McDonald’s Free Ice Cream for Life Prize Is Way Better Than You Think

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

National Ice Cream Day will be extra sweet for one McDonald’s customer.

The fast-food chain has already announced it’ll offer free ice cream to everyone who uses its app on July 16 between 2 and 5 p.m., but there’s more. As a bonus, one lucky ice cream eater will win a “Golden Arches Cone” that entitles them to free McDonald’s soft serve for life.

No, You Won’t Actually Get Free Ice Cream Until You Die

If you are the lucky one to win the golden cone and the free ice cream for life, there’s something you should know: You won’t actually get all the free ice cream you can eat until the day you kick the bucket.

But you will probably get pretty close.

Your prize will be split between a McDonald’s Arch Card worth $312 and a check for $4,680.

This might not be what you expected when you read “free ice cream for life,” but I’d argue that this is even better. You can spend it one cone at a time for the next few years or use it on whatever you want.

There are few things better than free soft serve for life, and this cash prize is definitely one of them.

Want a Chance At the Golden Arches Cone? Here’s What You Do

The obvious downside is that only one person in all of America can win the prize, and you’re competing against customers at more than 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

However, only those who download the McDonald’s app and claim their free ice cream July 16 stand a chance to win the golden cone. If for some reason you needed another reason to eat free ice cream, there you go.

You should also know that this free ice cream deal will only be available in standalone McDonald’s stores. So skip the McDonald’s restaurants inside your local Walmart, food court, gas station or rest stop.

Desiree Stennett (@desi_stennett) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.

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