This Deal Could Actually Pay You to Shop Online During Columbus Day Weekend

Shoppers make their way through a mall on Black Friday on Nov. 25, 2016.
Sharon Steinmann /The Penny Hoarder

Columbus Day is Monday, Oct. 9. So what does that mean?

If, like us, you need a refresher, Google tells us the holiday celebrates Christopher Columbus hitting the New World. Remember? In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It happened October 12.

The day is honored as a federal holiday, which means federal workers get the day off.

In retail, it means there’ll be sales all weekend.

Shop Through Ebates for Columbus Day Deals

In addition to cashing out on in-store sales, you can also earn money back on your purchases when you shop through Ebates, a cash-back website.

And guess what? The online platform is offering double cash back on Columbus Day. For example, you can get cash-back deals at the following retailers:

  • 8% at Toms
  • Up to 6% at
  • 6% at Kohl’s
  • 6% at Macy’s
  • 6% at PetSmart
  • 4% at Overstock
  • 4% at Loft
  • 4% at the Disney Store.

These are only a few retailers. To check out the full list, head on over to the Ebates portal.

How to Get Started With Ebates

Signing up for Ebates is a cinch.

Once you’re on the site, create an account, which you can do so easily when you sign up with Facebook. You’ll also need to select if you want the $10 Walmart gift card as a welcome bonus or the $10 Ebates cash bonus. (!!!)

Once you’re in, find the store you want to shop and the corresponding deal, then click “Shop Now.”

Ebates will redirect you to the retailer’s site. Go on your merry way, and add what you need to your cart. When you check out, Ebates will register the purchase and boom — cash back.

Once you earn at least $5 back, Ebates automatically sends you a “big fat check” or a PayPal payment each quarter.

Happy Columbus Day, y’all!

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s feeling way too tempted to buy some Toms shoes right now…

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