This Company Will Give You $100 for Opening a Free Account

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Sure, many banks offer sign-up bonuses throughout the year, but they often require you to jump through hoops with minimum requirements that feel impossible to hit.

Oh, and if you don’t meet another set of requirements? You’ll get slapped with a monthly maintenance fee. Honestly, at that point? Forget the cash bonus.

Instead of getting wrapped up into that mess, we found an account that makes snagging a $100  bonus super easy.

Here’s how you can be $100 richer this summer just for opening an Aspiration Spend and Save account.

How to Get a $100 Bonus When You Open This Account

We love this account because of the perks, including up to 2.00% annual percentage yield (APY) on your savings, 0.5% cash back on purchases with your debit card* and reimbursement for ATM fees.

Plus, Aspiration works on a pay-what-is-fair model. You choose to set a monthly tip up to $20 or as low as $0, and you can change it anytime, so you don’t have to worry about those sneaky fees. (Additional services are provided at cost.**)

Follow these simple steps to add a $100 bonus to your new account:

  1. Open your Aspiration Spend & Save Account by July 31, 2019.
  2. Set up and receive a direct deposit (minimum $10) from your paycheck or government benefits by Sept. 30, 2019.
  3. You’re good to go! Keep your eyes peeled for that $100, which will appear in your account by Oct. 19, 2019.

Note: This bonus is not advertised on Aspiration’s website but available to The Penny Hoarder readers who use this special link.

Now, happy spending — or saving! Luckily, it’s easy to do both with your new account.

Have questions? Reach out to Aspiration's customer support team at 800-683-8529. It's available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Offer Terms and Conditions:

Offer is only valid for new Aspiration customers. Account must be  created via the link in this advertisement. Customer must complete the following activities: (1) Between 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time July 1, 2019 and 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time July 31, 2019, open and fund an Aspiration Spend & Save Account with a deposit of $10 or more, and (2) by 11:59 Pacific Time on Sept. 30, 2019, set up and make an electronic direct deposit of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government. Allow up to Oct. 19, 2019 for the offer credit to post to your Aspiration Spend & Save Account. Aspiration Spend & Save Account must be open and in good standing, in the sole determination of Aspiration, through the date of the credit. All applicable account terms, fees, and charges are subject to change. This offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice.

Additional information:

*Customers will earn cash back on all debit card purchases. Customers may also earn additional cash back for purchases made at selected merchants. Cash back percentages are subject to change at any time without notice. Cash back will be credited to customer’s Aspiration Spend Account once at the end of each calendar month. Aspiration reserves the right to reverse cash back transactions under certain circumstances and the right to terminate a customer’s cash back feature for any abuse of the feature. This cash back reward program is subject to change by Aspiration at any time without notice.

**Aspiration Partners, Inc. and its affiliates are committed to “All Extra Services Provided at Cost,” meaning that we’ll only charge you what it costs us to provide the extra service, and not a penny more. Besides these at-cost service charges, the only account fee you pay is the fee you choose, even if it’s $0, which is why we call it Pay What Is Fair. For a schedule of charges click here.The Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”) associated with the Aspiration Spend & Save Account is variable and accurate as of May 7, 2019. Rates may be changed from time to time without notice. To earn 2.00% APY on Aspiration Save Account balances in any calendar month, a deposit of at least $1 in that calendar month into any Aspiration cash management account or investment account, or a single end of day Aspiration Save Account balance of $10,000 or more during the calendar month is required. If neither of these is met, the APY will be 0.00% for that calendar month. Minimum deposit required to open an Aspiration Save Account is $10.00. Pay What Is Fair fees debited directly from the Aspiration Save Account could reduce earnings.

Carson Kohler is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s been happily banking with Aspiration for more than two years now.