This Fine Dining Bargain for 20-Somethings Costs Half a Student Loan Payment

Per Se NYC
City Foodsters under Creative Commons

Fellow millennials, if you’re in the mood to miss this month’s rent and probably get evicted, you’re in luck: A Michelin-starred restaurant wants to lure you in with a $175 meal.

I mean, people already think we’re that generation anyways let’s celebrate our apparent sense of entitlement by spending (roughly) 10% of our monthly incomes on a fancy dinner.

Time to treat yo’self.

Is This Restaurant Serious?

Thomas Keller, head chef of Per Se in New York City, really wants you to come in and cross fine dining off of your bucket list, hence this hefty discount.

On March 30, Per Se is offering a generous 50% off a seven-course dinner (because apparently a world exists where people have time to sit through one of those) to anyone under 30 for what it calls the “30-for-30 Dining Experience.”

Per Se NYC
City Foodsters under Creative Commons

The seven-course dinner usually runs at $350. But don’t worry. It’ll only cost you half a student loan payment $175 after the discount.

Want to up your eliteness with a delectable wine pairing? It’ll cost you an extra $50. Sorry, you’re actually not that special after all.

If you’re not sure about spending that much money on a night of lobster tails and caviar, here are other things you could buy with $175 to help you decide:

  • Eight boxes of House Wine, the winner of our best boxed wine taste test. That equals 32 standard bottles. But you’re a millennial and love wine, so you already knew that.   
  • Twenty-nine delicious (and obnoxious) venti skinny cinnamon dolce lattes from Starbucks (with coconut milk, because you’re hip and don’t drink real milk. Gross.)
  • A one-way ticket from Boston to Reykjavik and have money left over. Millennials love Iceland.
  • Thirty-one DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Four Cheese frozen pizzas. It was the winner of our frozen pizza taste test — and dang, it was good. Plus, that’s like, a pizza a day for a month. Much wow.
  • You could end the bratty millennial stigma and donate it to a charity you truly care about. Before you do, check out three things to consider before shelling out in the name of all that’s good.

So, what do you think? Ready to dine like the elite?

Your Turn: Would you spend $175 for Per Se’s “30-for-30 Dining Experience”?

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