These 42 Cost-Effective Colleges are Still Accepting Fall 2016 Applications

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For most high school seniors, May 1 marks an important milestone: It’s the deadline for students to commit to a college.

But more than 300 colleges still have their doors propped open to students hoping to start this fall — and a good number of them are cost-effective enough to rank on Kiplinger’s Best Value Colleges list for 2016.

So whether you didn’t get into your first — or third — choice, or the financial aid package you were offered is unrealistic, you still have a chance to choose a college for September.

These Value Colleges are Still Accepting Applications

While most of these schools will still consider applicants for financial aid, you might not receive as competitive of a package as you would have if you’d applied earlier. Since many applicants have already accepted offers, there’s less cash in the coffers to go around.

That said, there’s a silver lining: These are value colleges — so the overall price tag should be relatively affordable.

And quite a few noteworthy colleges make the list. For instance, you can still apply to DePauw University, Loyola Maryland and the Universities of Arizona, Oregon and San Diego. Transfer students still have a shot at Syracuse, Simmons or the University of Florida.

Check out the full list of 42 colleges at Kiplinger.

…But Apply Soon!

Although these schools have an extended application period, you might want to act pretty quickly. If the school receives applications on a rolling basis, you’re more likely to get in — and get more funding — earlier than later.

As with most things, though, the government moves slowly: The federal deadline for the FAFSA isn’t until next June.

Worst comes to worst? You could always consider a gap year… or skipping college altogether.

Your Turn: Where will you be studying this fall?

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