7-Eleven’s Letting You Fill Almost Anything You Want With Slurpee for $1.50

August 17, 2016
by Jamie Cattanach

You’ll never guess who’s turning 50 this year.

He’s icy cold, but despite his age, he remains deliciously hard to resist. He does hang out at 7-Eleven more than you might like, however.

That’s right: It’s the 50th anniversary of the Slurpee.

And to celebrate, 7-Eleven is hosting a two-day-long Bring Your Own Cup Dayagain.

After a successful celebration in March, the company’s bringing back everyone’s favorite deal.

On Aug. 19 and 20 between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. local time, you can fill up your cup with delicious Slurpee goodness for just $1.50.

The best part of the deal? It doesn’t have to be a cup.

7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day

7-Eleven will honor the #BYOCUPDAY deal for almost any vessel you can reasonably imagine filling with a Slurpee. According to the rules, it just has to be:

  • able to fit through a 10-inch hole
  • food safe
  • watertight (duh?)
  • the only one you buy — the deal is only good for one “cup” per person.

That leaves a lot of leeway. Fishbowl? Check. One of your lucky sneakers? Not so much… but that couldn’t fit a lot of Slurpee, anyway.

Toasters are prohibited, but pineapples are totally cool.

So grab your favorite flower vase — or secretly flush your child’s goldfish (don’t really) — and hit your local 7-Eleven this weekend for a sweet treat on the cheap.

You might want to check your blood sugar afterwards, though.

Your Turn: What vessel will you fill with a delicious Slurpee on Bring Your Own Cup day?

Jamie Cattanach (@jamiecattanach) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She also writes other stuff, like wine reviews and poems.

by Jamie Cattanach
Contributor for The Penny Hoarder

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