People Wasted Hours on Krispy Kreme Deal That Was Actually a Terrible Deal

fresh krispy kreme donuts going down the line
Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but really, I’m not so sure that I am.

Did you hear about that Krispy Kreme deal last week? You know, the one when the donut chain celebrated its 80th birthday by offering a dozen donuts for only 80 cents — if you bought a dozen at regular price first.

Well, apparently everyone and their mother heard about it. The donut deal caused traffic jams, three-hour lines and made people late for work.

All that for a bunch of donuts?

Are You People Serious? This Deal Sucked

Let me start by asking a simple question. Who in their right mind would wait in a line for HOURS — just for donuts?
The people of America. That’s who.

According to Newsweek, the donut frenzy hit Charleston, South Carolina, hard. Police had to redirect traffic. People were late to work. Folks waited for three hours to get their 80-cent dozen donuts.

I’m all for donuts, but let me chime in with my two cents here: Was this deal really that great?

It was no traffic-stopper to me (even though it literally did stop traffic).

The flaw with this deal was that you had to buy a dozen at the regular price to get the discounted dozen.

Here at The Penny Hoarder, we didn’t bother writing about it.

Would you have bought that initial dozen if the next one wasn’t discounted? Probably not.

But Krispy Kreme duped you. It convinced you to overindulge in glazed donut goodness. As a result, a lot more people bought regular-price donuts last Friday.

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