Want to Earn Up to 120% More From Your Job? Here’s Where You Should Move

Want to Earn Up to 120% More From Your Job? Here’s Where You Should Move

Wondering how to make more money? You might want to consider relocating.

Sure, moving is expensive and a hassle — but what if it meant a significantly higher paycheck? It might be worth it then, right?

The folks at Business Insider looked into it and discovered the most disproportionately high-paying job in each state.

In other words, they created a map outlining “the occupation in each state with the biggest percent difference between the state average salary and the national average salary.”

Their findings surprised me, so I wanted to share them with you.

Here’s Where to Move If You’re a…

Welder: Alaska, where you could earn 80% more than the national average: $71,910 vs. $40,040.

I’d bet this figure includes a lot of underwater welders, which means you’ll need to be certified in SCUBA.

Printing Press Operator: Washington, D.C., where you’ll be in the heart of national politics, and potentially earn 120% more than the national average: $80,690 vs. $36,700.

Lifeguard: Hawaii, where average salaries are 73% greater than the national average: $36,280 vs. $21,030. Plus, you get to live in Hawaii!

Tile or Marble Setter: Massachusetts, where the average tile or marble setter earns a whopping $75,050 — 70% more than the rest of the country’s $44,160.

EMT or Paramedic: Washington, where you’ll save lives while earning 65% more than the national average: $57,850 vs. $35,110.

Of course, you might need to account for a higher cost of living in many of these states, but if you’re itching for a change, this research might be just the excuse you need!

For the full list and map, head over to Business Insider.

Your Turn: Is your job on the list?

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