This Is the Cheapest Date We’ve Ever Seen

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Worried about breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day?

We think we’ve found a way for you to save money on date night — and get a little closer with your other half in the process.

Two friends shared the trick on YouTube last week in their video “Bo & Matthew Sneak Into a Movie Theatre.”

Their secret? Go in together dressed as one person.

And it worked.

After a few trial runs, the two men found a configuration that would work — Matthew wrapped his legs around his friend and clung tight.

They pulled a huge pair of pants and a couple of T-shirts over his backside, which resembled a large, hanging stomach (if you don’t look too closely).

YouTube via Huffington Post

The pair went to the box office in their marsupial-like disguise and purchased a single ticket for The Avengers.

We’re not clear whether the clerk suspected the ruse.

But you can probably agree you’d want to be 110% certain before accusing a man of actually being two men dressed in one outfit.

I know I’d err on the side of costing the theater its $12.

How to Really Save Money on Valentine’s Day

But seriously. There are certainly better ways to get into somebody’s pants on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not down to snuggle quite this much with your beloved to save on a Valentine’s matinee, may we recommend some less-deceptive (and totally legal) ways to enjoy some frugal romance?

Grab this deal for $100 dinner and a movie for just $30.

Follow these tips to save money without looking cheap.

Pick up one of these last-minute gifts for under $5. Don’t worry; they don’t suck.

Skip the movies, and plan one of these budget-friendly dates instead.

Try these tips for saving on Valentine’s Day for kids (though, we have to admit, the two-person-one-body trick would be way easier with a child…)

Your Turn: What extreme measures have you taken to save money on a date? Share your stories in the comments (bonus points if you have it recorded)!

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