Amazon Digital Day Is the Perfect Excuse for Binge-Watching (Today Only!)

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Alexandra Vincent/The Penny Hoarder
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It’s a digital world.

We stream our movies. We binge-watch entire seasons of our favorite TV shows. Our music and even many of our books come to use through the magic of the digital world.

And that’s great, especially since no one wants to go outside right now.

What’s even better is that today (and today only!) Amazon is having a mega-sale on all things digital.

Check Out These Digital Day Deals on Amazon

Thanks to Amazon’s annual Digital Day sale, there are sweet discounts and even free items available for the taking. What are some of the best deals? Check these out.


Full seasons of cool TV shows like “Mad Men” or “Orange Is the New Black” are available for just $4.99. Sure, you can also find them on Netflix, but some things are so good you just want to own them.

Or, if you’re into movies, blockbusters like “Wonder Woman” and “War for the Planet of the Apes” are at least 50% off their regular prices.


If you’ve been waiting to load up on some new video games, Digital Day has them. “NBA 2K18” is 33% off, and “Civilization VI” is 50% off the regular price. Be sure to check for the right format because PC games seem to be the most heavily discounted.

Stuff for Under $1

Amazon even has a page dedicated to digital deals under $1. You can sign up for Amazon music and get three months for just 99 cents. The dollar deals include graphic novels, books and a lot of games that are geared toward kids.

If you’ve been thinking about trying out Amazon’s audiobook service, Audible, now’s your chance. Thanks to Digital Day, you can get three free books when you sign up for your free trial instead of just one.

There are too many deals out there to list here, but if you’re into streaming, looking for new programs or ready to tackle a different game, it’s worth a look. The deals are legit, and in most of the country it’s too flippin’ cold to go outside anyway. Load up!

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