Know Your Town Better Than Anyone? Yelp is Hiring Ambassadors in 9 Cities

Updated August 19, 2016
by Susan Shain
Senior Writer
Yelp careers

Whoa, just came across a super fun job for anyone who loves their hometown!

Yelp is looking for community ambassadors in nine cities across the country (and several more internationally).

You’ll work flexible hours in this part-time role, hosting events and acting as the voice of Yelp in your community.

If that sounds like your dream job, keep reading…

How to Become a Yelp Community Ambassador

Want to rep Yelp in your hood?

The massively popular online review company is hiring in nine cities, including Santa Barbara, California; Gainesville, Florida; South Bend, Indiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Columbia, Missouri; Eugene and Bend, Oregon; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Galveston County, Texas.

If you live in (and love!) one of the above locations, and are the “go-to person” for restaurant and activity recommendations, then this job might be for you.

As a community ambassador, you’ll host events, partner with local organizations and act as the voice of Yelp in your local community.

You’ll need to be a “social connector,” who’s “passionate about event planning, social networking, guerrilla marketing and PR.” You also need excellent writing and time-management skills.

The program lasts for one year, during which you’ll work 10-15 hours per week from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. You must be over the age of 21 and also have reliable transportation.

To apply, find your city’s listing on the company’s career page and submit a cover letter, resume and link to your Yelp profile.

For social butterflies, I can’t think of a better job. Honestly, I’m sad there aren’t any openings in St. Petersburg!

Your Turn: Have you considered any Yelp careers?

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by Susan Shain
Contributor for The Penny Hoarder

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