Addicted to Egg McMuffins? Save Money By Making Them at Home With This Kitchen Hack

egg mcmuffin recipe
Robert J. Pierce under Creative Commons

Okay, I’ll admit it. When McDonald’s announced they’d be serving breakfast all day, I did a happy dance.

Though I generally try to eat healthy, there’s nothing quite like a proper Egg McMuffin. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked through McDonald’s doors at 10:27 a.m. with intentions of getting my hands on one, only to face defeat at the register when I learned breakfast hours were over.

But grabbing a breakfast sandwich every morning can wreak havoc on your wallet (not to mention your waistline), even if you’re racking up free food by using McDonald’s app.

What’s a die-hard McMuffin fan to do?

Why DIY McMuffins Aren’t as Simple as They Seem

If you’ve attempted to make your own McMuffin at home, you’ve probably come up with less-than-perfect results. That’s because there’s one element of this otherwise-simple sandwich that’s easy to overlook: the egg is steamed, not fried.

Who knew?!

Serious Eats managing director J. Kenji Lopez-Alt recently broke down the steps to achieving home-McMuffin perfection for First We Feast. This steaming method, he mentions, is what keeps McDonald’s eggs from getting “that cooked egg flavor that you get in crispy eggs” when you fry them in the traditional manner.

What’s more, steamed eggs don’t brown and char, and instead remain perfectly white… just like what you get at the drive-thru.

A Yummy, Homemade Egg McMuffin Recipe

If you’re looking to hoard pennies by preparing your own version of McDonald’s signature sandwich, here’s how to steam your own eggs at home:

Step 1: Place a biscuit mold or mason jar lid into a buttered pan, then crack your egg into it.

Step 2: Break the yolk and then cover the pan, and cook until your desired level of doneness — between four and five minutes.

Your egg will be perfectly round and white, just like at the golden arches — and it’ll fit on your English muffin perfectly, too!

Want the full scoop on how to make a killer McMuffin facsimile? Check out the coverage over at First We Feast.

Your Turn: Have you made the perfect McMuffin at home? Got an Egg McMuffin recipe we should know about? Give us a heads up in the comments!

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