Here’s Why You Should Camp Out in Front of Your Computer This Thursday

steam winter sale
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Whether you’re a gamer yourself or just have a few left on your holiday shopping list, listen up!

The Steam winter sale is this Thursday, Dec. 22 — and if its other sales are any indication, the deals will be pretty darn good.

Why the Steam Winter Sale is Big News for Gamers

Steam is a desktop gaming platform and community with a huge selection of purchasable games to stream or download. It runs three big annual sales: summer, autumn and winter.

Of these, the winter sale is largely considered the best; Game Rant called last year’s event the “biggest PC game sale of the year.”

And while Steam has yet to release any information about specific games or their sale prices, it’s not afraid to discount new, popular titles.

For instance, this year’s autumn sale included “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” which Activision just released Nov. 4. Some titles were marked as much as 90% off.

With the recent release of the much-anticipated “Final Fantasy XV,” I know I’ll be logging on to Steam first thing Dec. 22 to see what’s available. The platform hosts tons of smaller, indie gamemakers’ creations, too — which are already pretty cheap, even at full price.

And if all of this is Greek to you, don’t be afraid to ask the gamer on your list if there’s a game they’ve been eying. Though it might lack the surprise of unstuffing a stocking, a longed-for game is an awesome interactive gift.

Bonus for procrastinating Christmas shoppers: All you have to wait for is the download time, so no need to worry about rush shipping or your present arriving too late for the holiday.  

That’s what we call a win!

Your Turn: What games do you think will be part of Steam’s 2016 Winter Sale?

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