Welcome to the New On-Site Penny Hoarder Community!

woman and man work on a laptop during lunch
Carmen Mandato/ The Penny Hoarder

In July 2016, we created The Penny Hoarder community group on Facebook as a way for Penny Hoarders to come together to discuss everything from credit card debt to work-from-home jobs — all with like-minded people who shared similar goals.

But over the last couple of years, our little group has grown into a pretty big group, and that’s made it harder for you to find information and participate in discussions, and harder for us to keep an eye out for users who aren’t here for the true community experience.

So, we’ve made the decision to archive our Facebook community group — but don’t be sad: We’ve moved into a new (and greatly improved!) community platform that lives right here on our site!

The new on-site Penny Hoarder Community will make it easier for you to discover new content, share resources and tips, tackle tough questions, discuss your money woes and wins, and support your fellow Penny Hoarders — all while acting as a safe space for you to continue working toward your financial goals.

You can find the new Community here. To sign in, simply make an account or log in using your Facebook account. Then, take a look around to familiarize yourself with the new layout. You can create conversation threads, contribute to discussion boards, ask questions and “follow” topics you’re interested in.

We’ll see you in there, Penny Hoarder!