5 Weird Ways to Save Money at Home

Ketchup Packets

With home-related expenses on the rise, it’s not surprising that people are looking for creative ways to trim their expenses. Did you know you can do so in your very own home or neighborhood?

With a bit of creativity and extra effort, you can easily trim your household expenses. Here are some interesting ways for how to do so:

1. Pick up change. While walking your pet or simply getting in your daily exercise, keep your eyes open for spare change lying around. Think this isn’t a worthwhile way to find extra money? What if you knew someone who adds hundreds of dollars to their savings account annually just from picking up spare pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters? Try this for a year and perhaps you’ll be the person keeping an eye out for the shiny coins that are littered all around your neighborhood and surrounding areas. The money you accumulate can help you pay for your irregular expenses such as home insurance (Don’t forget to get your home insurance quotes online to ensure you’re getting the best rates).

2. Quit buying ketchup. And mustard, salt, pepper and may for that matter! The next time you visit a fast-food restaurant, hold on to those extra packets at the bottom of the bag. Enlist the help of some close friends and/or family members and you’re on your way to cutting more from your grocery bill.

3. Dive in the dumpsters. Yes, this can be a gross way to save money. But what about that beautiful office desk that you sit at daily that happened to cost nothing because you saved it from the dumpster? Another way to score free furniture and housewares is to keep an eye open while driving to/from—sometimes that perfect item you’ve been hunting for may be right there in the open; sitting on the curb for someone to come along and scoop it up—for free!

4. Take in the strays. This is referring to the stray golf balls if you happen to live near a golf course or driving range. If you don’t live near a golf course, what about the next time you’re out there putting along yourself? Keep your eyes open for stray balls—chances are you’ll easily accumulate a dozen or so for every round of 18 holes. Consider selling these (a dozen can easily go for more than $10) and roll your money all the way to the bank.

5. Change your cooking and cleaning habits. If you cook a lot at home, remember to cook with the lids on the pots and pans—doing so will allow your food to cook faster because the heat won’t be escaping. And the next time you do a load of laundry, don’t forget to fill up the washer. The same goes for the dishwasher—you’ll save on water, electricity and reduce the wear & tear on your machines!

What are some unique ways you’ve saved money at home?

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