Holy Moly. Serve/AMEX is Now Giving Away $20 for FREE!

Serve American Express

Wow – I guess they’re really gunning for Paypal’s market share….

I’ve written about Serve’s bonuses a few times now (here and here) and long ago I received and happily spent my free $10. Well, it looks like they’ve upped the bonus to $20 now!

And if you’ve already gotten a $10 bonus, you might be eligible for another $10 bonus.

Here’s how it works:

First $10 Bonus – If you haven’t created a Serve account yet, you’ll need to do so. It’s just an name, email address, etc. Although for security purposes you do have to give the last 4 digits of your SSN (there’s no credit check involved). Within a couple of hours, Serve will send you an email with instructions on how to claim your $10 sign up bonus.

Additional $10 Bonus – Serve has brought back their online Money Mover Game and they’re offering a $10 bonus for account holders if you get a trivia question right. The game is pretty easy and you really can’t lose, because they’ll let you keep answering questions until you get one right.

Once you’ve answered a question, they’ll send you a code so you can add another $10 to your account, for a total of $20 FREE bucks! (It can take up to 72 hours to get this code, so be patient.)

Unfortunately, if you got the Money Mover bonus when it was offered a couple of months ago, you aren’t eligible to play again. 🙁

After you claim your bonuses, you can ask AMEX/Serve to send you a check, an AMEX debit card, or you can ACH transfer it to your regular bank account. Pretty easy.


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