Nicki Minaj Paid Her Fans’ Student Loans — and Said She’ll Pay Even More

Nicki Minaj Paid Her Fans’ Student Loans — and Said She’ll Pay Even More
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On the fateful (to a select group of college students) night of May 6, Nicki Minaj proved once again that she is the queen we suspected her to be.

While holding a contest on Twitter that would end with one lucky fan being flown to Las Vegas to join her at the Billboard Music Awards, Minaj suddenly switched gears and started paying peoples’ college tuition and loans.

And now, after making payments on at least eight students’ balances and documenting it on her Instagram (and promising to go on another payment spree later this year), Minaj has announced plans to launch an official charity for student loans and tuition payments soon.

In the same Instagram post, she noted fans will be able to officially sign up and promised to keep them in the loop on the program’s progress.

Other than that, Minaj provided no real details on when -- or how -- the financial aid will roll out.

But as soon as we hear some more details, we’ll let you know.

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Grace Schweizer is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder.