TSwift’s Cooking Is ‘Bomb.’ Here’s How to Host When You Don’t Have $170M

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Look, I’m not exactly a fan of Taylor Swift’s music –– but apparently, the girl can cook.

American comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish recently had dinner with the “Reputation” singer, and she described it to Ellen DeGeneres in one word: “bomb” (that’s millennial slang for good).

Reports are saying it was an awesome potluck, but Swift provided the majority of the food — meaning this wasn’t a potluck at all.

On the menu? Barbecue chicken, cornbread, potato salad and brisket. Haddish contributed collard greens.

While I don’t doubt Miss Swift’s cooking skills, Forbes says she’s worth $170 million, so her version of a dinner with friend might have been a bit extravagant. Plus, she pretty much cooked the entire meal –– and not everyone has the financial means to do that, especially for a large group.

Looking for a way to wow your besties during dinner without spending a fortune? It’s possible, and you don’t need to be an international pop star to do it.

How to Throw a Dinner Like TSwift Without the Cost

When it comes to hosting dinners, the stress can get real. You have to clean the house, cook for hours, dazzle everyone with entertaining and then clean up a mess once they all leave.

Let’s not forget, either, how expensive cooking for groups of people can get.

It’s possible to cut the stress and cost by spreading the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning and serving among your guests with a potluck.

Think about it: You and your guests each make one dish. For a fraction of the cost, everyone eats, and you get to enjoy the night, too!

Here are a few ways you can host an awesome potluck –– and a few tips for saving on its cost:

Pick a Theme

Penny Hoarder junior writer Grace Schweizer wrote about throwing the perfect potluck. She says that picking a theme ensures all the dishes complement one another, leaving everyone satisfied at the end. Plus, it encourages everyone to get creative with their cooking!

Send Out a Sign-Up Sheet

Schweizer writes that the idea of a potluck is to let your guests get creative and to have a variety of dishes to sample. By sending out a sign-up sheet, everyone can coordinate their dishes, and you’ll be free from the stress associated with creating a menu.

Change Up the Time

If you’re really in a financial pinch, consider throwing a breakfast or brunch potluck. Ingredients like eggs and potatoes are cheaper than meats or fresh vegetables. If you want to add fresh fruit to the mix, be sure to buy whatever is in season to save on cost.  

Buy in Bulk

A good host will provide drinks, of course –– but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune stocking up on your liquor bar. If you’re hosting a potluck dinner, consider buying boxed wine instead of bottled; it’s affordable and never goes bad. Check out our taste test on the top boxed wines so you can buy with confidence.

Oh, and don’t forget: Have fun.

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