Ravens’ DNA Test Giveaway on Sunday Is the Weirdest NFL Game Freebie Ever

man and woman wearing purple wigs in the stands as they watch a NFL football game between the Ravens and the Buffalo Bills
A Baltimore Ravens fan watches a preseason NFL football game between the Ravens and the Buffalo Bills, Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017, in Baltimore. Nick Wass/AP Photo

Once upon a time, the Baltimore Ravens were the Cleveland Browns.

On Feb. 3, 2013, the Ravens, led by coach Jim Harbaugh, played against the John Harbaugh-led San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. The two were brothers — and they look a lot alike.

So you’ll have to forgive Ravens fans if they have a bit of identity confusion.

Luckily for fans headed to the game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Sunday, Sept. 17, the Ravens will help them out with a free DNA test kit.

How the DNA Test Kit Works

The process will be simple for fans. As you enter the stadium, you’ll get an Orig3n DNA test kit. Then you simply swab the inside of your mouth and drop the sample into one of the Orig3n bins in the stadium.

The test will break down information on four different genes. The test promises to provide insights into your language ability, vitamin D absorption, muscle force and sugar-induced aging.

Test results will come to each fan securely through a smartphone app.

Some skeptics warn fans not to read too much into the DNA test. For instance, if it says you have remarkable muscle force in your DNA, it doesn’t mean you should try out for the Ravens next summer. (The Browns, maybe.)

Orig3n does offer more extensive DNA tests, which range from $29 up to $149, for those who want to learn more about their genetic makeup.

Who Are You, Really?

The Orig3n DNA test giveaway is one of the more innovative game day promotions we’ve seen. Who really needs another bobblehead or T-shirt that will only fit a tiny, tiny person? It’s fun. It’s interesting. It should be harmless.

If it comes back and says you’re really a Browns fan, then you can worry.

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