Taking It To The Next Level – How to Increase Your Income as a Freelance Writer

November 12, 2011
by Kyle Taylor
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The following is a guest post by Patty Kleen…

TPH: Last week we shared with you a list of blogs that are paying $50 or more to their readers who write a guest post. This week, our guest poster shares a few way to take your freelance writing to the next level…

Most writers start their careers writing for pennies. Eventually, they get up to making dollars and the goal becomes clear: how can one increase their income as a freelance writer? Fortunately, there are many ways to increase income while freelancing.

Start Networking

One big mistake many freelance writers make is not marketing themselves enough, or even at all. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and the writer can start small simply by using Twitter and tweeting their articles and keeping on eye on who re-tweets or what topics get re-tweeted most often.

Freelance writers should also network with other bloggers who might eventually need their services. For example, the personal finance community has a number of forums where bloggers congregate (Yakezie, WiseBread, etc.). Seek out other bloggers for friendship and collaboration. It may just turn into a paying job down the road…

Get Serious about Writing

One of the huge perks of freelancing is setting one’s own schedule. That often leads to a lack of schedule altogether and the development of a ‘work whenever’ attitude. Consider setting up a writing schedule to increase productivity and thus, increase income. A writing schedule should be constructed using the writer’s prime writing time, whether that’s morning, afternoon or late night hours.

If a schedule is out of the question, a daily writing goal or a daily revenue goal can help increase income dramatically. Making it a point to write 5 articles a day or 20 articles a day, or doing a certain amount of marketing, can all increase income.

Raise Rates

The truth is, everyone needs a raise now and then. A writer should not be charging a client the same rate that they have been charging them for three years. It is perfectly acceptable to increase rates for articles, blogs or other writing gigs.

One of the great examples of this is Crystal from BudgetingInTheFunStuff.com. She started off as a staff writer in July 2010 earning $15 an article. But as her business grew she was able to slowly raise her rates and now commands between $25-$40 an article.

Increasing your income as a freelance writer doesn’t have to be tricky, but it may be the difference between failing and succeeding for many writers. Becoming more productive, learning to better market or even a slight price hike are all ways to help increase income as a freelancer.

About the Author: Patty Kleen is a full-time writer who had a hard time getting started. She currently writes tutorials for other freelancers and focuses primarily on personal finance, money mutual accounts, and credit repair work.

by Kyle Taylor
Kyle is the founder of ThePennyHoarder.com

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