Can’t Wait Until Monday to Go Trick-or-Treating? Visit Target on Saturday

Target halloween
Evan Gaines, 7, wears his new Halloween costume at a Target store in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Oct. 24, 2016. Sharon Steinmann/The Penny Hoarder

Want to go trick-or-treating early? Take your kids to Target for the Saturday Spooktacular.

Visit your local Target store from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m on Saturday, Oct. 29 — and don’t forget your costumes!

Children will receive bags to take to approximately four stations around the store, where Target employees will hand out a variety of goodies, including YumEarth Organic Lollipops, Annie’s Organic Fruit Tape, candy and temporary tattoos.

The event will not take place at Target Express stores, so make sure you’re at a regular Target.

Target halloween
Claire Sauter, 9, and her mother Amy Sauter react to Halloween decorations at aTarget store in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Oct. 24, 2016. Sharon Steinmann / The Penny Hoarder

There’s a Coupon, Too!

And if you’re still trying to figure out how to DIY the most complicated costume your child has ever requested (you want paws AND a tail? come on, kid), text “Halloween” to 827438.

Target will send you a coupon for $5 off a $30 purchase from its Halloween Shop. It’s good through Oct. 31!

Target stores are inviting kids in costumes to attend their Saturday Spooktacular from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016. Sharon Steinmann / The Penny Hoarder

Let’s face it: It’s almost inevitable that if you attend this family event, you’ll do some shopping at Target, too. Make sure to save as much as possible by bringing coupons for the items you want — and putting back products that you don’t really need!

Your Turn: Will you take your kids to the Halloween Spooktacular?

Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer at The Penny Hoarder.

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