Here’s Where This Financial Planner Keeps Her Money (Hint: Not a Big Bank)

Denisa Petricko prepares for a yoga session in Encinitas, Calif
Denisa Petricko prepares for a yoga session in Encinitas, Calif., Feb 28, 2018. Peggy Peattie for The Penny Hoarder
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After becoming a financial planner in 2017, Denisa Petricko took a closer look at her own finances.

“After looking at the breakdowns of how my money was being handled by a larger bank, I realized that I had large sums just sitting in an account accumulating interest — but not for me,” she says in an email. “It was for the banks themselves.”

Then, she stumbled upon an article about the Aspiration Account.

When she read the online account would collect 1% in interest — for her to keep — she was sold.

The Perks of Opening an Account With Aspiration

This online-only account comes with a debit card, so you can easily access your money when you need it. Here’s what else you get:

  • As we mentioned in our Aspiration review, Aspiration is a do-good company, focusing on what’s best for you and the planet. You can even track the impact of your spending based on the retailers you frequent.
  • It allows you to choose what you pay each month — even if that’s $0. Additionally, there are no sneaky fees. There’s no minimum balance and no minimum monthly deposit. Plus, you can open an account with just $10.
  • You can travel without facing insane ATM fees. In fact, ATM fees across the world are 100% refundable. Aspiration automatically reimburses you a couple of days after you’re charged.
  • Aspiration has an easy-to-use app and website, making it accessible everywhere there’s cell phone or internet service.
  • It offers investment options, including its Redwood Fund and Flagship IRA accounts.

With her old bank, Petricko was lucky to earn 8 cents a month on a $10,000 balance. Now, Aspiration’s high-yield account slides $5 to $10 into her account each month, thanks to those interest rates.

Interested in learning more about the online-only  account? Head over to Aspiration.