That Annoying Shipping Delay Might Just Save You Money. Here’s How

Amazon prime benefit
Stephen Woods under Creative Commons
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Talk about frustrating: You shell out $99 for a year of Amazon Prime, specifically looking forward to its sweetest perk — free, fast shipping.

And then, a package is delayed.

And then another one. In Prime user Jason Jepson’s case, it happened 13 times.

I mean, it’s kind of a first world problem… but $99 is nothing to sneeze at. Why’d you pay for Prime in the first place if your packages are always going to come late?

Luckily, it turns out you might be eligible for some compensation if you’ve experienced this blood-pressure-raising scenario.

Specifically, Amazon will put its money where its mouth is… by offering you a free month of Prime.

The Amazon Prime Benefit for Delayed Shipping

Shipping delays are a fact of life.

Trucks break down, employees get sick and warehouses get too busy to keep up with demand.

Sometimes, we even cause shipping delays ourselves — we miss the UPS guy’s knock or change our form of payment too late in the game.

But if your package isn’t delivered by the “guaranteed delivery date” — and it’s not your fault — you may be eligible for a free month of Prime.

“If for some reason our delivery promise hasn’t been met, customers can call or email and we can extend them an extra month of Prime membership,” Amazon’s Julie Law confirmed to Time Money.

Bargain-hunting site DealNews tested the policy — and successfully requested the free month twice in a single year.

In keeping with the fine print, you’re eligible for up to 12 extensions if you keep experiencing multiple delays.

You might receive another form of compensation instead, like free expedited shipping on a future order — or a credit, which may be worth more than Prime’s monthly $8.25 value.

But don’t think you can ring up Amazon today and score a freebie if you haven’t actually had any shipping problems.

“We don’t allow people to abuse [the policy],” Law says.

And sorry, students: The policy doesn’t apply to your free membership.

Your Turn: Have you experienced delayed shipping after paying for Amazon Prime?

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