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Win $500 in the April Extreme Cash Giveaway!
Extreme Cash Giveaway

by - April 16, 2012 - 248 Comments

It’s time for the April Extreme Cash Giveaway! This month’s prize is… a $500 Paypal cash prize!

This was a lot of fun last month and I got a kick out of reading all of the entries via the comments! :)

There are many entry options and daily entries as well, so keep this page bookmarked so you can come back every day to increase your chances of winning.

Giveaway ends 5/13 and is open worldwide. Good luck!


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  • http://www.moneywisemoms.com Gina

    The most extreme thing I did today was send a HUGE payment toward my debt. Hooray!

  • Keith

    Cut down a Russian Olive tree

  • http://youngprofessionalfinances.com Young Professional Finances

    I didn’t do anything extreme today (been at work today) so I’ll go with…stayed in bed until 7am instead of getting up at 645? Yes, my days are just THAT extreme.

  • Danielle Sauers

    I didn’t do anything too extreme today, just work and the grocery store haha

  • Matthew LeDrew

    Went to the walk-in clinic.

  • Adrienne gordon

    woke up

  • Ann Fantom

    I took my daughter to the bus stop

  • nikki robak

    ate chocolate

  • valentin narvaez

    I entered the extreme cash contest on the Penny Hoarder!

  • RhondaP

    Got out of bed!!

  • KarenV.

    I almost ran over someone who darted in front of my car on my way home from work. But I guess that is “almost” extreme instead of extreme. LOL

  • Julie Lynn Bickham

    I guess it would be washing dishes lol

  • Marci Cornelius

    The most extreme thing I did today was be nice to mean people

  • J Wresh

    Nothing for today!

  • annette campbell

    I did absolutely nothing extreme today. Kinda a boring day!!

  • Ted Kooper

    done some chopping on the maple tree trump

  • Emily L

    The most extreme thing I did today was dye my hair!

  • lisa lo

    Today it was apparently eating leftovers that gave my family a small case of immediate food poisoning..

  • Tari Lawson

    The most extreme thing I did today was workout at the gym.

  • http://www.couponing2ourdreams.com Kristin Donley

    I spent 3 months away from home as a freshmen traveling Europe!

  • Kim Cowgar

    The most extreme thing I did today was play Scrabble on my Nook (and win!)

  • Laurie Tilkin

    My extreme was going to a bar for lunch

  • Crestine

    The most extreme thing I did today is I just slept almost half of the day :)

  • Clvn

    Woke up really early

  • alexandra day

    I would say for today nothing…I got out of bed , put the oldest on the bus, then been on fb posting things and entering for freebies. Wahooo….now thats exstreme..lol Well hey putting a child on the bus can be extreme or even getting them ready. lol

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    I skipped the chores and entered the extreme cash contest on the Penny Hoarder!

  • http://www.devonscreativedesigns.com Devon

    Well, since it isn’t noon yet – not much. I did get my work done for the day :)

  • mark c

    so far i fed the cat

  • Devona Fryer

    I stood on my feet for 3 hours making homemade Vegan corndogs. They were delicious, but my fee hurt!

  • Michelle S

    The most extreme thing I did today was buy a Powerball lottery ticket!

  • Theresa Shafer

    I got out of the hospital a few days ago and slept peacefully last night. ya

  • http://www.moreismerrier.com Kay M

    Steam cleaned carpets in the rent house, and drove home in a thunderstorm!

  • Crestine

    The most extreme thing I did today is watch TV the whole day!

  • http://www.atthemapletable.com Terri

    I cleaned out my fridge

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    I slept in till 12:00 noon!

  • Suzanne K

    LOL – the most extreme thing I’ve done today was sleeping in… all the way to 6am!

  • Crestine

    The most extreme thing I did today is I joined lots of contests online :D

  • Melissa Belle

    Hmm I’d say the most extreme thing I’ve done today was throw up.. LOL thanks to being 10 weeks pregnant.

  • Selene M.

    I attended breakfast at the SKPACRE rally in Marion, NC.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    I ate an entire tub of ice-cream – Mmmmmmmm!!!!

  • dhian

    most extreme today: typing financial report non stop till I got home

  • Crestine

    Most extreme thing I did today is write a blog for 4 hours but it turned out that what I did wasn’t that long, just full of effort, emotions, and creativity.

  • http://www.serenityyou.blogspot.com Natasha Mairs

    I think it must be entering this giveaway!!

  • http://www.katsdailyinspiration.blogspot.com Kat Meller

    The most extreme thing today so far has been laundry! Recovering from tax season and funerals and this past weekends birthday celebration

  • Jennifer Hedden

    The most extreme thing I have done so far today is go grocery shopping.

  • Renski

    The most extreme thing I did today was to feed peas to a 4 year old. Happily, they are easy to clean up.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Cooked a very mean curry! It was extremely hot and spicy!!!

  • Crestine

    Most extreme thing I did today is nothing. Nothing extreme!

  • Leah stobe

    Been up for 24 hours straight

  • http://cfletcher.mymarkstore.com/ chelsie fletcher

    Leave a comment on this blog answering this question, “What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done today?” I just entered to win this giveaway! I really hope I win too ;)

  • http://ehlenadministration.blogspot.com Ebie

    Umm, I have 3 small kids, I’d call waking up the most extreme thing I’ve done by far

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Dusting and cleaning – extremely boring chores!

  • Crestine

    Most extreme thing did today is sweat out a lot!

  • http://shadowbinders.com Kambrea

    I am doing several trays of beads today. My hands think it is extreme.

  • Donnetta

    The most extreme thing was convincing my toddler using the potty was cool and dealing with the “fall out”. Extremely yucky!

  • Ashley Evanson

    haha I wish my life was extreme. Let’s see, I actually ate something healthy today!

  • Angela

    The most extreme thing I did today was stay up all night to finish work.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Cleaned out the fridge – something I haven’t done for a long time!

  • http://wildnmild.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Rote

    Had coffee with a friend.

  • colleen boudreau

    Woke up at 830 am.

  • mell

    Walked to Target.

  • Mary Honer

    I’m six months pregnant and have been feeling my baby boy kick all morning…which is pretty extreme to me! :)

  • Lauren B

    I’ve eaten more sweets today than I normally would.

  • http://jamonkey.com Meghan @JaMonkey

    Took my crippled dog out to pee on himself.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Ate a vegetarian meal!

  • Emily L

    I stayed up extremely late today/this morning!

  • http://candy-bumm.co.cc Trish

    Woke up really late :))

  • https://www.facebook.com/SLisaV Sara

    Made a vow to myself to be more positive

  • Kristin Gilbert

    I slept in

  • Nikki Elkins

    I went to school!

  • tiff78w

    I got a tooth pulled :(

  • Sheryl Granholm

    I ate a Pop Tart without putting it in the toaster!

  • Debra Guillen

    slept in

  • kelly nicholson

    Leave a comment on this blog answering this question, “What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done today?”

    brushed me teeth

  • Theresa J

    I got up and worked out

  • http://7and1.net cole

    I got up early ;)

  • Renski

    I went to a Chess Tournement for my 7 year old ~ and I’m extremely PROUD!

  • susan hartman

    Babysat a 9 month old.

  • Ruth Hill

    I bought a four night vacation to vegas an hour ago

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Played badminton with my son and won!!!

  • colleen boudreau

    Watched a Lifetime movie.. lol.

  • jennifer speed

    went fishing on my Wii

  • Renski

    I went back to sleep after the baby woke me up early. I feel extrelemy refreshed.

  • James Van Hooser

    I woke up in the research clinic.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Watched 2 DVD movies back to back!

  • Emily L

    I had leftover birthday cake for breakfast.

  • colleen boudreau


  • Geri S

    Washed windows!!!

  • alisa

    the most extreme thing i have done today must be sleeping all day lol!

  • http://journeysofthezoo.blogspot.ca Journeysof TheZoo

    Seeded the front lawn.

  • joni

    Watched sleep over teenagers cook themselves breakfast.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Attended a PTA meeting

  • colleen boudreau

    woke up! :)

  • Farrah Morelli

    Drank a glass of Iced Starbucks Via without extra sugar.

  • Cujo

    I woke up and went to work ~ that was extreme for me.

  • Emily L

    The most extreme thing I did today was spend $40 filling up my gas tank.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Bathed my guinea pig today

  • Michalis Gelastos

    I woke up!

  • Abi Heimsoth

    I slept until 9. Pretty extreme around here.

  • colleen boudreau

    Made breakfast.

  • Cujo

    I must have done something extreme ~ I had a bloody nose.

  • lauren b

    skipping breakfast was the most extreme thing I’ve done today

  • Farrah Morelli

    mopped my entire house.

  • Dee Parker

    Nothing! I spent the day quietly at home recovering from a migraine.

  • colleen boudreau

    Woke up at 8am!

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Spent 1000 for an upper GI because insurance sucks.

  • Cujo

    Went for a walk in the rain. I got extremely wet :-)

  • jamie villari

    Changing diapers!

  • Jaime Ellis

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today is spent MANY hours online entering every giveaway I can find! lol

  • Julie B.

    The most extreme thing I did today was to spray my dog’s mouth with his dental spray (ugh, I really hope to avoid a dental). Pretty boring day! ;)

  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    went to the mailbox
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Melody Spence

    Drove on the road with the rest of the crazies!

  • Gwyn G.

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today was 7 am bootcamp! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Christina

    The most extreme thing I did today was I actually worked out! Anyone who knows me, knows thats major! LOL!

  • http://contesthound glenda

    I planted about half a dozen plants in the near dark.

  • colleen boudreau

    woke up.

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Went for a walk at 80 degrees at nine in the morning.

  • Sarai

    Driven in the rain

  • http://MyCoveredBridge Kristen @ My Covered Bridge

    Went for a jog!

  • Danielle Papsis

    Most extreme thing I’ve done today… Fell asleep at 2am and woke up for the day three hours later.

  • http://survingincollege.blogspot.com Jennifer Speed

    watched a soap opera

  • Farrah Morelli

    Went to Hobby Lobby and only bought cards.

  • http://ofmiceandramen.blogspot.com veronica lee

    Coloured my hair!

  • http://www.readwritemom.com Mandy

    The most extreme thing I have done is not had coffee yet! Ha!

  • colleen boudreau

    gave my cat a bath.

  • Sara Serna

    Most extreme thing….hmmm. Told my husband it was his turn to wake up with the baby!

  • http://survingincollege.blogspot.com Jennifer Speed

    the most extreme thing I did today was clean my room

  • http://charmedlifelove.blogspot.com/ Stefanie Gladden

    the most extreme thing ive done today is run 2 miles!

  • Zachary Kl.

    Wore a facial mask. LOL.

  • Laura Lane

    cleaned out years of papers out of filing cabinet

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Got blood drawn.

  • Angie

    The most extreme thing I done today….hmmm, speeding home from work? I’m pretty boring lol.

  • Zachary Kl.

    I went to a party in Tribeca, Manhattan that I won from Mike’s On the Rocks!

  • April V.

    Well, since it is 6:55am on a Saturday, the most extreme thing I’ve done so far is get up so early ;-)

  • Abi Heimsoth

    I’m going to clean my whole house today!

  • http://www.atthemapletable.com Terri

    I made breakfast

  • colleen boudreau

    Made waffles.

  • natalia ellin

    clean everything in under 2 hours lol

  • Beverly Altuzarra

    The most extreme thing I did today was pack for my very first plane ride!! Going to FLA. for 3 weeks!!! Very excited!!!

  • caitlin chapman

    with an almost 2 yr old running around (a daredevil!) everything becomes and extreme sport. usually couch jumping.

  • http://www.manilabarbie.com Dhadha G. IHC

    I guess the most extreme thing I’ve done today is letting my 4 y/o lil kiddo sleep past 1 o’clock in the morning. T___T

  • morenita01us

    The most extreme thing I’ve done so far is get up early on a Saturday.

  • Amy Ledesma

    The most exstreme thing I have done today? Dumpster diving.for coupons. Sharing my opinion on facebook.

  • Leah Swelfer

    Only eat a piece of ezkiel bread no butter for breakfast.( i’m doing HCG diet right now) that extreme for me Lol

  • Kim Henrichs

    Raced the clock to get to the post office in time.

  • Nicole Balogh

    Pushed around 5 loaded carts of books at work today.

  • Tierra G

    I went all morning without a coffee.

  • Heidi H

    The most extreme thing I did today was to think positive about my future!

  • Roshuni

    Most extreme thing I did today was bake 5,390 cookies for Regent University graduation ceremony!

  • http://blog.aquariann.com aquariann

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today is picking out Witchblade for Free Comic Book Day! :D

  • Tabitha

    My extreme for today was running a 5K with my daughter this morning!

  • Ruth Hill

    i got out of bed

  • Danielle Sauers

    The most extreme thing I did today was change my nail color. Yeah, I’m not too extreme lol.

  • lisa lo

    Went to buy propane.

  • Zachary Kl.

    I stayed up all night.

  • Toni

    I crossed the lawn to get my mail. Yup, my life is that inextreme.

  • Tiffany thomas

    I got out of bed!

  • April V.

    Today I slept in! All the way to 7:30am! Woot!

  • clynsg

    Put some food out for a ginger cat that has been hanging around.

  • Melissa Shirley

    I got out of bed

  • Nicole Balogh

    The most extreme thing I have done today is play baseball with ym kids and husband.

  • colleen boudreau

    went out to lunch.

  • Megan

    play flag football with my brothers

  • Kimberly G

    Extreme Laundry

  • http://pregnantkatiesmom.blogspot.com/ Susan Chester

    I went all in with pocket 10s and lost. (poker)

  • Heather

    The most extreme thing I did was change my mom’s IV tubing/bag…haha! Not very extreme but today was a lazyyy day!!

  • Nicole Lopez

    The most extreme thing I did today was NOT do the dishes.. I’m rebelling today!

  • Ana Lara

    I take other chance with my boyfriend!

  • April V.

    Got up extremely early this morning!

  • Abi Heimsoth

    My extreme for yesterday (since I couldn’t get the comments to load) was cleaning my mess of a bedroom.

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Today I’m going to start cleaning the garage! Eek!

  • Danielle Papsis

    I answered the door in my pajamas! It was the UPS deliveryman with our diapers.

  • colleen boudreau

    Woke up !

  • Danielle Sauers

    Went to the grocery store

  • Nicole Balogh

    The most extreme thing I did today was run through a storm to get to my car.

  • Ashley Evanson

    I ate ice cream before dinner.

  • http://survingincollege.blogspot.com Jennifer Speed

    stayed up till 2:00 in the morning when I had to get up at 6:30

  • http://sparrowministries.com Jessica Younce

    Got on a plane and said goodbye to my best friend who now lives in Texas, with hopes that her husband gets the phone call in the next two hours that says he is getting the job in St Louis and that they are coming home!!

  • Angela Williams

    Kill a huge spider :0

  • Zachary Kl.

    Stayed up all night again.

  • Janell Poulette

    Noting extreme – I actually got to sleep in a little :)

  • colleen boudreau

    Watched the Wendy Williams Show.

    • The Penny Hoarder


  • Rachel

    The most extreme thing I have done today is drive my new car even though I am scared of it getting dinged!

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Cleaned out the whole garage for spring cleaning city pickup.

  • Stephanie Bourne

    I drove around my town in a rental car looking for newspapers because my daughter is in it.

  • http://www.gothicchainmail.com/ Sunshyn V

    I took my bed apart and am camping in the living room tonight.

  • Sarai


  • carol clark

    i went to the park with 30 kids

  • colleen boudreau

    Woke up at 8am

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Today just getting up felt pretty extreme.

  • Nicole Balogh

    I did the Insanity workout.

  • Christine Roeske

    Did my morning salutations, on third load of laundry and had a juiceplus shake for bfast!!!

  • Pauline Linares

    The most extreme I’ve done today was sun bathe in my backyard “al natural” ;}

  • April V.

    I got up at 10 to 5am to take my husband to work. That is about as extreme as I get these days ;-)

  • Nicole Balogh

    I made fun shapes out of my kids’ sandwiches for lunch.

  • colleen boudreau

    I took pictures of things outside.

  • Danielle

    I painted my entire bathroom and dogroom

  • Diane Ortega

    I got dressed up for work today. Usually wear scrubs!

  • Daniel M

    deleted a few things off my hard drive, getting kinda full

  • Danielle Sauers

    Got sushi for dinner

  • Ted Kooper

    clean 2 big carpet

  • Christina Sparks

    Got up and went to work–ha ha

  • Jesse P.

    Today I relived my childhood one lego piece at a time.

  • Debbie C

    Nothing extreme, just too much routine on too little sleep.

  • Molly Capel

    The most extreme thing I did was help my rebel friends fight the special pretties. Oh wait, I acutally just read about it happening in my book. lol

  • April V.

    I had to get up at 4am to let the dog out this morning. This is rare for her and I think it was mostly due to both my husband and I sleeping restlessly so she was awake at that time. I got back to sleep but the 5am alarm was not very welcome when it went off!

  • colleen boudreau

    Woke up early.

  • Savannah M

    Today I took my kids outside to play in mud puddles :)

  • http://blog.amedicsworld.com Tom Shewbridge

    Cleaned out 111,343 messages from my gmail inbox!! why??? because I lost 3 blog contests to my spam folder…so with all the adjusting and checking, and well you know the rest, being sad because I lost out on (sorry, 4) blog contest wins, I cleaned everything up, and hopefully have it stream lined now. and by the way yes, that was over one hundred thousand messages dating back to 2007!!

  • lisa lo

    Made it thru the storms

  • Miz Vickik

    Went out before having my coffee! =)

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Let my toddler walk around the neighborhood with me instead of ridng her stroller.

  • Wendy

    Touched jalapeno peppers!

  • http://brokenwon.blogspot.com Wendy T

    I called off work today. Actually….I had my son do it for me. It was the first time ever. But I had dental surgery yesterday.

  • James Van Hooser

    Nothing extreme today, just been catching up on a bunch of blog contest entries all day, still doing it.

  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    went tot the Y swimming
    vmkids3 at msn.dot com

  • http://seeshoplove.blogspot.com Danielle Sauers

    I went out to dinner at Chili’s

  • Roxann

    The most extreme thing I did today was clean the living room.

  • christie kammerer

    I went and bought a new laptop.

  • brian e.

    Thanks for the giveaway…I swam laps for one hour.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Stacy

    Considering it’s 6 AM, I haven’t had time to do anything extreme yet today (besides getting up so early on a Saturday). Yesterday I bought my brother a kayak though.

  • http://blog.amedicsworld.com Tom Shewbridge

    Most extreme thing today, was waking up at 6:30am and staying up!

  • christal c

    I yelled at twitter. I do follow all on twitter but they have suspended me . someone complained about the very tweets they ask for. I only follow blogs so it was a blog owner. pretty low. i guess I will be disqualified…..sad

  • April V.

    Still drinking my morning coffee and got a call to rescue my husband who had locked his keys in the car (he does pool maintenance and a lot of time must be there early before anyone wants to use the pool) so had to drive a half hour each way to bring him keys. I could have done without that!

  • colleen boudreau

    Ate a piece of cake. :)

  • Kellie Conklin

    The most extreme thing I did today was pull a tick from my dog (ew!), thanks!

  • Lisa R

    Entered this contest…lol

    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  • Crystal F

    Got out of bed. I didn’t go to bed until 5 this morning so it was hard to get up. lol thank you!

  • alyce poalillo

    I slept until 1PM!

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Made strawberry rhubarb pie.

  • Rosey

    Sorted and cleaned my toddler’s toy box.

  • http://www.vikingsterritory.com Adam

    Went to an airshow

  • Beverly Metcalf

    Not really extreme, but my kitchen sink was plugged and I cleaned that all out. Works good now! Thanks for the contest!

  • http://seeshoplove.blogspot.com Danielle Sauers

    I went to the mall

  • Jane Chung

    Curled my hair!!

  • Michelle Tucker

    Extreme sleeping! I did it! ;)

  • Katherine

    I overslept lol

  • Heather S

    worked 10 hrs and it is the weekend

  • Sand

    The most extreme was have a movie marathon, so far I’ve watched five movies!

  • Barbara Long

    The most extreme thing I did today was go to four different stores to shop. Normally this isn’t extreme for me but I just had knee surgery last month so doing that much walking right now is extreme.


  • Rosanne Morrison

    I ironed dozens of shirts-who irons anymore?

  • Deborah

    Changed lots of diapers…

  • Sharon

    Up after only 5 hours of sleep and a hectic day yesterday! So far though…don’t seem to need a nap! *LOL*
    Happy Mother’s Day! :)
    Thank You!

  • kathy f

    I got up early and didn’t have to!

  • James Van Hooser

    Have not done anything extreme so far today.

  • colleen boudreau

    Made my mom breakfast in bed. :)

  • Abi Heimsoth

    Ate until I thought I’d explode.

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