American Express Rewards Members: Get a Free $25 to Spend on Amazon

AMEX Amazon deal
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If you’re a member of American Express Membership Rewards, the ability to spend your points on Amazon isn’t new.

For every one point you redeem, you get 1 cent off your purchase. Which isn’t much, really.

But for a limited time, you can get $25 off your next Amazon purchase of $50 or more.

This is a targeted promotion, so it won’t apply to everyone, but it’s definitely worth checking if it can help you cross off your holiday shopping list for less!

Find Out If You’re Eligible for This Awesome AmEx Amazon Deal

Make sure your AmEx card is eligible for American Express Membership Rewards, and that you’re enrolled. Then, follow these super easy steps.

1. Link your American Express card to your Amazon account.

It’s not as hard as it sounds; Amazon walks you through the process. If you’re still confused, there’s a whole list of frequently asked questions to scroll through.

2. Shop, shop, shop!

Fill up your shopping cart with at least $50 of goods sold by, not a private dealer.

If you’re not sure what to get, you can always opt for a $50 gift card.

3. Check out.

Once you get to the payment page, select your AMEX membership rewards cards, then enter the number of points you’d like to put toward your purchase.

You only need to put in one point for the promotion to apply, which is what Jennifer at Deals We Like recommends.

When you get to the checkout page, use the promo code AMEX16EVER. If you’re not part of the targeted promotion, you’ll get a message letting you know you’re inelgible.

But if it works, you’ll see a $25 discount on your order.

Our director of media relations, Lizabeth Cole, tried the deal with her American Express rewards card. She was stoked it applied and says she’ll likely use it toward Legos.

What to Do If You’re Not Eligible

Don’t give up just yet.

Jennifer at Deals We Like recommends asking Amazon’s customer service about the offer, and she explains exactly how to do so (just make sure to use the right promo code for this offer).

If you’re lucky, a nice agent just might apply the deal to your card!

Your Turn: What are you adding to your shopping cart?

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