We Just Found Out These 3 Restaurants Give Out Free Pie Every Wednesday

national pie day
Brent Hofacker

National Pie Day is nothing more than a few crumbs of a memory at this point.

And it won’t be back until next January. So, unless you get lucky on March 14 (that’s 3/14 for you mathemagicians), you’ll be paying per slice for the next 11 long, pie-less months.

Just kidding: These three restaurants give away free pie every Wednesday.

Not a bad way to celebrate Hump Day!

Where to Get Free Pie

Village Inn, Bakers Square and O’Charley’s serve up a free slice of pie with the purchase of any menu item or entree every Wednesday.

Village Inn offers slices of double-crust fruit, white chocolate cherry dream, French apple or lemon meringue pies.

At Bakers Square, choose from options like French silk, cherry supreme or Oreo cookie crunch.

O’Charley’s offers southern favorites such as double-crust peach and southern pecan.

They’re all part of the same restaurant family, but they’re not all available in every state. In fact, there isn’t one state where you can find all three.

However, if you play your cards right (and live in Illinois, Iowa or Minnesota), you might get to enjoy two slices the same day at Village Inn and Bakers Square.

Check your area for the locations nearest you.

How to Get Free Pie

You have to dine in to get your free slice, and you have to purchase one menu item. Just think of it as dinner with a free dessert!

No coupon is necessary, and you can only get one slice per person, per visit.

Remember, this deal is valid every Wednesday, so try a different flavor each week!

Your turn: Did you get free pie? And which kind did you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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