Keep Your College Applications in Order With This Simple, Free Tool

applying to college
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If you’re currently embroiled in the hectic world of college applications — or about to be — I don’t envy you.

I remember that stressful mess all too well: a ton of extra work during an already-challenging senior year of high school, with about a zillion deadlines to keep straight.

So when I learned about apply101, I will admit it was with mixed feelings.

On the one hand, what an awesome tool! And on the other, why the heck didn’t they have this when I applied to college?

How to Apply to College Without Wanting to Rip Your Hair Out

applying to college
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First things first: apply101 isn’t paying us to tell you this.

We just found the service and thought it was a cool resource for college students — especially those of you whose deadlines may be sneaking up. (Trust me, it’ll be Jan. 1 before you know it!)

Basically, apply101 helps you keep track of all the deadlines and materials you need to apply to, enroll in and pay for college.

It bills itself as a “checklist,” but it’s crazy user-friendly and functional, and it also does a whole lot more than your notebook or Excel sheet could.

The tool displays useful data about each of your prospective schools, from size, setting and student demographics to the SAT range and average GPA of accepted students.

It also shows the percentage of students who receive financial aid, and the size of the average aid package. And if you want to minimize your student debt, that is very important information.

Apply101 will help you organize all your deadlines, whether you’re applying to two schools or 20 — and track the progress you make toward getting your materials in on time.

And if you don’t trust yourself to get stuff done without constant reminders, no worries: You can have custom-crafted nudges, gentle or otherwise, sent to your email and cell phone.

You can also share your progress with other interested parties — i.e., parents and guidance counselors. Cool, right?

(Psst — if you’re a parent, you can use the tool to help your kids get started on their college planning.)

So whether you’re facing down some quickly approaching deadlines or just getting organized well ahead of time for next year (good on you!), it might be worth taking a few minutes to try out apply101.

College isn’t supposed to be easy, but it never hurts to find ways to work smarter instead of harder.

Your Turn: Have you used apply101 to help you organize a crazy stack of college application materials? What did you think?

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