Free McDonald’s Fries and Ice Cream Are Just a Download Away With App

mcdonald's restaurant exterior
Photo courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald’s might not always be the healthiest choice, but there is no denying it’s a delicious one.

Right now, McDonald’s has a deal trifecta going on through its app. While indulging too often might make your jeans fit a little tighter, at least your wallet won’t feel the squeeze.

Here’s what you can land for free just for flashing your phone at the drive-thru or the register.

Scoop Up Free McDonald’s Ice Cream

First up, if you’re among the lucky few who got free ice cream from an Uber ice-cream truck on Aug. 11, you should have also gotten a collectible silicone cone and a punch card.

I hope you held on to both because they’re your keys to free ice cream every Friday until Sept. 22.

Unfortunately, this is only available to people who got the original Uber deal and live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Miami, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta or Toronto.

But don’t worry. If you live in another part of the country or misplaced your cone, there is another way to get free, ice-cold treats

Just download the McDonald’s app.

Once a week through Sept. 3, you can get a free shake, frappe or sundae at McDonald’s with any purchase. And there is no minimum you have to spend. Grab whatever you’d like, even a $1 coffee, and claim your free treat.

Free Fries Friday

I know this is really what you want to get your hands and taste buds on.

The McDonald’s app is also your key to a free medium order of fries.

As with the shake, frappe or sundae deal, you need to make a purchase to get your free fries, but there’s no minimum to spend. This coupon is available every Friday until Sept. 29, when you use the app.

Dive Into a Free Drink and Fries (but There’s a Catch)

Finally, this deal requires you to spend more money, but it’s worth a mention.

Until Aug. 27, if you download the McDonald’s app, you’ll see a coupon for a free medium order of fries and a free soft drink with the purchase of a Signature Crafted Sandwich. This is a one-time deal only, though, so it may be worth it to splurge just a little this once.

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