwatch count up. So while you desperately claw for help this person is actually making decent money off you… and probably not in your shoes at all. 416$ is impossible to live on with 3 kids without assistance. Absolutely impossible. If you can’t do the math to figure that out, you are retarded and wont have to worry about it as you then qualify for Gov assistance.

        • Debbie Rowland

          Using the “r” word is extremely offensive! It’s like the “n” word. I have a child with Down Syndrome and she would be so very sad to hear you used that word. Please please stop.

          • Tommy Gregory

            Was not directed at you or your daughter…. It may come as a surprise but the world does not revolve around your life. He is not using the word “retarded” to describe someone who is disabled hes using it to describe someone who is displaying stupidity. Please understand what your reading before you comment… smh

          • Piccola Cnitforwatitis Johnson

            And, the correct word to describe such a person is ignorance. Which is clearly bliss.

          • Piccola Cnitforwatitis Johnson

            And, the correct word to describe such a person is ignorance. Which is clearly bliss.

        • James

          I definitely feel what a lot of people are posting but the government assist whom they want as well there are too many people who Dont receive assistance and are starving if not homeless with their families. I’ve seen people who don’t need government assistance receive it as well and those who really need it denied.

    • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com Kyle Taylor

      Thanks Tabitha! I really appreciate your comment. Feel free to email me privately if you run into any questions or need any help with any of the tips in the article.


      • Tiffanie Cobo

        Thank you for the article. Very informative.

    • karen johnson

      I have been living on a very low income for the past four years because I became disabled. I was denied disability because I could not afford health insurance to get illnesses diagnosed by specialty doctors. I owned a business for over 20 years as a credit specialist but due to recession my business went under. I understand this article very much and appreciate the information being shared. I hear people say exactly what you just said,” they are already below low poverty so how can they save money. My annual income is below 8k per year and I have 2 kids. I save money easily and so can you. It’s called being disciplined!!! Everyone spends money on unnecessary things weekly or monthly..some spend daily. For example, do you ever stop in a convenience store to buy a soda or lottery ticket? Do you ever eat fast foods because you don’t feel like cooking or waiting on the food to be prepared at home? There are many ways that even poor people spend on things they don’t need. I have challenged so many people to save money for just one month by refraining from unneccesary spending. Every person that took my challenge were surprised to finally figure out how much money they were wasting and how they were poor like myself but still able to save money. You won’t become a millionaire over night but you will be able to stop living from paycheck to paycheck with some discipline.

      • Jennifer Craig

        I agree. I don’t do the whole eating out (even micky d’s dollar menu) or wasting money on loto tickets or other frivolous things. I grow most of my families food even though we have been renting. By being so frugal and no govt help what so ever we are finally getting ahead and now buying our home. You just have to want to help yourself not sit back with your hand out. Find out whats really important then ask yourself if you really need it. If not then don’t waste your money on it. You don’t need cable or internet if you can’t feed your family. The library can provide that luxury for free. Don’t buy a motorcycle if you can’t pay your rent. It’s all about need over want.

    • Jerry Springer

      You put 3 children on this earth and you’re making 5000 a year?
      And don’t judge you?

      Come on lady, you have to make wiser decisions and take responsibility for your actions.
      Working people don’t want to support those who open their legs and rely on others to pay.

      Fuqqqqq that.

      • Dan

        I couldn’t of said it better Jerry

  • Pepsi

    ” If you can continue to save $100/month for the next 20 years (at 14% interest), you’ll end up with $106,022!”

    I keep re-reading this and trying to figure out the math, or trying to figure out if I’m missing something. $100 a month is $1200 a year times 20 years is $24,000. How does the interest of 14% add up to $106,022?

    I like the idea of putting the money in an online account that you are not apt to use. Just trying to figure out the math of how you came up with $106,022.

    • Kyle Taylor

      Hi there –

      It’s from compound interest. Yes, you’re only depositing $1,200/year, but if you invest the savings at a 14% interest rate, it will grow to $106,022 over 20 years. Here’s a handy savings calculator that I use for things like this:



      • Pepsi

        Thanks! Handy calculator, too!

  • Snowy

    My family struggles every month… And winters for us are crazy tight since my hubby is laid is off every winter… Unemployment doesn’t even pay half his regular paycheck… We’ve manged to budget enough to pay bills and get by… But we seemed to be struggling every year at Xmas… So a friend showed us her Xmas savings plan… So simple and gives plenty to spend!! It’s a week/dollar ratio system… Week 1.. You put away $1… Week 2…2$…..and so forth… If you can start out with more… Great!! We always throw an extra $1 or $2 in if we can… This way we either have more at Xmas or it helps on week 48 when you just don’t have $48 to throw in!! Seems to work for us!!

  • Sheri

    First, I want to say great article, lots of good ideas on Earning And Saving.. Always looking for ways to save money. Second, it was very entertaining reading some of the comments. And third, people who are having a hard time should look up a Dave Ramsey, when you save your first $100 I would highly suggest taking his class. You can do it online or at local church. He not only teaches you how to save your money but how to get out of debt and much more. It took me 2 1/2 years but I paid off a little over $39,000. For the first time in my life I have more than a $100 in savings.. I have no credit cards and pay cash for everything. If I don’t have the money for something I don’t buy it. If I want it, I save up for it. If an “Emergency” happens, I have the money because I’ve saved for it.

    That being said, some of the things I did to save money.. Yes I got a second job.. And everything went to savings. Another thing was every time I went to the grocery store, and say I spent $50 but I used some coupons or something was on sale and saved $5.00, I would go home & transfer that into my savings. I did that whether it was $1.00 or $15.00.. You were going to spend that money anyways.. And It was amazing how fast it added up. I was also very diligent about budgeting my money. I would pull out cash for Food, Gas, home & personal & “Fun” money for the 2 weeks.. & once that money was done there was no more. It took me 3 months to save $1000. Well I could go on about this forever, but I’ll stop for now. I wish everyone who is struggling the best of luck. Don’t get discouraged, and Please know it can be done, it just takes a little time, some motivation & a lot of dedication.

    • http://www.licorice.nerium.com Laura Allison

      I thought the article had some great ideas in earning money, in order to start saving, which is very important for your peace of mind. I am definitely going to try them.

      I appreciated others who made positive comments and had other great suggestions and words of caution: ripoff.com, network marketing (relationship marketing), Dumpster Diving, and saving the best for last, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Wow! This should be taught to everyone, starting with our children, on how to use and name where our money is going.It is life changing. When I went through it, I was homeless and penniless, but I was determined not to let this be my story. It has been a real success in my life. I am now in control of my money and was able to find a beautiful apartment and pay cash for my car. The suggestions being made here are all part of Dave Ramsey’s program–Baby Step 1: Sell what you can, work a 2nd job, etc to save for an Emergency Fund of $1,000.00. Then, start saving. Use these techniques, mentioned in this article and the positive suggestions, they will help you achieve a powerful and positive change in your life. By experiencing it, you will change your beliefs and your life’s direction. How exciting is that?!!!

      By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a great relationship marketing company that I am involved with, the company is called Nerium International. It has a fantastic reputation and pays exceptionally well. God bless all of you! Laura

      • Jenny

        Laura I cant thank you enough for sharing your knowledge & testimony fod a single mother like me 3 kids 1 in college making $2000 a month your story is so inspiring to me If you did it I can do it too…
        Thank you soo much So blessed to have come across your article.
        I send lots of light love & blessings…

  • Self Employed

    Thanks for the ideas to earn extra money, I’m going to check them out. I love the idea of taking the extra money and using it for your IRA.

    I read through the comments….I don’t know where some of the commenters live, but 5k a month is not that much money anymore, especially if you live in California. I’m in a less expensive area of the state and the average house payment is $1200 to $1600 a month. Rents are 1200+ for a house in a so-so area. You can’t rent an apartment for less than $600, the average is probably $900. Gas here is .50 more a gallon (than the rest of the country) because of taxes. You have to have a car, unless you want to spend an hour and half getting to your job.

    It would be interesting for people to mention how much rents are in the area they are living as a comparison.

  • Tammy Wood

    I will try

  • Neall West

    $106k in 20 years will cover maybe 5 years of living expenses, if costs keep rising. I suppose that’s better than nothing, but not if you have to sacrifice having a decent standard of living now to get it. We have cut everything we can, realistically (need internet for online college classes but no cable or eating out). We make just enough to cover what bills we still have. We bought a HUD repossession so our mortgage payment is only $520/mo. We tried to only have 1 car but we were putting a ton of wear & tear on it and had no backup when it needed repair, so now we have 2 mostly reliable vehicles. I work full-time and attend college part-time. There just isn’t any extra money or time.

  • William Cohen

    A comedian once said: “How to become a millionaire: first get a million dollars.”

    That’s how useful this article is.

    • Richard Hung

      I think you’re quoting Steve Martin.


      You.. can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You can be a millionaire.. and never pay taxes! You say.. “Steve.. how can I be a millionaire.. and never
      pay taxes?” First.. get a million dollars. Now.. you say, “Steve..
      what do I say to the tax man when he comes to my door and says, ‘You.. have never paid taxes’?” Two simple words. Two simple words in the English language: “I forgot!”
      How many times do we let ourselves get into terrible situations because
      we don’t say “I forgot”? Let’s say you’re on trial for armed
      robbery. You say to the judge, “I forgot armed robbery was illegal.”
      Let’s suppose he says back to you, “You have committed a foul crime.
      you have stolen hundreds and thousands of dollars from people at random,
      and you say, ‘I forgot’?” Two simple words: Excuuuuuse me!!”

      There. Now this article is VERY useful, because it cites Steve Martin, who can’t possibly be useless.

  • dmichael66

    $5,000 a month mystery shopping ? Bullshit. I’ve done mystery shopping and most shops while they may only take 20 minutes to perform and another 5 – 10 to complete the evaluation are only going to pay you $12-15 – to hit $5k a month you have to average more than $31 an hour. And that number has to go up when you figure in that you have to spend time finding the shops to complete.

    And by the way what the author also didn’t tell you is the usually you have to wait more than a month to get paid…

    He is correct though in that you should NEVER pay in order to shop. If someone says you have to it is a scam.

  • Kelly

    When you do all this do you create a new email just designed for this purpose. Also i am currently collecting unemployment while i search for a job. How would this affect that?

  • Renee Parkison

    Hmmm, after reading the article and reading some of the blogs, didn’t anyone think he is advertising for LendingClub and GE Capital? This is one big advertisement that makes him money. Sure take the advise, saving money doesn’t hurt anyone, but it’s not to help us, it’s to pad his bank account.

  • catherine embree

    I have tried many of the sites with surveys and find myself with an inbox full of junk….and hours lost with no money. Sure would like to know your secret

  • Richard Hung

    Phase I:

    Step 1. Create a place to put money.
    Step 2. Get off your ass and make some money. Then put it in that money place.
    Step 3. Stop spending money on stupid shit and put it in the money place. Never remove money from the money place.

    Phase II:

    You have money AND you have learned a little discipline! Congratulations! Go do what disciplined people with extra money do and put it someplace you can’t get at it if your discipline laxes.

  • rontexas1@aol.com

    You all, why are you so down on Kyle “The Penny Hoarder” he is trying to help us all. He has some great ideas here and if we make excuses and don’t at least try his suggestions we will stay in living paycheck to paycheck. Why not at least go into his suggestions with a positive attitude and our situation will change. Giving up doing nothing, making excuses will get us nowhere. By the way, I bring home less than $1,300. a month. I’m willing to try anything. Good Luck to you all. RJY

  • Edwina kenney

    Sounds good I would love to try it out!

  • sonia aragon

    Y o u guys obviously didn’t get the just if his article. He is giving ways to earn extra cash so you don’t have to save your money that you supposedly don’t have. If you tell me you don’t have time, I am sorry but bullshit, you go to the bathroom. Do them there, I do. It literally takes about 5 min per survey. Yes I may not get a lot but those some odd minutes of using the restroom saved me a couple bucks I didn’t have to save. Plus if you put away what you earned in surveys and match that amount with your money. OMG! you just saved double that freaking month. Wow, you people are amazingly stupid. You don’t want to save then screw you! Stop bitching and get off this group. This is for serious people who know that they can do this with no excuses. I have been doing this and have already saved almost 50k in about a year but that’s alot if surveys and adding my own money as well.

  • Travonte’ Bodwin

    Outstanding Read! It’s amazing what one can do with a small amount of discipline! Feel free visit! http://gentlemanscircle.wordpress.com/

  • makai

    Love the article. Inspired :) twins on the way…. thanks!

  • Deane Leah

    A few dollars at a time doesn’t seem like much, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a single parent, it’s that every little bit helps. I appreciate you writing this article. You list some great tips I’m going to look into. No one really has to live on one paycheck if it isn’t sustaining their needs. Maximize your earning potential. Thanks again!

  • Bradley Colson

    Nice article, but there is a minimum income level required for Lendingclub.

  • Ian Wardell

    Or you could do what i do….get a degree in comp Sci with a starting salary of 50k min…and a 70k if you go to a good school…and have a good portfolio. I’m a student and during the summers i do freelance web design…that’s 2000 a site…. for about 10 hours of work…. think of that. You could work out of a Starbucks. Also you can find many free textbooks on html5 and CSS online…. then you move into Java…and design apps..or software ..and suddenly you have a portfolio that you can use to work for a real company. Making an easy 40 k…and then work your way up while doing websites on the weekends. …. I have friends that went that direction also. It’s all about how much effort you want to put in.

    • GoGoDaynjah

      Thanks for sharing! Sounds GREAT!

  • Richard Hawthorne

    Great article, I have been the guy making 2g a month and now I make three times that and still live like I make 2g . Hopefully this gives a lot of people the help they need I will start a savings like this for my son he 12 and does well cutting the neighbors grass and other things so he keeps in my room sure he has about 2000 now. Thanks again

  • Tia

    Love this article , i have already done step one before even finishing reading the article. GREAT JOB!!!

  • Belinda LaRae Petsche

    My question about all this is in regards to income taxes:does this type of income get included or is there a cap (Like you only pay taxes on anything after $500)? Seems like a stupid question I guess but earning money like this is pretty alien to me and I wouldn’t think you get a w2 at years end… I sit and do aimless crap on the internet during my free time so might as well make it productive and make a little extra cash.

  • Tyrika Williams

    I like the different options and ideas given in this post. My concern is in signing up for the two survey site, I don’t see where either pays in actual cash, only in points and gift cards. While those are valuable, they don’t allow you to save money directly into an account as the post suggests. Would love to hear a response from the author as to whether I’ve over looked something somewhere or ???

  • Banks_440

    Stupidest ish I’ve ever seen!

  • James

    This is an advertisement to drive hits on these company’s web sites , that’s all nothing more people !!…

  • stephanie

    its great to wanna save but if ur in debt with credit or department store cards…u would do better by putting money towards paying those off first before opening a savings account

  • Joshuah Jones

    Minimum deposit is $500 dollars….. why does it say you can deposit and start with only $5 dollars in the article……?

  • sandra

    The ppl are the problem always complaining, the same ones who expect everything to fall on their lap. You dont agree with the guy then keep it moving.jeez you can’t try to help others b/c ppl are so negative.

  • Mark

    Hello, I clicked the link for the GE Capital Retail CD. There’s a table of options available that lists savings brackets and length of time. It states that there is a minimum of $2,000 to open the CD. I’m a confused. You stated to open an online savings account with $5, but there’s a $2,000 minimum. Can you please explain?

    I can deposit more than $5, but definitely not $2,000.

  • Rachel

    Hello, I have a simple question. I love the article and being currently unemployed I really wanted to try the surveys to help out a little. If anyone has registered for the surveys can you insure me that the information given about not only me but the information about the person I live with is safe and haven’t been hassled by emails with possible viruses. ~just nervous! Thank you!

    • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com Kyle Taylor

      Hey Rachel –

      One thing I will warn you about – the survey companies send a ton of emails! I always use a separate email address so that my inbox doesn’t get flooded. It’s not viruses, just a ton of newsletters, etc.

      Hope that helps!


  • Jay

    Looking for a work from home opportunity? I work for a company that has a proven track record and has been in business for 87 years and has great benefits and pay every friday This opportunity will change your finances 100%, this is not a scam, it’s 100% legit! There are many scams out there so beware. Call (301) 396-5300 NOW, for the information today. Must be 18 yrs old and live in the US, andCANADA ONLY.

  • Ollie

    Does anyone know which bank(s) or institution(s) offers a one-time changeover from a CD to a higher interest CD?

  • GR

    I use ShareBuilder to save and invest small amounts. I set up an automatic $25/wk electronic withdrawal. I never have a chance to use or see that money. With ShareBuilder I’m able to invest and receive stock dividends from the likes of Apple, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Berkshire H. (A $ B). This article is spot on, some may make excuses, but you can’t save or spend excuses.

    • GoGoDaynjah

      Great points.

  • Den

    Yes, but you are giving your information and relinquishing your right to not be spammed 40 times a day when you sign up for surveys. It’s always, sign up for this newsletter. I’d rather work hard and have no strings attached and a full email box then waste time online doing surveys for 5 dollars here and 20 dollars there. I could make that just doing my job instead of being distracted when I’m trying to maintain a work life balance and not work when I’m at home. It’s impossible to get off all those mailing lists and they aren’t upfront about who gets your data. Just spend frugally and save money the old fashioned way, I think.

  • Joshua

    What a nice article.

    • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com Kyle Taylor

      Thanks Joshua!


    • GoGoDaynjah

      Yes. Once I save it, I’m going to invest what ive saved and continue growing. This is a wonderful article for anyone who needs a start. What u do with the money you’ve saved is your responsibility.
      Again, good article and great ideas Kyle!

  • josh lee

    Please dont listen to him this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in my life what you need to know is you would be better off putting your money under your mattress then doing this
    I just want everyone to know mutual funds have a bridged 10% for the last 70years and you can in Put in as little as 10$ a month

  • honesty

    Makes me discontentedly laugh to think that anyone would merely “save” their dollars and have it be worth anything. Unfortunately, the masses are financially illiterate. Even if you saved $1000/month you will never retire with the continued low (negative) interest rates and devaluation of the US dollar. If you want to be wealthy one day, save up while you learn how to make your money work for you. Once you’ve saved some, don’t spend it, put it to work by investing it.

  • Carol Wilson

    14% for a Bank interest? who is he fooling? Not in Texas. On Social Security with half the money spent on Rent alone. I get a card from Net Spend, used for 25
    these people don’t want me to post, they re knocking my paper out so don’t bank your savings. Start hiding it in your home or mattress, it’s safer. Banks are the great supressionist now with a President who wants us all in poverty. Your letting banks use your money. They should be paying us compensation. The interest is too low. Get smart, stash it, they want to CHARGE US for using OUR money. Get Smart!!!

    • Juney

      Don’t come bashing the President, stick to the article please.

  • momma

    These are great ideas! We struggle to keep our heads above water since I became ill. I look forward to trying these out!

  • Heather

    OK – nice article, good suggestions. I’m going to try it. However – I just tried to set up a new account with Ally. When I was done filling things out, it said I had to call customer service. Well – I had to call customer service to be told that I’d have to talk to someone else who would be calling me within the next 3-5 business days in order to finish setting up my account. Why make me call to be told someone would call me? Why not just a message saying I’d be called to complete the account? Will I always have to make time during breaks and in between jobs to call someone to be told I’d be called by someone else in order to create an account? Banks can usually set them up on the spot. Seems a bit off to me, but oh well.

  • Samantha Ha

    Good post!

  • Alise

    It’s extra income in addition to your paycheck. You can do these things when you are at home and put the earnings towards savings I’m going to start tonight when I get off

  • Tony P

    And how much money are you making off the backs of others by clicking on your affiliate marketing links embedded in many of your links? A disclosure would perhaps be appropriate.

  • Maggie Kelly

    Not one word about cutting spending. Wow. Must’ve been raised in Congress.
    And no thanks to joining every site and downloading apps that want to data mine every detail about my life just to make a few bucks. Some of you naive idiots deserve what you get.

  • Kim Rotter

    Wow. Can’t believe the negative comments here! My gosh money is money in my book. A penny earned is a penny you can save. On my budget, every penny does count! I have six children. I am I widow. I make less than $8000, per year. I know what it’s like to go without. To go hungry so my children can have more. We have a garden and chickens to help us get by. I won’t take for granted any possible way to earn money and for those that think it’s a waste of time, you either have money, don’t want to work for it or have someone paying your bills. Out of my $8000, every cent is gone after our mortgage and then I make the choice between shuffling what gets paid and what we go without. If you have better ideas please let us know. Caring for children takes love which costs nothing and is better than any monetary item! Although it would be nice to provide for them and be able to offer the best of all worlds. Please don’t get down on anyone who is taking the time to offer us ideas into bettering our situations. Times are hard right now, even with a college degree! My brother is a machinist who has been out of work for several years now and has a child of his own. No income. Me, a college education too, unfortunately I have a terminal illness. I will however do my best to provide anyway I have an option or idea that is legal. So please don’t turn away those who take the time to give us any options. Ten dollars can feed my family a descent dinner. I refuse to not take a chance to earn it. To you sir thank you for trying to help us who are struggling and willing to try new things.

  • Donette Stafford

    I’m trying this … made $25.00 for just signing up. The didn’t ask for credit card or money. I just share this link and get $10.00 per click. Check it out. Click onmy link. http://Earn4Share.com/?id=16371

  • Dawn Pope Alexander

    Some of you people are nothing more than life killers. How about try to be positive and build others up instead of shooting them down with negativity. Seems to me that every one of you who bahsed someone else on here must be so miserable with your own damn lives that you have to make others miserable as well. It makes me sick that some of you just assume another is on government help. Have any of you who made those comments ever hunted, fished, grew a garden, changed your own oil, drive an old beater of a car as to not have payments, planted fruit trees? Have any of you worked on the barter system where the skills you have can help someone and they pay you with someting you need instead of cash? When is the last time any of you judgemental pricks helped an elderly family member and got paid with a homemade cake or sunday dinner? Or built your own furniture? Or cut down your own tree for fire wood? Or grilled out instead of using the stove? Opened all the windows & doors and left the air off? Believe it or not you shallow minded people there ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE folks who can live on less than $5000.00 a month and not get handouts. They are the folks who know how to hunt, fish, grow a garden, pick fruit & nuts from trees planted or pick wild berries and such, make rose tea, change tgeir own oil or rebuild a motor which ever is needed and we will still give assholes like you food if you were hungry and clothes if you need them to stay warm. I have a big heart and help when and where I can. Have I been screwed over by assholes? More times than I caee to count. Does it stop me from helping again? NEVER!!!! So to all you negitive pricks who bashed tabitha and others here, look in the fucking mirror and pick you own life apart and when you pit it back together with no flaws and its nothing short of perfect. Then by all means bash away.

    • GoGoDaynjah

      Say that again… PREEEEACH!!!!
      I agree with everything you said. Some people want everything to be someone else’s fault! They are miserable and want everyone else to be. But these types will always remain broke, unless they change their mindset.

    • Juney

      Dawn, totally agree well said. I live in the city, but always say I would love to live on a farm. Blessings

  • Donnie Smith

    Didn’t work for me. Every survey you take just leads to other surveys or hey buy this. We even went as far as opening that savings account. Btw after a couple months we were in the negative because of finance charges.

  • Purpose Williams

    I Love it very informative wow, I’m on it. Thanks 1000.

  • Shawb

    I appreciate this article a lot. I may not be a parent but i am a young adult still learning the does and don’ts of money management. I have been cut off from my parents for about 4 years, still barely living paycheck to paycheck by the skin of my teeth, and this article covers both how to create good money habits aswell as out-of-the-box ideas on how to accumulate more money incase anything comes up out of the blue. Thanks for this helpful and encouraging post.

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  • Carmen Worsham

    Thanks so much for thus article. . Very informative.. I’m a single mother and always looking for a way to increase my monthly income..

  • Ponder Walt

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  • JackANSI

    Check all the links… They are feeder links. The only one making any money off these suggestions is the writer. The whole article is scam click bait.

  • maddog19722011

    want to save a buck living week by week ?

    in Pa its called stealing. we watch the politicians get away with it,…why cant we ???
    nobody works. they all sell dope around here
    where the hell have you people been the last 10 yrs ?

    keep turning a blind eye and someone may just punch these dopes in that same eye !!!
    wake up already.

  • http://www.extra-cash-online.com/ Robert Connor

    We like

  • Susana

    Geeze you people are so rude. The man was just posting up some ideas and you are attacking like a bunch of wild animals!

  • Cintia

    The article is good on ways to increase income. But without changing the Mindset of SPENDING more money doesn’t equate to more saving.
    Cutting costsbis necessary.

    It was a helpful article until the last part the IRA!!! EEEK
    You are ASSUMING 14% return for next 20 years which is WRONG that’s NOT CONTINUAL YEAR after YEAR.
    That’s not even an average 10 year return !!

    Further you didn’t mention that even IF the market was ALWAYS UP for next 20years (which is NOT REALISTIC) that 100k you now must Pay TAXES on it !!!

    At average 30 %Tax Bracket your only Left with 70k OUUCH !!
    IRA’s go Up and Down study the Market.

    Look at 2000~2001
    People lost THOUSANDS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in these type of accounts !!

    There is a better way but is NOT in an IRA or 401k

    Email if you want to find out more. Ourmoneydoctor@gmail.com

    Good luck

  • josey

    he is right in NYC you can live with. 3,000 a month and have 2 kids and 1 girl. but won’t be able to help that immigrant parent that much. thanks for the tips. ure like a. mason to me

  • pjt2352

    I think saving money is great. But your last example of 14% interest in a savings account is so ridiculous.

    • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com Kyle Taylor

      Here’s my account:

      • pjt2352

        It is more than possible to get a 14.63 return for a year, even more. You can do it for several of the 20 years too. But, your 20 year rate will not be 14%. Show me your an actual 20 year rate.

  • Molly Wakely

    Am I the only one that noticed while his advice is well intentioned he is actually strategically placing links to websites that he gets money from
    when you sign up.

  • David

    You say that you can earn money at mysurvey.com, but I only see reward items and gift cards. There does not seem to be any option of receiving money for taking the surveys.

  • Some Dude

    Hi, I’m Kyle the Penny Hoarder. I’ve got some creative ways to fix my budget! I will write an article about saving $1,000 living paycheck to paycheck filled with links for websites with my referral ID and every time people on hard times signs up for these absurd ways to make money, I will get paid. This article should be on a Guinness beer commercial cause it is simply a brilliant way to make Kyle money with minimal effort. How about everyone just make a similar website instead of reading emails for pennies.

  • Some Dude

    This article should be on a Guinness beer commercial cause it is simply a
    brilliant way to make the writer money with minimal effort by you signing up under his referral ID embedded in the links. How about
    everyone just make a similar website and promote it instead of reading emails for
    pennies. Is the moderator(writer) going to delete this comment too?

  • Snitch nigga

    Dis shit don’t work

  • cavemen did it

    It is possible to live off of $0 a year with 3 kids, and if you think otherwise you are the ignorant fool that wouldnt make it a month outside modern civilization, if it wasnt possible to raise a family with no income and no govt exisistance how are you and i here today……who said you have to work for money? Theres plenty of us working to live

  • Barbara Capellan

    My mother always told me if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all

    • alexander

      my ex(s) said that. And future GF will say it too

  • Harry Bosch

    Grew up in a poverty. Dad making 2.00 to 3.35 /hour. Mom making about the same in the 70s 80s and 90s.
    Put myself through private university with student loans and working nights and going to school part time. 7 yrs later Went through more schooling for engineering.
    Now wife and I do well. Suffer through the initial hardship while you are young.
    it will eventually pay off.

  • Leland Mellott

    When a large portion of this world’s population has agreed that money is being earned in time instead of by labor, a planetary power shift will have taken place. When we are “earning” money all the time, we’ll be able to agree that the money in the hands of the Powerful Few is worthless.

  • Jacob Mc

    So- I just joined Ipsos site and it does not pay 3 – 4 dollars a survey. It pays 90 points a survey with 1000 points earning you 10 dollars. That’s roughly .90 a survey. Maybe they changed their practices?

  • nic

    Or, you could start a blog and make a ridiculous amount of money writing obvious posts full of paid brand endorsements, without ever disclosing those endorsements to your readers!!! Worked for this guy!

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  • Ginger

    Well I think starting with $5 and working from there is good but save your time with the online/inbox stuff. It’ll just get you on a bunch of mailing lists and you’re likely to end up wasting money buying junk from all the ads coming your wY. You’d be better off reading article about budgeting and how to avoid service charges and fees.

  • Colin

    People this is not some get rich money site its strictly a way to add a little extra money to the money you already make its in the title “a way to fix yourself living paycheck to paycheck” maybe not those excact words but you feel me. It makes me laugh when someone says “you cant live off 416/ month” oobviously there missing the point or didnt read the full articl. Then theres the people who get pissed about what they said an stoop to there level by calling them names an shit. Just remember the old saying”earn a penny, save a dollar” these techniques are nothong new ask your grandparents or great grandparents they’ll tell you

  • Tmac

    Boy it’s really a good thing to try to help others when they’re down and get out of the pot holes that keep putting them there, but when you kick a person when there down….what does that make you? Everyone on here seems to be all about themselves with their down grading comments and all that the whole point of even being on the site is overlooked. Grow up men and women…this is really embarrassing and very childish

  • Valerie Crawford

    I really enjoy your articles but since I signed up for some of your suggested websites my email has been bombarded with junk from various advertising. ; (

    • Stace

      That’s because the sites you signed up to sell your email and make a profit off of ppl who are desperate and financially strapped. Life is really just one big pyramid scheme. Those of you on the bottom just keep handing your money up to the ppl on the top. You have to do what China has done for thousands of years. “Think long term”

      • Stace

        You may never be rich. But that doesn’t mean your grandkids can’t be

  • Rachel

    I’ve had this article bookmarked for a while and I swear it has been updated. Am I wrong? Didn’t it used to recommend the GE online savings account? Orrrrrr am I just going crazy?

    • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com Kyle Taylor

      No, you’re not crazy. :)

      We just updated it since Nationwide has a promotion going on. I still love GE Capital though….


  • john

    You are all morons. This is a marketing ploy. That is all. Learn to read between the lines, my children.

  • Ginny

    Well, I’m about as poor as anyone can be. I’m 50-years old and right now I live in the projects. I receive welfare, food stamps, and medical care. I can’t look for a job until I have a hysterectomy. I have a bad case of fibroids and need that operation. But I need some other tests conducted because of my COPD. I receive a little over 100 a month and barely surviving. I’ve recently began making homemade cleaning recipes instead of buying store brand name products. I really like that I don’t have to worry about spending money I really don’t have for cleaning products. Anyway, I do’t believe I can afford to save. I read the part in the article where you suggested taking part in surveys to earn money. I like that idea and tried it before, but I didn’t have much success. Could be that I don’t understand the instructions. I don’t know. Is there any hope for me?

  • Nathan

    Has anyone tried this? If so does it work?

  • Stace

    Some of you ppl really ARE retarded arent you? 5,000 a year cannot support a family with 3 children unless those children are being severely neglected. if you can’t afford kids then you had no business having any. But such is the way of the poor folk. Poor choices = Poor ppl. Now, if you will excuse me I have some very expensive escorts to reserve for next weekend. Peace out homies!

  • Jennifer Magnuson

    Wow its really sad that most of you have nothing better to do with your time but to talk crap and put ppl things or situations down so what if ppl wanna do what the article says or believes maybe or maybe not that this article could as long as its not effecting ur life why do u uncaring mouth running ppl give 2 shits felt I needed to day this cause it seems most of u have nothing else to do with your time but to put others down and their situations get a life.

  • dmedaries

    First of all I would like to know where do you find any bank anywhere that pays 14% interest. I have a little money put away and would love to find an interest rate above 5%.

    • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com Kyle Taylor

      Lending Club.

  • Julian Sam

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  • Black Raised in Oakland County

    You all just embareassted me.

  • JackANSI

    Check all the links… They are feeder links. The only one making any money off these suggestions is the writer. The whole article is scam click bait.

    He even removed my last comment about this. (chicken!)

  • rafael

    The problem with people today is that they don’t want to save, they want to “live for the moment” or the attitude of “I want it all and I want it now.” If you’re the type of person who thinks this way, you’ve got some hard times coming for you. Making money is like growing a tree, you set the foundation and watch it grow, it’s called either a strategy or a business. You can eat from its fruit and eve re-plant the seeds to make even more money but it takes time like anything else in life. The question you have to ask yourself is, “what does the future look like for me in 5 years or 10 ? If you can’t answer that question, the answer is simple, you will not be financially stable that’s for sure.

  • shedges

    Wow, its amazing to me how quickly this turned cruel and negative! These are merely a few suggestions/options, written in an article! Some might appeal to a person, perhaps even help in a tough situation! Why choose to use this forum as an opportunity to bash, insult, and ridicule someone who is merely sharing!?!? Weird, unnecessary behavior. Sorry to those who shared. You did not deserve the harsh, closed minded judgement.

  • OkieTechGuy

    On paper? Sounds like a great idea to sock away $5 or $100 a month. But in the big picture the math doesn’t work out. The problem is that most Americans on average are saddled with $16,000 in credit card debt. Better to commit extra cash and pay down that debt as those balances are sapping upwards of 15-30% away from your cash flow for every dollar you DON’T pay down. So even if most of us could earn what I consider the author’s widely speculative 14% in an IRA – it’s still a losing proposition. You’re saving $10 here – but paying $20 out to help the credit card CEOs buy their next yacht! Don’t have credit card debt? Then pay down the principal on your mortgage – which will save you thousands – maybe even tens of thousands – of dollars in interest over the long haul.

  • Michele Hansen

    Why don’t you all stop bitching and judging and pray for each other? All of you! All the hate about government assistance…..who cares? You guys are talking so much crap but what if you were in those shoes? There is a way to do it without it! With 3 kids paying daycare would be crazy expensive so I’m sure she can’t work that much. So instead of judging I’m gonna pray that she wins the lottery. I’m dead serious.

  • anonymous

    Ummm….. People. She said $5000 per month, not year. Pay attention to what your reading or go back and fact check before being cruel. Or don’t, it just makes you look dumb.

  • anonymous

    Ummm….. People. She said $5000 per month, not year. Pay attention to what your reading or go back and fact check before being cruel. Or don’t, it just makes you look dumb.

  • Ali

    This is a helpful article. My grandparents saved as much as they could during the depression, from growing their own food to sewing their own clothing. To make everything look good, they ironed anything cloth, from their bed sheets to their slacks. This article is a reminder of the importance of saving with some tips to get you started. Thank you for reminding me to save…

  • Ali

    This is a helpful article. My grandparents saved as much as they could during the depression, from growing their own food to sewing their own clothing. To make everything look good, they ironed anything cloth, from their bed sheets to their slacks. This article is a reminder of the importance of saving with some tips to get you started. Thank you for reminding me to save…

  • Piccola Cnitforwatitis Johnson

    First of all, it’s now known as being intellectually challenged.. Google is for everyone. Second, you may not be able to provide for 4 people with $416 but you can make ends meet. Government assistance won’t increase the income to a substantial amount so relying on that is a waste of time. Third, to criticize someone for their lack of education, knowledge and/or earning potential makes you appear as the ignorant one using words heard and not learned.
    Last but not least, if you’re not in the household or even in the vicinity what would you know about how she survives on $416 a month? You dont believe it. Guess what? You dont have to. You can’t see how it’s done? It doesn’t matter since you don’t have to do it. Get your life straight by worrying about yourself.

  • Piccola Cnitforwatitis Johnson

    First of all, it’s now known as being intellectually challenged.. Google is for everyone. Second, you may not be able to provide for 4 people with $416 but you can make ends meet. Government assistance won’t increase the income to a substantial amount so relying on that is a waste of time. Third, to criticize someone for their lack of education, knowledge and/or earning potential makes you appear as the ignorant one using words heard and not learned.
    Last but not least, if you’re not in the household or even in the vicinity what would you know about how she survives on $416 a month? You dont believe it. Guess what? You dont have to. You can’t see how it’s done? It doesn’t matter since you don’t have to do it. Get your life straight by worrying about yourself.

  • greetingsfromyonkers

    In my experience the best way to save money is by bringing your lunch to work. I no longer do this, but when I did, I finished the year about $2,000 ahead.

    I shop at the same supermarket and chain drugstore consistently to take advantage of loyalty rewards. I also clip coupons. These measures save me about $500 yearly.

    Try a vegetarian diet. No meat = lower grocery bills.

    I am sending in extra money to my mortgage lender whenever I have it. I took out the loan in 2008, and am on a pace to pay it off by 2021–17 years early.

    I’m not embarrassed to admit I will pinch a magazine off the recycling bin in my apartment building! I also borrow from the public library, a wonderful resource that not enough people utilize.

    Every time I walk instead of taking the bus, that’s $2.25 in my pocket. Bonus: green living and exercise.

  • greetingsfromyonkers

    In my experience the best way to save money is by bringing your lunch to work. I no longer do this, but when I did, I finished the year about $2,000 ahead.

    I shop at the same supermarket and chain drugstore consistently to take advantage of loyalty rewards. I also clip coupons. These measures save me about $500 yearly.

    Try a vegetarian diet. No meat = lower grocery bills.

    I am sending in extra money to my mortgage lender whenever I have it. I took out the loan in 2008, and am on a pace to pay it off by 2021–17 years early.

    I’m not embarrassed to admit I will pinch a magazine off the recycling bin in my apartment building! I also borrow from the public library, a wonderful resource that not enough people utilize.

    Every time I walk instead of taking the bus, that’s $2.25 in my pocket. Bonus: green living and exercise.

  • kelly

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  • kelly

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  • kelly

    By the way thanks for all the tips! I’m definitely going to try this thank you!

  • kelly

    By the way thanks for all the tips! I’m definitely going to try this thank you!

  • lolnah

    Lol all the people getting upset, it’s your own damn fault if you were too stupid to go to school and had three kids by the time you were 20 and are stuck with a minimum wage job

  • lolnah

    Lol all the people getting upset, it’s your own damn fault if you were too stupid to go to school and had three kids by the time you were 20 and are stuck with a minimum wage job

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