World of Beer Is Celebrating Prohibition Repeal Day With 10-Cent Beers

world of beer tap line
Photo courtesy of World of Beer

Do you know what happened on Dec. 5, 1933?

If not, here’s a quick history lesson: On that day, the 21st Amendment passed. That amendment ended Prohibition –– and we were all given the ability to indulge in adult beverages at our own will.

World of Beer will celebrate the repeal this year with a great deal, so get ready to enjoy a few cold ones!

WoB Is Celebrating Repeal Day With Super Cheap Beer

On Dec. 5, WoB will charge you a mere 10 cents for your first beer or give you up to $5 off your bill.

To redeem, simply head into your local WoB and order an eligible beer.

This offer varies by state and WoB location, so be sure to call your local WoB for all the details and to make sure it’s participating.


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