New Year, New Look at The Penny Hoarder

February 21, 2012
by Kyle Taylor

Dear Penny Hoarders,

It’s been more than 14 months since I launched and what was once just a hobby for me has quickly turned into a full-time operation read by 10,000’s of readers every month. The growth of this blog has been incredible, but I feel very strongly that the look of a website needs to evolve and keep pace with its growth.

A few months ago I started working with the wonderful folks at with the goal of giving The Penny Hoarder a more professional look and a more navigable site design. Today, we rollout the first of those changes – a new logo, website header, and a redesigned Facebook/Twitter page.

I absolutely want your thoughts on the changes we’ve made and I value any feedback that you might have. We’ll be tinkering with the logo & header over the coming weeks based off of your thoughts….

You can leave your comment below or send me an email at

We’re still a couple of months away from releasing the full site redesign, but I can wait to show you some of the things we are working on. In addition to improving the ascetics and layout, we’re working on adding new features like a job board so that Penny Hoarders can share local opportunities to make extra money. We are also planning to partner with a major sweepstakes site in order to bring you the latest weird and wacky contests from around the Web in our new “Win Money” category. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on these features as they roll out….

Finally, I want to thank all of our wonderfully loyal readers. This blog has grown to levels I never would have imagined. It makes me so proud of what we’ve been able to build together. My first year of blogging was amazing and I know that this year will be even better!

So, with that being said…I usually sign off by saying “Good luck Penny Hoarders!” but today I just want to simply say “Thank you.”

– Kyle

by Kyle Taylor
Kyle is the founder of

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