Time to Break Out the Stretchy Pants! National Cheeseburger Day is Sunday

national cheeseburger day
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The onset of autumn means it’s time to get ready for the year-end slew of holiday celebrations.

But just when you thought Thanksgiving was as #America as a holiday could possibly get, National Cheeseburger Day steps up to the proverbial plate.

And the literal one.

National Cheeseburger Day 2016

National Cheeseburger Day is Sunday, Sept. 18, and if you’re anything like me, you absolutely cannot wait to celebrate.

And you don’t have to spend a ton to do so. In fact, if you play your cards right, you might even make money off chowing down on a burger this weekend.

Here are our six favorite national cheeseburger deals to sink your teeth into this weekend.

1. Burger21

Although it’s not technically a deal specifically made for National Cheeseburger Day, you can still score a free Cheesy when you download Burger21’s loyalty app for iOS or Android.

Plus, you’ll get $5 every seven visits.

2. BurgerFi

Per Nerdwallet, BurgerFi is dishing out $5 cheeseburgers all day on Sept. 18 if you ask the nice person manning the register.

3. Fuddruckers

Got a serious appetite?

Down Fuddruckers’ three-pound burger, with a one-pound side of fries, in an hour or less this Sunday to receive two free future Fuddruckers meals — just in case you’re ever hungry again — and a free t-shirt boasting your meaty victory.

More than 50 nationwide locations are participating — most of which are in Texas. I guess everything really is bigger there!

But if you want to participate in the challenge, you’ve got to plan ahead, and not just because you’ll need to starve yourself for a day or three first. The flier states 24 hours’ notice is required, so call your favorite Fuddruckers soon if you’re up to this considerable task.

4. Ruby Tuesday

Get a free burger up to $10 in menu value with your purchase of any one adult entree from Ruby Tuesday this Sunday.

To get the coupon, you’ll have to sign up for their email newsletter — and take a quiz!

But don’t worry about flashing back to 8 a.m. pop quizzes in geography (*shudder*). The questions are multiple choice, and include gems like “If you were a cheeseburger stranded on a desert island, who would you like to accompany you?”

Possible answers include “onion rings,” “a vegan” and, my personal favorite, “another cheeseburger.”

5. Shake Shack via Delta Airlines

Yep, you read that right.

If you happen to be flying Delta One business class from JFK to LAX this Sunday, you could be in for a treat: a Shake Shack burger, yours to consume 5 miles in the sky.

Granted, that’s a lot of ifs, and nowhere does it say that the burger is free.

But, man… Shake Shack is almost worth the price of booking a business class ticket two days before takeoff.


6. Wayback Burgers

Penny Hoarder overachievers, take note: You could earn a decent start to your emergency fund this weekend just by eating a cheeseburger… if you can eat a really, really big one, really, really fast.

Burger chain Wayback Burgers is holding its annual burger-eating contest this Sunday — just in time for National Cheeseburger Day. If you win, you’ll earn “the prestigious title of Triple Triple ‘Chompion,’” to say nothing of a hefty payout: the $3,330 grand prize.

Of course, in order to earn it, you’ve gotta be the fastest person to eat the nationwide chain’s “triple triple,” which features nine (nine!) patties, nine slices of cheese, and, of course, lettuce and tomato.

The press release wisely suggests participants “bring their stretchy pants” as well as using the hashtag #TripleTripleChallenge while discussing their questionable life choices on social media.

If you don’t win, you’ll still get a free T-shirt… but you’ll be on the hook to pay for the burger, which rings up at about $18.99.

Happy holidays!

Your Turn: How will you celebrate National Cheeseburger Day this year?

Jamie Cattanach is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder and cheeseburger aficionado. Her writing has also been featured at The Write Life, Word Riot, Nashville Review and elsewhere. Find @JamieCattanach on Twitter to wave hello.

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