4 Solar Eclipse Deals and Specials to Commemorate Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

Annular eclipse over Rocky Mountains
David Zalubowski/AP Photo

So apparently there’s a solar eclipse coming soon. Who knew?

Oh yeah, everybody.

If you don’t have your solar eclipse viewing glasses yet, you still have a little time to get a pair. Or if you prefer, make a pinhole projector from stuff you have around the house.

People are seriously excited about this cosmic event for good reason. It’s bringing out all sorts of cool, fun and goofy sales! Here are four solar eclipse specials and deals that will have you celebrating in style.

1. U.S. Postage Stamps

Uncle Sam loves to cash in on momentous events with commemorative stamps, but he may have outdone himself this time. The special Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever Stamps sell for the normal 49 cents apiece and may be the coolest U.S. postage stamp ever.

Using thermochromic ink, these stamps react to your body heat. Hold your thumb on the black spot on the stamp, and it reveals an image of the moon. Once the stamp cools, the black spot covers the moon again. How cool is that? You can have a functioning eclipse on every letter you send!

By the way, thanks to Uncle Sam for giving the stamp that name. I’ll have Bonnie Tyler in my head for the rest of the day.

2. Krispy Kreme Eclipse Donuts

If there is something going on, you know Krispy Kreme will throw its hat in the ring. The solar eclipse is no exception.

Introducing the Krispy Kreme Eclipse Donut.

“For the first time, Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed® Doughnuts will be eclipsed by a mouth watering chocolate glaze to coincide with the solar eclipse Monday, Aug. 21 at participating US/CAN shops. Guests also can get an early taste of this limited-time doughnut during evening Hot Light™ hours Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 19-20.

So yeah, it’s basically a chocolate-covered donut, but it’s probably pretty delicious. Why not?

3. Denny’s

Why have pancakes when you can have “mooncakes” as a celebratory breakfast in honor of the eclipse? On Aug. 21, Denny’s is offering all-you-can-eat mooncakes for just $4. What’s a mooncake? It’s a buttermilk pancake shaped like the moon.

Is this an awesome deal? No, not really. You can get $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes any day at Denny’s, but why not have a little fun with it on the special day? No coupons or codes needed. Just show up and ask for a stack of mooncakes.

4. Schlafly Beer

I saved the best for last. Schlafly Beer in St. Louis is ready to get into the eclipse party mode with a fun-filled field trip.

For $45, guests will get:

  • Bus transportation to and from Dew Drop Inn in Bloomsdale, Missouri
  • Beer on the bus and at the event
  • Barbecue lunch
  • Lawn games
  • Live music
  • Commemorative eclipse-viewing glasses

That’s a pretty sweet deal. Hop on a bus, drink some brews and go to a prime spot for viewing the eclipse with a busload of your soon-to-be closest friends.

Regardless of where you’ll be when the eclipse happens, you’ll have no shortage of companies hoping to cash in on this major event. Find the best deals, and have fun with it.

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.

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