When the Internet Gets Hangry, We All Get Cheaper Snickers at 7-Eleven

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The internet is a strange place. One minute, you’ve fallen down a cuddly, fluffy rabbit hole that involves videos of adorable bunnies. The next, you’re on Facebook arguing with your third cousin about orchestras not being glorified cover bands. (They aren’t!!!)

Instead of taking responsibility for our hotheadedness, let’s go ahead and blame it all on that fact that we’re hangry. For those of you who don’t know: Hangry = hungry + angry.

And you know what happens when you’re hangry?

7-Eleven comes to save the day with discounted Snickers bars.

This Is the Weirdest Deal Ever

You’ve heard the line: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Snickers has built its chocolate-coated reputation around the motto that we all get a little, ahem, rude when our stomachs are empty.

As a result, the beloved candymaker has created the Hungerithm, a “hunger algorithm that monitors the mood online.” By analyzing over 3,000 words and phrases, the algorithm can determine how enraged or chill the internet is every 10 minutes, as reported by Delish.

The angrier the internet gets, the bigger the discount on Snickers bars at participating 7-Elevens through Dec. 22.

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Arguing on Facebook with your neighbor Bob about his decision to mow his lawn at 7 a.m. on a Sunday? Check the Hungerithm website  –– you might not be the only crabby pants out there, meaning you’ll save big on some candy.

The catch, though, is that the algorithm updates every 10 minutes. At the time this post was written, coupons were only good for about 8 cents off. But around 8:20 a.m. today, they were as high as $1.08 off, so you better keep an eye on it if you want the best deal.  

To redeem the coupon, visit the Hungerithm website on your mobile device — you can’t generate the bar code on your computer — and click on the “Get a Snickers” button to generate a bar code. If it makes you mad that you can only get the coupon on your mobile device, be sure to rant about it on Twitter so we all can benefit with cheap candy bars.

To find a participating 7-Eleven near you, click the location button on the righthand side of the screen and enter your ZIP code.

As for your neighbor Bob, maybe bribe him with some candy so you can get some shut-eye on the weekends.

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