Uber or Lyft? This New Site Tells You Which is Cheaper Right. This. Second.

Updated November 3, 2016
by Susan Shain
uber fare estimator

When it comes to getting around town, most people are devoted to either Uber or Lyft.

If you aren’t loyal to a brand — and want to save money — you might waste your time opening up both apps and getting fare estimates for each.

By the time you choose, one app’s surge is over and the other has begun.


Say goodbye to the struggle… because we recently discovered an all-in-one Lyft and Uber fare estimator.

And it’s a game changer.

How to Compare Uber and Lyft Prices in Real Time

Fare Estimate is a new website that lets you quickly compare rates between Uber and Lyft in real time.

So, if Uber’s on a surge and Lyft isn’t, it’ll be reflected in your fare estimates.

It includes UberX, UberXL, Lyft, Lyft Line and Lyft Plus, but not UberPool. There’s no app yet, but you can save your favorite routes to the homescreen of your iPhone.

If you’re a Penny Hoarder who frequently uses ridesharing services, I’d say this is one page worth bookmarking!

Your Turn: Do you prefer Uber or Lyft?

Susan Shain, senior writer for The Penny Hoarder, is always seeking adventure on a budget. Visit her blog at susanshain.com, or say hi on Twitter @susan_shain.

by Susan Shain
Contributor for The Penny Hoarder

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