5 Ways to Save Money on Name-Brand Jeans (Because Nothing Else Fits Right)

Stack of denim jeans on the table
Alexandra Vincent/The Penny Hoarder

Finding jeans that actually fit is a lifelong endeavor.

For me, they either cut into my hips, sit crooked on my booty, stop halfway down my shins, or illuminate every single thigh dimple.

No bueno.

So when I find a good pair of jeans, I treat them like a good friend: I hold on tight and never let go.

It took me years, but I finally found “my” brand in “my” size. But the thing is, I cringe each time I have to order a new pair. So pricy.

If you’re sick of paying too much money for your name-brand jeans — BECAUSE WOMEN COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, RETAILERS — then take note of these money-saving tips.

1. Get up to 70% off on a Flash-Sale Site

Favoring name-brand clothes doesn’t mean you can only order them from the brand’s site. Chances are, you’ll find better prices if you go elsewhere.

First, check the flash-sale site Rue La La. It offers top brands for up to 70% off. How? When retailers have excess product, Rue La La takes it and sells it at a hefty discount — but each sale is only available for a limited time.

To find your favorite pair of jeans, sign up for free with your email address. (It’s an exclusive site — discounts are for members only.) Then search by your favorite brand, or browse the boutiques to see what’s available.

A recent search revealed a $225 pair of AG Jeans for $49.99. And a $205 pair of Hudson jeans was marked down $55.99.

Rue La La has more than just jeans, too — you can find clothing, footwear, accessories and even menswear.

2. Call in Backup and Perform a Quick Price Check

Now that you’ve got a good baseline to work from, start comparing prices.

A number of apps, extensions and add-ons compare prices on an item from various retailers, but I’ve found the best (and easiest) tool is Google.

Search the brand of jean and style. Select “Shopping” from the top toolbar. There, Google has hunted down the locations of your favorite jeans. Sort by price, low to high.

Don’t forget to take shipping costs into consideration. And if you’re trying a new size or style, study the retailer’s return policy.

3. Check out Secondhand Sites (Or Venture out, If You Dare)

Michaela Estes uses the ThreadUp app on her phone while sitting on the couch
Alexandra Vincent/The Penny Hoarder

Don’t forget about your secondhand options. Penny Hoarder Lisa Rowan, our thrifting pro, suggests perusing Ebay, Poshmark and Thredup.

And here’s a pro tip: Thredup allows you to save searches. For example, if you’re looking for Lucky Brand Jeans in size 12, save your search. You’ll receive an email if an item meeting your criteria is listed.

If you’re willing to venture to the store — or stores — check your local T.J.Maxx, Goodwill and Plato’s Closet. You can find some gems… if you’re willing to embark on a treasure hunt.

4. Keep an Eye on the Item’s Price — Even After You Buy

You know how some retailers have price-match policies? If you buy something, and its price drops within a set number of days of purchase, you can receive a refund of the difference.

The same thing goes if you’re shopping online.

The only problem? None of us have time to check whether prices have dropped on our purchases.

That’s why Paribus is handy.

It scans your email archives for receipts. If it discovers you’ve purchased something from one of its more than 25 monitored retailers, it tracks the item’s price. If Paribus notices the price went down, it alerts you and tells you how to easily claim a refund.

Among those monitored retailers are Macy’s, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Gap and Anthropologie.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up using the links we provide.

5. Take Care of the Precious Cargo (Pants)

Michaela Estes pre-treats her denim jeans before putting them in the wash.
Alexandra Vincent/The Penny Hoarder

My final tip is to take care of your jeans.

Before your first wear, Rowan, also a laundry aficionado, suggests prepping your jeans. Soak them in a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar for about 30 minutes. Rinse them with cold water by hand, then let them air dry. This will help prevent the color from bleeding and fading too quickly.

For subsequent washes, Rowan says to wash them with similar items, on cold. And flip them inside out. Hang them out to dry to avoid shrinkage.

Remember, you can always wear your jeans more than once before washing — unless you had a particularly sweaty day.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She sprays her jeans down with Febreze fabric refresher between each wear so her co-workers don’t hate her.

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