8 Gifs That Show Why It’s So Freaking Hard to Save Money in Your 20s

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I just turned 30, and I want to warn everyone eagerly heading to college right now: Your 20s aren’t going to be as glamorous as every sitcom would have you believe.

I know, you don’t want to hear that from this old fuddy-duddy. So I consulted with the younger, collegiate millennials in our office to confirm: Adulting is hard.

Strapped with student loan debt, trying to find a decent job and a livable dwelling, your 20s are kind of a financial nightmare.

We feel you.

Next time your parents wonder why you can’t chip in for groceries, pay your own rent or get off their cell-phone plan, arm yourself with these eight — totally valid* — reasons saving money is so hard in your 20s.

1. You graduate college all stoked to finally be a grown-up… and then realize you can’t afford to do anything.

I thought you were only supposed to be broke while you were a student.

2. Trying to explain why you’re not going out to your friends, and they’re like, “Budget? What’s that?”

It gets exhausting. Sometimes you just have to give in.

3. When you lend money to a friend… and she posts a picture of herself on vacation.

You know I follow you on Instagram, right? I saw that.

4. Beyonce tickets cost $500…

But… Beyonce!

5. This is how you use your “emergency” credit card.

Really made your point…

6. You spend half your paycheck on rent for a dirty shoebox of an apartment because you thought living downtown was what all the cool kids do.

Carrie Bradshaw, you are FULL OF LIES.

7. As soon as you have one drink, this happens.


8. And the next day… this.

That sinking feeling when you open your wallet… egh.

*Wait, maybe these aren’t such great excuses for being broke.

If you want to get your act together before it’s too late, here’s how you can actually save money in your 20s — without giving up fun.

And here are five money-management skills to learn now so you’ll have more when you’re older.

Annnddd… we even did some math for you. Here’s the crazy-tiny amount 21-year-olds have to save each week to save for retirement.

Maybe it’s not so tough after all?

Your Turn: What are your biggest hurdles to saving money?

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