We found another free $5…..

Update (May 15, 2012): It appears the details of the offer have changed and we no longer recommend AccountNow. The fees have gotten a bit out of hand and this is no longer a money maker. Additionally, if you’re in need of a prepaid card, there are cheaper options out there…

Here’s another easy way for us Penny Hoarders to get some free cash….

Alright, so I know $5 isn’t a lot of money, but this only takes a few seconds, so it seems worth it to me.

Plus, if you follow me to the end, I’ll show you how you can get an additional $25 for free.

Here’s how it works…

1.) Click HERE and open a free account with AccountNow. You’ve got to use the promo code “PennyHoard” when signing up in order to get the free cash.

2.) You will receive your AccountNow Visa debit card within 10-14 business days. Mine made it here in 3 days.

3.) Once you receive the card, simply log into AccountNow and activate it.

4.) In order to get the free cash, you need to load the card with a minimum of $10.00 using PayPal or a free ACH transfer from your bank.

5.) Once you load the $10.00, AccountNow will credit you with a $10 sign-up bonus.

So the catch in all this is that AccountNow charges a $4.95 activation charge, meaning you’re only going to walk away with $5 from this deal.

6.) When you’re ready to withdraw your money, my advice is to do it by ACH bank transfer. That’s the only free method of withdraw.

(If you use the Visa card at the store or the ATM, they will charge you another $1, which means you’re down to only $4 free bucks.)

At the moment this is ONLY for United States residents, 14 years or older.

If you’re interested in earning an extra $25, Account Now will give you an additional bonus if you make two direct deposits.

And it doesn’t necessarily need to be a paycheck. It could be a tax return, a social security check, unemployment, Medicare or something else. The two deposits just need to equal at least $500. Something to think about…

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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