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Cash in Envelope

by - February 13, 2012 - 438 Comments

Hi Penny Hoarders!

One of you is about to win this envelope of cash.

Those of you who read the blog on a regular basis know that I often post “FREE Money Alerts” when I find a company that is giving away cash to promote their product/business (usually banks). Last month happened to be a big month for FREE money, with 4 different alerts bringing in a record $130!

I know many of you have already gotten your own bonuses, but today I’m going to give you a chance to win the $130 in CASH I made last month!!

Here’s a recap of what I made last month:


TOTAL = $130 to Giveaway!

I’m using Rafflecopter to run this contest and you can enter up to 45 times! (16 regular entries + 29 possible entries from Tweeting). Good luck everyone!

Please allow a few seconds for the script to load below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck everyone!

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  • http://www.theholleyherald.com Aisha H.

    I join contest online and blog for ads

    • Tori

      Good luck everyone!

  • Deborah Sebrell

    I could REALLY use that. But, who couldn’t?

  • rachelle sullivan

    I use CHACHA thanks to the Penny Hoarder!

  • Shelly kristianson

    I enter contests online :)

  • Rhonda

    I use mturk a lot to make extra money. Plus reading your blog :) It’s great. Thank you!

  • http://practicallyfunctional.blogspot.com/ Jessi

    Great giveaway, thanks!

    • http://practicallyfunctional.blogspot.com/ Jessi

      Missed this earlier… my favorite way to make extra money is usually stuff I find on your blog! I like the bank bonuses the most, they have been really helpful.

  • lyndsey

    I make extra money by doing catering on the weekends.

  • Tracey Pullum

    Thanks for a fun newsletter with good ideas!

  • alissa

    I donate plasma!

  • http://bankbonuses.info Andy Hough

    Since I have an entire site about bank bonuses I will have to say bank bonuses are my favorite way to make extra money.

  • http://FACEBOOK.COM/RANDYFULGHAM2 randy fulgham

    dont have a blog page , but i would use this money to buy a new printer…thanks

  • kellie

    Thanks for the chance! Would love to win this! My fave way to make extra $ is selling on local garage sale FB pages.

    I tweeted and am following you on Twitter, however it wouldn’t let me leve the link or my twitter name in the Rafflecopter. I am following you as @sensiblysavcent and the link to my tweet is: https://twitter.com/#!/SensiblySavCent/status/169149068050833410

  • Susan

    Would love to win that envelope of cash. Will be moving cross country in 6 weeks and every extra penny will help

  • Katherine

    I like to win it or do really well using coupons at the grocery store

  • http://www.cashcrate.com/2706652 Andrew

    I make extra money on Cash Crate and Fusion Cash

  • Margaret Smith

    I try to do online surveys and I like to sell items on Ebay.
    Thanks so much.

  • http://na.com Suz S.

    I <3 $

  • Jennifer

    I make extra money by selling outgrown items on ebay!

  • http://www.justthetwoofusanddeals.com Kathleen

    Favorite way to make money is doing surveys online

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • ashley

    I love making money from things you post on your site… its easy, fast, and takes little-to-no effort! My kinda money making :)

  • http://seeshoplove.blogspot.com Danielle

    My favorite way to make extra money is by selling things on eBay, etc., that I have sitting around the house and will never use.


  • rebecca

    I am just starting to get into selling some stuff locally on our yard sale page.

  • Christine

    I like making extra money by selling things on E-Bay once in awhile!

  • Richard Morris

    I sell old stuff on ebay

  • Cyndi

    Great sweeps! Thanks for giving us this chance to win!

  • http://giveawaysandglitter.com mistee dawn

    I use swagbucks and other such sites.

  • Joanne Schultz

    it’s not a great way, but lottery tickets sometime pay off! I’m waiting for that big jackpot winning ticket!

  • colleen boudreau

    I do online surveys and enter contests.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Amy Orvin

    I like to sell on Ebay for extra money.

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Having a garage sale

  • http://thespanglyprincess.blogspot.com/ Lynda Del

    I make extra money by stenotyping dictated class notes for college students.

  • Katy

    I don’t really have any ways to make extra $ right now, but I’d love to learn!

  • Sophia

    I make extra money by selling handmade flower headbands.

  • http://littlemissbaker19.blogspot.com/ Berendina Dykema

    I like to do online surveys!

  • http://crochetaddictcfs.blogspot.com/ SusanD1408

    I love making things to make extra money, nothing like a handmade item!

  • carol

    I have yard sales and I babysit

  • Ben

    My favorite way to make money is by sleeping!

  • Huguette E.

    I enter contests for a chance to make extra money, that and surveys, that’s it.

  • Cynthia C

    I use Swagbucks to earn a little extra.

  • Kim O’Hanlon/Contest KAO

    I enter contests online. Thanks for the chance.

  • Carmen Q

    Doing surveys

  • Susan Smith

    I make extra monet entering contests and selling stuff on Ebay

  • Dara Nix

    My favorite way to make extra money is by taking surveys!

  • Vesper

    I earn some extra money by doing surveys and entering contests

  • Debra G

    Sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways

  • Nikki Elkins

    I do surveys online

  • Rondah

    I do online surveys for a little extra each month

  • Holly S.

    I sew and sell on Etsy!

  • Ann F

    I like having yard sales to make extra money

  • Michael M

    I enter sweepstakes and online surveys like Inbox dollars

  • Kathleen Downes

    I use Swagbucks to make extra money.

  • Jenn C

    I enter contests online!

  • http://www.moneywisemoms.com Gina

    I pick up toys and other hot items (LEGO) with coupons and resell them on Craigslist or Ebay for a profit.

  • virgomomwriter

    winning sweeps is my favorite way to make money!

  • http://www.marriedfilingjointly.blogspot.com Marriedfilngjointly

    I blog online!

  • kyl neusch

    sell on amazon

  • charles wilcox

    i have been selling a little scrap for extra money

  • Cresanna

    My favorite way to earn extra money is selling items on Craigslist.

  • http://mylittlehouseoftreasures.blogspot.com/ Darlene Demell

    I have paid ads etc. on my blog and also do online surveys to make extra money.
    Thanks for this opportunity

  • Laurel Simmons

    I do surveys online and sell stuff on ebay once in a while.

  • spamgirl

    I like to raid the couch for change!

  • melissa call

    I coupon and see our used stuff

  • Louise Gilbert

    I make extra money buy selling Avon

  • Krystle

    Entering sweepstakes! :)

  • tanya

    I hold yard sales in the warmer months

  • Glogirl

    I do on-line surveys to make extra money.

  • bc edwards

    signed up to the newslter with jedw94 at gmail dot com

  • joni

    I do some online surveys for a few bucks.

  • susan hartman

    I like to sell my crafts.

  • Selinda

    Selling items back to retailers through buy back programs!

  • Patrick F

    I do paid surveys.

  • Kimberly

    I sell things on eBay

  • Kristen

    I like selling things on Craigslist.

  • Jacqueline Griffin

    I like to enter contests and sell old things I no longer want on eBay or Craig’s list!

  • Sammi

    a garage sale – organize your house at the same time!

  • Doris

    My favorite way to make extra money is to sell some goodies from y closet on ebay. Things I don’t wear often or in a while.

  • Eric

    to make extra money, I save all my coins in my son’s piggy bank. Not very original, but you will be be amazed how fast the loose coins can add up and save the day when we need it.

  • Stacey Dempsey

    I like to use the local consignment stores for things we dont need anymore and I love garage sales

  • darlene bohannon

    i play super points and swagbucks

  • ginette4

    enter contest and look for coupons and sales

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    winning giveaways is a great way to earn money

  • Ryana

    I sometimes get lucky on giveaways.

  • Jenny

    this website is my favorite way to make extra monaaay

    • The Penny Hoarder

      Awww… :)

  • Caitlin

    I recently started selling homemade items-hair bows, headbands and tutus!

  • Suzanne K

    My favorite way to make extra money is test drives and focus groups!

  • heather christie

    My favorite way to earn extra cash is the shopkick app.

  • kim c

    My favorite way to make money is to sell something on Craigslist.

  • liveit

    Participate in surveys!

  • dhesh

    I sell stuff online and do surveys. great blog!

  • Melinda

    I sell my junk on ebay for extra money…. plus surveys

  • Charlotte

    I earn money by entering giveaways, savinng points for reward programs (buy gift cards same as cash), but that’s all I really know of,

  • Candace

    hm, i’d say the best way to earn extra money is through nannying.

  • burgundy

    I mystery shop for extra money.

  • Lisa

    My favorite way to make extra money is through surveys, especially product testing.

  • Laura P.

    I sell some of my old stuff online and giveaways of course (though, I haven’t won much $$…I win things I’ve been wanting though).

  • http://restlessjackie.wordpress.com Jackie

    I make money couponing at Walmart!

  • Patti

    Pick Me; I love making extra money. I coupon to get free & cheap products for my family. And I sell junk on craigslist.

  • http://viewsfromnature.com Carrie

    I like to sell items on Craigslist or ebay

  • Vivian Cooper

    I make a little extra making and selling toys for Exotic Birds

  • http://dog-latin.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    What would I do without things like this?

    • The Penny Hoarder


  • Corinne

    I sell unwanted items on ebay

  • melinda hawkins

    well i enter contests, and save my cans, and take my used books to the bookstore for some extra cash!!

  • LV

    I make money writing tv commercials and radio spots.

    • Charlotte

      That’s awesome!

  • Lauren Garrett

    I like to do market research to earn a little extra money

  • Kyra

    I save unexpected money like birthday money, coupon savings, etc.

  • http://MLISunderstanding.blogspot.com Remy @MLISunderstanding

    Ooh, $130 would pay for textbooks next term!

    • http://MLISunderstanding.blogspot.com Remy @MLISunderstanding

      And I get an extra little bit of cash in cash-back rewards from my Chase Freedom card. That’s free money to me, since I would be making those purchases anyway.

  • Donna Hay

    Love your site-it is just quirky enough to make it interesting.

    • The Penny Hoarder

      Awww….Thanks Donna! You all are the best!

  • http://MsAngelasFinds.com Angela Michels

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I like to earn extra money by selling stuff on ebay. :)
    Angela Michels
    lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

  • Sue

    I’ve joined Bukisa and get paid while I publish articles.

  • Christina Perry

    I like to make extra money by using the great tips on your blog! Thanks!

  • http://www.everydayramblingsofmylife.com/ Tara Funair

    I make extra money by dictating cell phone messages!

  • sandra

    i like to make extra money by completing surveys

  • http://destinyisdeafening.blogspot.com Mare S

    I love when I’m able to get paid for my writing with freelance projects. But a small, but cool way for extra cash is when I find a moneymaker with a coupon! Get paid to take a product? Okay!

  • Alex J

    I referee soccer games to earn extra money.

  • Joyce Mlinek

    I make extra money by entering contests and giveaways on different blog sites.

  • rebeka deleon

    I make extra money by selling stuff online.

  • Linda W.

    I work 3 jobs, use coupons and sell things to consignment and ebay.

  • Terry M

    I do surveys and use coupons.

  • Susanne H.

    I am just starting to learn how to earn extra money, but I found the Amazon Mechanical Turk site to be interesting. It doesn’t pay much at first, but if you work at it every day, you can build up your earnings.

  • Vicki Lynch

    I could really use this money since I am unable to work at the moment. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway :)

  • http://www.anitastoudmire.com anita

    I love to make extra money with Sweepstakes!!!! Lots of cash and prizes to be won and I am lucky!

  • Sandra Jensen

    I do surveys for Pinecone – they pay $3 several times a month!

  • Sandra Jensen

    I sell to a local consignment shop

  • Sandra Jensen

    I joined LendingClub.com and am making over 13% on my account there.

    • The Penny Hoarder


  • Alicia

    I love to make extra money by test drivings cars, which I learned on this website! This website is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Dave

    I am looking for ways to make some extra money.

  • Holly

    I love baking and selling my baked goods :)

  • Laura Royal

    I like to sell stuff I no longer need or use online

  • Tamra

    Love entering contests to win extra money! ;)

  • http://www.JudyColbert.com Judy

    I earned the $50 ING bonus – thanks.

    • The Penny Hoarder

      Nice! Gotta love free money. :)

  • Julie

    I sell unused and older items on EBAY

  • Stephanie Powell

    My favorite way to make extra money is selling things on ebay

  • Steve Stone


  • Geoff K

    I like to participate in focus groups and taste tests for extra money!

  • kitblu

    Not so much making money but buying with points. In Canada there is an Airmiles card that, for me, accumulates points by using my credit card, using my bank account and shopping at certain retailers. Most recently I bought a dual vacuum cleaner (upright stick and handheld).

  • Tammy T

    We use a reward credit card for all purchases. The cash-back reward is paid in the form of a deposit into our IRA. It’s not money that we can use now but it’s helping us save for retirement!

  • Jacob LaFountaine

    Sell things on ebay and amazon

  • chelesa sims


  • Cathy Truman

    I use coupons buy items on sale and do rebates.

  • Andrea Williams

    I complete a lot of surveys and use Swagbucks.

  • Michele Behlen

    I take surveys and enter giveaways.

  • http://ggggiveaways.blogspot.com/ Mike

    My favorite way to make extra cash is to enter giveaways like this…

    No, really, cut firewood and sell it…

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  • Theresa J

    I like to win it. :0

  • Kim Thompson

    I sell items on ebay occasionally.

  • April V.

    I do surveys and product tests and mypoints and swagbucks. I also offer my reading services to independent authors for a last minute check before publishing for small errors that might have been missed in the editing process.

  • jacqueline thomas

    great giveaway!

  • Amy

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Marlene V.

    I list items for sale — on kijiji.ca

  • Kelly

    Wow! This is a great website.

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    Entering giveaways. Let’s just say that I haven’t given up my day job…
    swak50 at hotmail dot com

  • http://PennyHoarder Janice

    How generous to share cash! I could sure use it in this economy!

  • Adam

    At this time I am unable to work due to on job injury; but as soon as i am ready lookout world. \
    Would like to get the envelope so as to take grandson somewhere that he would have fun.

    Thanks, Also enjoy the info here. Makes you think on many things you can do to get a little (or a lot) of extra $$$$$$$$!!!

  • Andrea Amy

    Its not a ton of money, but my favourite is superpoints! it helps out come christmas time :)

  • http://canadianangelxo.blogspot.com/ Tasha W

    My favorite way to make extra money is using Swagbucks and Superpoints!

    canadianangelxo at live dot ca

  • robert


  • Cheryl Barnett Saves

    I earn with Swagbucks superpoints and doing surveys.

  • Mike O

    money money money money…. Thanks for sharing the cash man, even if I don’t end up winning it haha.

  • Alice Gober

    I love a giveaway. Makes the day so much more exciting. Thanks Pennyhoarder!

  • Janine Noelle Destura

    Your blogs are fun to read! :)

  • Janine Noelle Destura

    favorite way to make extra money….?
    clicking online ads and doing other tasks..

  • naomi winkel

    swagbucks, jingit, superpoints, mypoints

  • Juana Esparza

    I make extra money by selling stuff in yard/garage sales, and on ebay.

  • stephanie miller

    i use swagbucks and superpoints, also selling things on craigslist, and ebay, and using coupons!

  • http://twitter Dorothy Sandman

    I enter sweepstakes!

  • https://www.facebook.com/EastCoastWildHorseAdvocates Alexandra Nicole

    My fave way to earn extra cash is by searching on Swagbucks, I have the Swagbucks toolbar and it makes it easy to earn cash fairly quickly. I also use Inboxdollars but it takes longer to reach the $30 minimum cash out value.

  • Pingback: Penny Hoarder’s Amazing Giveaway!!! « lelandsweepstakes()

  • Leland Dantzler

    I like to resell items I win from sweepstakes. =)

  • http://thesleepyhead.tumblr.com Jen Destura

    My fave way to getting extra money is joining PTC sites, answering surveys, and share ad campaigns.

  • Alicia Zirjacks

    Slicethepie is my favorite way to earn money!

  • http://glassowater.wordpress.com glassowater

    fave way to get extra cash is to sell my art

  • Adela

    Making freelance projects.

  • Katy M

    I enter contests and work for Clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk.


  • http://www.facebook.com/BlueBlueSeaOTTB Miranda

    Get freebies from various different offers and such and sell them online!

  • caitlin chapman

    babysit for my close friends

  • Nina C

    Enter competitions, managed to win a few presents to use for Christmas gifts last year.

  • Carmen

    Love your site I’m looking for ways to make extra money and hopefully I can find some ways here! I have a college student and believe me need any extra money we can get.

  • Katharine D

    selling on craigslist

  • Heather S

    I fill out surveys

  • Kelly Marceau

    Giveaways, contests and freebies

  • Joyce C

    I take online surveys to make extra money!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • http://www.healthymomsexywife.com Rita @ Healthy Mom, Sexy Wife

    I sell stuff online.

  • http://www.thehomeschoolingblog.com Wendy

    I blog! Not a lot of extra money, but every bit helps!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  • http://mylittlehouseoftreasures.blogspot.com/ Darlene Demell
  • Holly Hennessy Swint

    I do Swagbucks and enter tons of giveaways daily!

  • Anastacia Grace

    I earn extra money by babysitting. It’s something I can do while taking care of my own kids.

  • Mary Casper

    I try to do online rewards programs for extra cash

  • corey

    We clear out and go through our house completely, about 3-4X a year, and keep all our extra “treasures,” as my wife would say, in the garage until spring. Every year we have a large yard sale and make some extra money. It’s a little work but our kids chip in and we all do this event together.

  • Mike

    I take lots of online surveys.

  • Chad K

    Our favorite way to make a little extra money is by checking out great blogs like this one!

  • Debbie Clauer

    I collect aluminum cans & scrap metal.

  • kerry santillo

    I do peoples ironing for extra money, keeps the bills payed ♥

  • Audrey

    I do online survey to earn gift cards!

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    My favorite way to make money is by entering sweepstakes.

  • Katherine
  • Kathy Wegs

    My favorite way to make extra money is Babysitting.

  • http://www.dealdishinmomma.blogspot.com Crystal Mexico

    Entering giveaways lol. Haven’t really won much, but its a start! :D

  • http://www.delmarvabaglimits.com/ Mike Draper

    Another great giveaway! Thanks. I still make money the slow & steady Ebay way.

  • Stephanie

    cutting down on fast food

  • Samantha

    I really need the money so that i can go on tour with my singing youth group to spread the word of god all over america. To go, I would need $700. I am too young to get a job without pushing a bunch of peoples buttons and I would greatly appreciate this. Thanks for the opportunity. good luck to everyone.

  • BlackAsphodel

    I earn extra cash by winning giveaways.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • San

    I do online surveys.

  • Anita

    Ebates is my fave way to earn

  • Kimberlie T

    I like to enter giveaways to earn extra spending money.

  • stacy h

    i earn extra cash by renting out our upstairs room/bath. thankfully our last renter is going to be my brother =)

  • Tamara

    I like making some extra money for myself by selling on Etsy.

  • Sarah Blake

    I get extra money through rewards programs

  • Angela G

    Those are great money earning ops!

  • Angela G

    Favorite way to earn cash is through selling items on Craigslist.

  • Monica Tompkins (@mnjsponsoredwed)

    Entering giveaways!! I haven’t won any money yet though…

  • Theresa Shafer

    I go green to save money. Money saved is money earned. Coupons, re-using, and making do with what I own.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  • Chevy Roper

    By entering contests and online surveys. Also by being a Swagbucks member!!

  • dv8

    Swagbucks is a fun way to make extra money.

  • amy miller

    Yard Sales…..I have at least 2 a year and I take sev mths planning and getn everything ready….Amy Miller

  • http://bodhimews.blogspot.com Susan Peck

    Contests and Swagbugs

    • http://bodhimews.blogspot.com Susan Peck

      Can’t even type…meant to say Swagbucks LOL

      • The Penny Hoarder


  • Deanna G.


  • S Carter

    I sell stuff on craigslist

  • Gina H.

    I make extra money selling on EBAY.

  • T

    bank bonuses !!
    had good success with penny hoarder ipod touch method !!
    many thanks !!

  • Michelle B

    I make extra money by playing superpoints

  • Carrie

    I like doing little side jobs for people. Usually painting or gardening.

    • Carrie

      I’m still not able to sign up for your newsletter. :( Still not receiving a confirmation email.

      • The Penny Hoarder

        Hi Carrie,

        I submitted a request to technical support on this. I wish they would let me just add you – it’s so frustrating. :( Hopefully I’ll have news for you soon…


  • Julie Lynn Bickham

    Buy stacking coupons to get money making products!

  • sheila askins

    garage sale, couponing, signing up for free things, and entering giveaways! thank you!

  • J Pickett aka Vicki Vix

    I make extra money (well, it’s actually my money, but…) using rebate/ cash back sites and by doing thing like SuperPoints.

  • Melissa wilson

    i make hairbows and stuff on theside

  • http://asahmlookingforadeal.blogspot.com Cori Westphal

    I like using coupons to save money, instead of making extra money. For me, it’s a job in itself!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • http://www.mystylespot.blogspot.com cindy b

    Sell stuff!

  • Karla Sceviour

    I like to use coupons!!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  • Tammy

    Garage sales and coupons!!!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  • Leslie Galloway

    My favorite way is to do bonuses like the ING bonus. If you just take a few hundred dollars, you can move it around to different banks throughout the year, and make a couple hundred sometimes. That’s an amazing return… and most of them you can do once a year!

  • http://crazecrafts.us Misty

    My favorite way to save money is when the item is on sale and I can use a coupon as well.


    My favorite way to make extra money is to recycle cans, and plastic.

  • Jody Sisson

    I sell unwanted things on Ebay.

  • Jaque R.

    I don’t really make extra money. :-(
    Thank you.

    • The Penny Hoarder

      We’re going to have to fix that! :)

  • alyce poalillo

    I sell books on line-have done well with books I get at garage/rummage sales and also my own gently read ones.

  • Debbi R

    I enter Sweepstakes, do surveys, clip coupon, read money saving blogs, do Swagbucks

  • Tyler Reavis

    My favorite ways to make extra $$$ is by using Superpoints, Inbox Dollars, and My Points. I used to make money doing surveys, but I don’t have time for that anymore. :)

  • http://www.yesuwon.com Johannah B

    I use coupons to save at the store, and I occassionally do surveys, use mypoints or one of the others to save on online purchases, etc.

  • Jennifer Hiles

    Lately it’s been Swagbucks, Superpoints, sweepstakes and couponing!

  • Renski

    I use a different (from my facebook) email address to subscribe to newletters. Will this be a problem since I signed into rafflecopter via facebook?

  • http://www.mythirtyone.com/aor31 Kelly V

    I use coupons, participate in contract test studies, and am an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts.

  • Renski

    I enter contests to try to win money.

  • olga

    I have done a few surveys for money…but not much more than that….
    A little extra $$$ always comes in handy…

  • april yedinak

    I subscribe to your newsletter with an alt email: ape2016(at)aol(dot)com

    also, I save money with coupons, by repurposing and recycling everything

  • Cherie Mollohan

    I enter sweepstakes, giveaways and earn swagbucks.

  • valentin narvaez

    Woo hoo! Another cash give away, I hope I win!!

  • Dinah

    I sell just about anything I don’t need on eBay and Craigslist

  • Ricky M

    Digging the great tips on saving some $$, much appreciated! Keep up the good work.

  • Marlena Curley

    I make extra money doing surveys, swagbucks… and entering giveaways like this one :) Thanks!

  • Miha Dr

    Taking surveys:)

  • http://www.youwannaknowwhatithink.com Krista Ballard

    I sell used books on cash4books.net. Thanks!

  • Sandra Jensen

    love this! I sell books on ebay

  • Randy Pearson

    love reading it and passing info to my coworkers they love it to.

  • Tari Lawson

    I like to save up my change and then cash it in when I get a bunch.

  • kitblu

    I use Air Miles to buy things. I win points by using my bank account/credit card.

  • http://brokenwon.blogspot.com Wendy T

    My favorite way to make extra money is to babysit.

  • Ann F

    I like to have yard sales to make extra money

  • Annalisa Linder

    I like to do surveys, giveaways and swagbucks.

  • Sena S

    My fav way to make money is to sell stuff on ebay.

  • teresa

    I like to do focus groups and mystery shopping assignments.

  • Susan Decker

    I like to do sweeps

  • Coupon Lizzi

    I sell arts and crafts to make extra money!

  • lisa brown

    I earn extra money by selling things on eBay.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • Katherine

    My favorite way to make extra money is by taking surveys and getting paid from that

  • Tim

    Entering sweepstakes because of the excitement of winning.

  • Kristin

    Selling my kids clothes and toys when they grow out of them.

  • deb kovac

    I’m a stay at home mom and the only way I make money is for the wonderful giveaways that all you bloggers do. I would love to find some more ways to earn money,

  • nannypanpan

    having a tag sale
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  • Kim

    I use Inbox Dollars to make a little extra. It’s not much, but it adds up!

  • Jessica K

    I like to sell things on Ebay for extra cash

  • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com/2012/02/win-an-envelope-of-cash-from-thepennyhoarder-com Luna B

    I do sweepstakes for my extra money. Now if I could only win some time.LOL.

  • Jennifer Reda

    my favorite way of extra money is going to focus groups

  • clynsg

    I enter sweepstakes, and do reasonably well, usually in fairly small amounts at a time. They do add up though.

  • carole

    like to enter giveaways

  • http://anotherksrose.blogspot.com Amber Wilkerson

    My favorite way to make money is online & blogging, though I’ve only made $80 since June of last year, but it’s still great when it pays off :)

    Thanks for this chance!

  • Selma

    I do surveys or PTC :)

  • ashley s

    i love selling stuff online (kijiji, craigs list, etc)

  • Shani

    I love to enter give-aways!

  • barbara wright

    Swagbucks is my favorite way to get extra money!

  • Linda Taylor

    I sell a few things on ebay

  • Oksana

    My favorite way to make extra money is participating in giveaways!

    Thank you for the chance!


  • Valerie

    I make a little extra money by selling my stuff on craigslist, ebay, and related sites.

  • Doreen Riopel

    My fave way to earn extra money is to win at contests, I also can earn extra money by selling items.

  • Tan Nguyen

    Good Luck everyone!

  • http://ov099.wordpress.com Lois M.

    Hi! :) For me, lots of survey sites… lots and lots of surveys. LOL


  • Dovile

    I love entering online contests, but I’ve won only Amazon GCs so far, no money, but that’s cool too. I also take up translation jobs for a bit of extra money.

  • Maegan Morin

    My favorite way to make extra money is to do surveys and join focus groups! :D

  • gibberish (Julie G.)

    I do a mixture of couponing, surveys & Swagbucks for extra cash.

  • http://www.wyominggirlcoastiewife.com **Nicole**

    My favorite way to bring in extra $$ is blogging and social media :)

  • http://thecosmicbean.tumblr.com Anjelie Dawn

    Online jobs, blogging and social media to earn!

  • angie

    I use survey sites.

  • Lulu

    I earn extra money in giveaways and surveys

  • marci h

    By doing housecleaning :)

  • Deb Hornick Gotham

    Using coupons,entering giveaways,surveys,and other programs like Swagbucks is how I earn money. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!!

  • Megan Blumenthal

    Selling stuff I don’t need

  • Ashley

    Lesssgooo :)

  • Coffee

    Now you’re giving away money??? How much more awesome can you get?? lol

    • The Penny Hoarder

      lol. :) Thanks!

  • http://www.ohdearlife.com Cean

    My fav way to earn extra money is taking surveys online.

  • Robin Quick

    By doing surveys & selling on Ebay!

  • Laura Lane

    selling homemade cinnamon rolls

  • Brooke

    I teach voice lessons

  • http://youngprofessionalfinances.wordpress.com Young Professional Finances

    Selling old stuff I have that’s pilled up!

  • Laura


  • Paula

    Good for you! And thanks for sharing the wealth! Hope its me! :)

  • http://yhvhrules.blogspot.com Emily

    The last outside of the home job I held (before children) was my favorite way to make money. I was the frame shop manager of a Michaels store. What can I say, I love crafts and working with my hands…people too. :D

  • saida

    Couponing, using search engines like swagbucks and doing online surveys.

  • http://potatochipcats.blogspot.com/ Megan Cronin

    I use Superpoints to make some extra money, or sell things I win that I don’t want by the time I win them

  • Cassie

    taking surveys at myview

  • lisa lo

    Begging or borrowing or hoping to win a contest that is giving away money.

  • http://knsfinancial.com Sherrian Crumbley

    I do taste tests and focus group studies sometimes to make extra cash.

  • Denise mcdonuts

    I like to blog for cash enter giveaways etc

  • Jamie Brigham

    I love making extra money by helping friends- I babysit their kids

  • Elena

    My favorite way is to win giveaways

  • Missy Denton

    I just love money! Simple!

  • Krista U.

    my favorite is swagbucks.

  • Vicky Carlson

    I subscribed but with this email not Facebook email.

  • Vicky Carlson

    My favorite way to earn money is to enter and win sweepstakes and giveaways. It sure helps the budget when I’m lucky enough to win and gives me a little extra. :)

  • jara Christensen

    I would love this to pay bills!


  • Julie B.

    I enter contests online! ;)

  • Andrea Anderson

    I like to make extra money by entering contests and joining sites that give you rebates on things you purchase.

  • Arra Morta

    I sell food stuff:)

  • http://www.guideformoms.blogspot.com Amanda Taylor

    To win it of course!

  • Jackie Morris

    The way I make extra money is by making handmade soaps and bath products and selling them in my store on Etsy. I also sell clothes on Ebay. I have also sold my kids’ clothes to the Totswap.

  • Anne H.

    I use eBay a lot.

  • Nancy Nerem

    $130 is nothing to sneeze at these days. ..that running money for groceries for two weeks.

  • Ann McD

    I make money by sweepstaking lol

  • Wienna

    I liek to earn extra money by joining contests and selling DIY items :)

  • R Hicks

    I have a christmas fund account set up that takes money out of my pay check automatically. No more sweating when it comes to buying gifts in December

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  • http://glimpseofnormal.blogspot.com Cassandra Holdeman

    I make money completing surveys.

  • Kat Sillick

    I make money posting items on online garage sales

  • Patricia Edwards

    I enjoy making money by being a Social Worker with the elderly clients I help.

  • Amy

    I make extra money using Swagbucks and Mypoints. I’ve seen something called Superpoints mentioned. I have to check it out.

  • http://mybigsistersdiary.blogspot.com Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero

    I join online contests at Facebook & Twitter.

  • mindy t

    completing surveys and searching on swagbucks!

  • paula

    I buy my household items from auctions-saves big $$$

  • Kim

    Consignment sales!

  • Dawn Valentine

    I like to make extra money by writing craft patterns.

  • http://www.missacidic.blogspot.com itin

    My favorite way to make extra bucks is by joining crowdsourcing sites that pay me to the easiest jobs like naming thingamajigs and whatnot.

  • http://itsblogworthy.com Amanda Austin

    I make a little money freelance writing! But this cash would go toward my camera lens :)

  • Mitchyweech

    I’m joining online contest and answering surveys and paid to click.. and sometimes writing articles..^^

  • Sarah Tilley

    I love entering giveaways, doing superpoints and selling items on the side.

  • http://www.jewelry4change.blogspot.com Jan Messali

    My favorite way to make extra money is by tutoring students.
    janmessali (at) gmail (dot) com

  • chaya bunny

    My favorite way to make money is by creating art. :)

  • http://www.365changesofme.com Erin

    I don’t make extra money … that is why I came to your site ;) Hopefully I will be soon though :)

  • amanda glover


  • Ann*

    selling unwanted things on craigslist

  • http://www.investin2012.org Rick @ Invest In 2012

    Wow! Looks like this giveaway is coming along really well!

  • rebecca


  • Allie L.

    I like making money through survey sites/research studies.

  • Michelle Tucker

    My favorite way to make a little extra is sweepstaking and entering giveaways.

  • Karen

    My favorite way to make a little extra is by entering contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. I also paint.

  • Tina

    My favorite way is to use InboxDollars. It is quick and easy and getting in a check in the mail is great.

  • Paula Tavernie

    I collect allumminum cans!

  • http://reviewsbycole.com cole

    I love to make extra money by blogging

  • Maya

    Selling the stuff I don’t need , but someone does :)

  • http://loveandmarriagblog.com Liz

    Wow, how generous. :)

  • Melissa Valencia

    garage sales

  • Robyn Galloway

    Different online websites (super points, Toluna) and Doing in home child care so I can stay home with my son!

  • Patricia Treskovich

    sell something I no longer need to make money

  • Jannie Bryant

    I like bookkeeping for people and businesses.

  • Cory

    Pretty much doing whatever i can find to do.

  • Shirley

    Using a reward credit card.

  • McKim

    I provide notary services for mortgage loan closings.

  • http://pregnantkatiesmom.blogspot.com/ Susan Chester

    I play online poker for fun and profit.

  • http://momayes.blogspot.com Maye Domencil

    my favorite way to earn extra money is to write articles and join online giveaways. thanks.

  • Angela Mi

    I make extra money contesting and applying for freebies.

  • Krystle


  • Dottie Prater

    I enjoy having yard sales to make money. It cleans out the house and gets rid of clothing that no longer fits. My grandchildren love to help, and are always willing to add things to get rid of.

  • http://www.by-abby.blogspot.com Abby

    I try to sell my unwanteds online , as much as I can

  • Cathy V

    I enter contests and follow advice from various sources ie: blogs like yours :)

  • Lori

    yard sales in the summer!

  • Kathie L

    entering sweepstakes!

  • http://countryblossom.blogspot.com Katy M. A.

    I don’t really earn extra money….but I do like to use swagbucks to earn amazon gift cards. :)

  • Jamie Brigham
  • Mindy S

    This blog is a great find! I look forward to learning a lot from you.

  • Mindy S

    I make extra money by babysitting and doing online surveys.

  • Jessica

    I do focus groups.

  • Kathleen Iaci

    My favorite way to make extra money is sweeps!

  • Amy

    I run a small photography business when I’m out of school. It gives me a little extra cash!

  • evans s

    I enter as many sweeps as possible to make extra money

  • diane

    I really want to win

  • meredith

    i enter contests and take care of babies!

  • http://savvygirl65.wordpress.com Sherri Jackson

    I sell books on ebay.

  • http://plainljayne.blogspot.com/ Laura P

    I like to do online surveys for a few extra bucks.

  • http://www.aggcalifornia.com Lauren Ayer

    My favorite way to make extra money is to sell my crafts at the craft fair!

  • Debbie C

    I don’t have a favorite way, they’re all a chore. I used to like selling on eBay but with the fee increases, it’s become pretty useless, unfortunately.

  • Georgia

    I make extra money just entering all the blog contest. Love it!

  • Debra Durkin

    I like to win contests for extra money !

  • Daniel M

    i do ebay!

  • desiree grubbs

    by selling old items that i dont need or use anymore.

  • Melissa Morris

    I make extra money completing surveys on Brand Institute. I’m in the medical field and I love giving my input on new medications being developed!!

  • Tracy Awalt Juliano

    I belong to a survey company that pays me $3 for each survey I take. I easily make $30 a month. I won’t get rich that way, but it’s like finding $30 in a parking lot. Easy money!

  • Brettta

    I make extra money selling on Ebay, Crigslist and now facebook has a “For sale” area for our city. Haven’t tried the for sale site but plan to. I also invest in real estate. 99Designs is a great website for Graphic Designs Contstet (My hubbie won 2 for $200 each in first mo). I also take stuff to cosignment stores. I’m writing an EBook now and will let you know how that venture goes.

  • Stacy

    I enter lots of contests online, especially on blogs

  • tallcapp

    My favorite way to make extra money is to work part time!

  • richelle bowers

    I make extra money by selling what i don’t want or need anymore

  • Michelle

    I love to make extra money by going grocery shopping for busy people in my community.
    I just pick a day to go, let them know and next thing I know, I have more shopping to do and more money to do it with.

    • The Penny Hoarder

      Very cool.

  • tung ton

    surveys add extra cash !!!!!

  • Kasee Johnson

    I love to sell things that we’re not using anymore. My husband repossesses cars, and when people don’t come get the stuff that they left in their cars, we get to sell it. Bonus money!

  • Renee Drobek

    I’m a hairstylist and love my job, so that’s my favorite way. :) Making people feel good about themselves.

  • April bever

    I make extra money by having my own website (aside from entering your givaway) called agift inbottle.com ( a gift in a bottle .com) its were i put home made itmes, kids stuff, and candy in a bottle and i ship it just like that!.


  • Debbie R

    Ebates and what I get out of the bottom of the washing machine.

  • Sarah L

    Taking surveys.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Betty C

    My favorite way to make extra money is entering contests, but that hasn’t done so well recently.

  • Lubaska

    My extra money are made by proof readings during weekends.

  • Anthony S.

    My favorite way to make money is to do surveys and offers on the internet from legit sites that pay.

  • Robyn Norris

    I enter sweeps online!

  • kyona

    I sell on Ebay


  • Wanda P

    I do surveys and enter contests

  • Katharina

    My favorite way to make extra money is by writing articles.
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Lisa Garner

    I like to make extra money by doing surveys and reward point sites.
    Subscribed with email lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  • http://www.fotomacro.etsy.com angie lilly aka tofu fairy on fb

    My favorite way to make extra money is by entering and winning giveaways like this as well as using TONS of coupons!

  • Laura Lambie

    my favorite way to make extra money is to enter contests online

  • Ann Knapp

    could pay for a nice dinner out

  • Jaime

    I make extra money by entering contests & this one website you can earn money off of my doing surveys & such.

  • Denise L

    I live in MO, so I can take part in liquor and beer rebates without actually buying the alcohol. I get a check for buying groceries I would’ve bought anyway!

  • Shannon

    my favorite way is to win it

  • laurie

    i’m disabled and dont have a way to earn extra money, wish i did

  • Beverly M

    Great giveaway! I make a little extra money from selling things on ebay. I signed up for your e-mails too. Thanks for having the contest!

  • reeva

    extra money doing surveys

  • Austin Baroudi

    Online contests and monetization on my youtube account.

  • http://www.atthemapletable.com Terri

    i sew things, quilts, linens, stuffed animals…

  • David Pendang


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