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How to Make Money Buying Video Games

Did you know that you can get paid to buy video games from stores like Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart? This one is pretty fun, but you’ll need a teenager in order to take advantage…

Here’s how it works: Electronic retailers are required to ask teenagers for their ID before selling R-rated movies and M-rated video games. In order to ensure that cashiers are enforcing this rule, retailers often hire undercover teenagers to pose as real customers. The undercover teenagers report back to management about whether they were ID’ed and are paid for each location that they audit. It’s a pretty easy way to make extra money and there are a surprising number of jobs available.

How to Find Audit Jobs

Electronic retailers rarely hire directly for video game auditors, but instead use professional auditing companies who recruit teenagers and assign the jobs. If you are interested in giving this a try or if you’re a parent eager to put your teenager to work, there are a couple of companies below that are hiring.

There is a short application that needs to be filled out and you are usually paid around $10 for each location that you audit. Keep in mind that it is the teenager that does the audit, but it is under the supervision of the parent. It is for that reason that the parent should be the one who fills out the application.

Applications – This is a pretty large mystery shopping company and they often have a number of age verification shops for kids between 13-17 years old. Depending on what state you live in, not only do they hire for video game audits, but teenagers can sometimes get jobs auditing movie theaters by trying to get into an R-rated movie. Here is a link to the application. – This company requires that you be between 15-17 years old to complete an age verification audit. Their website reports that they are operating in all 50 states. Here is a link to the application.

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