This App May Soon Deliver Costco Groceries to Your Door — And You Don’t Have to Be a Member

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Costco is a beautiful thing; whether you’re married, single or even have fur babies instead of real babies, it can fulfill your needs while making the membership price worth it.

Buying in bulk can get tricky, though; managing to load up your car with giant boxes of toilet paper, cereal, beer and whatever else your heart desires is truly an art. I envy those who can manage to fit everything in their car on the first try.

Now, though, shopping at Costco is about to get way more convenient — and you won’t even have to leave your house (or play grocery jenga in your car!) to do it.

Costco Groceries Can Now Be Delivered

Thanks to Shipt, a grocery delivery app, Tampa residents can now have their Costco groceries delivered straight to their doorstep.

Costco paired up with the grocery delivery service to compete with the ever-growing online shopping industry,

The best part? You don’t have to be a Costco member to order the groceries through Shipt. If the rising cost of the wholesale retailer’s membership is still freaking you out, we hope that puts you at ease.

Shipt launched in Florida mid 2015, and as of now it’s only available in its native state. However, the service plans to expand nationwide by the end of the year.

According to CNBC, the grocery delivery service will be available in 50 markets and more than 30 million households by the end of 2017, meaning it’s likely that you’ll have the opportunity to have your Costco groceries delivered to you by the time you ring in 2018.

But Isn’t Grocery Delivery An Expensive Luxury?

For an annual fee of $99, Shipt members have access to an unlimited number of grocery deliveries that can be dropped off within an hour of them being ordered.

At first glance, that $99 annual fee can be a bit intimidating. You may be thinking of all of the other things you would rather spend nearly a hundred bucks on, but listen up: Grocery delivery services can actually save you money in the long run.

Since you’re not actually wandering around in the store, you will be less inclined to make impulse buys (you probably didn’t need those cookies) and you’ll know exactly how much money you’re spending before you head to the checkout section.

For more information of how grocery delivery services could save you money, check out our entire article on it here.

Your Turn: What do you think about Shipt now delivering groceries from Costco?

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