Hopeless Romantics, We’ve Found the PERFECT Work-from-Home Job for You

January 14, 2016
by Susan Shain
work-from-home jobs

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I love love, weddings, sappy movies and heart-wrenching country songs. I even love Valentine’s Day, though as a Penny Hoarder, I know it’s a silly holiday I shouldn’t spend any money on.

If you’re looking for work-from-home jobs (and are anything like me when it comes to romance), then you’ll probably be excited to learn about this new listing I just came across…

How to Get Paid to Deliver Joy

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, tons of people are going to order flowers and gift boxes, and 1-800-Flowers is looking for customer service representatives to work from the comfort of their own homes.

The position’s official title is Seasonal Customer Service & Sales for 1-800-Flowers, and it’s listed by Sutherland CloudSource, a remote staffing firm.

It pays $9 per hour and is completely remote. To be eligible, you need to live in the 48 contiguous states and have a computer with a high-speed internet connection.

You’ll start on either Jan. 25 or Feb. 1, and for the first week, work full-time while completing your paid training.

Then you’ll work part-time (15-20 hours per week) until the peak week of Feb. 7-14, when you’ll work a full 40 hours. Though several different shifts are available, you’re required to be available seven days per week.

If you like the job, there’s the opportunity to stay with the company through Easter and Mother’s Day, or beyond.

“After the seasonal position ends, if an employee is interested in moving into a permanent position with Sutherland CloudSource, we certainly give them preferential status for any position they qualify for,” wrote Rebecca Martin, Manager of Talent Acquisition, in an email.

“The seasonal sales representative is a perfect opportunity for somebody to ‘try out’ working from home with us, without an intense interview and training period.”

So if you want to spread love and flowers — while also earning money in your jammies — we’d say this job is definitely worth a look!

Click here to learn more and apply.

Your Turn: Are you going to apply?

Susan Shain, senior writer for The Penny Hoarder, is always seeking adventure on a budget. Visit her blog at susanshain.com, or say hi on Twitter @susan_shain.

by Susan Shain
Contributor for The Penny Hoarder

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