Want Free Ice Cream From Cold Stone? Here’s the Scoop

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Imagine a world where people do nice things for one another just because they can.

OK, now imagine that same world, but with free ice cream.

That sounds like a world I want to live in. And this month, Cold Stone Creamery is making that world a reality.

In the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Day, which took place Feb. 17, Cold Stone Creamery is bringing back Random Acts of Cold Stone, a national campaign the chain started to show appreciation and promote goodwill in communities.

Over the next few weeks, the Random Acts of Cold Stone team will be traveling to not-yet-disclosed locations across the country to hand out free ice cream to its fans.

While the company has celebrated Random Acts of Cold Stone since 2015, new to the campaign this year is a cardboard cutout ice cream truck that is “powered by kindness.”

Cold Stone will post pictures of the truck to its social media pages to help fans identify where the team will be next.

Cold Stone will offer fans who find the team their choice of the chain’s Like It or Love It size of their favorite flavor while supplies last.

Fans will be able to pose with the truck and post photos to social media for a chance to win Cold Stone eGift Cards.

The Random Acts of Cold Stone team will also hand out gift cards for free ice cream to anyone they witness performing a random act of kindness — one to keep and one to pass along in a second random act of kindness. Spreadin’ the love!

Cold Stone Creamery tastemaster Maya Warren, who has a Ph.D. in food sciences and specializes in frozen aerated desserts, will make special appearances at several stops along the Random Acts of Cold Stone team tour. She works with the research and development team at Cold Stone’s HQ to create all the yummy flavors, which doesn’t sound like a bad gig.

All things considered (and by all things, I mean free ice cream and kindness), I think I’ll be tracking down the team and getting my free scoop.

Now go out and do something nice for someone!

Your Turn: What did you do to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Grace Schweizer is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She loves any excuse to celebrate!

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