This Couple Had 8 Beautiful Weddings in 8 Different Countries for $15,000

Dream wedding
Image from Amelia Irwin

Some people dream of traveling the world.

Some people dream of having a beautiful wedding.

Some people — me included — dream of both. But few get a chance to make it happen.

One notable exception? Brett and Amelia Irwin, from South Africa and the U.K., respectively.

When Brett’s brother scheduled his wedding during the same month they’d planned to have theirs, the couple scrapped their plans for a big wedding… and instead had eight intimate ceremonies in eight different countries.

And they did it all for what they’d planned to spend on a traditional wedding: £10,000 (about $14,600).

Would You Like to Get Married Around the World?

“It seemed perfect and was the answer to all our problems,” Amelia told The Daily Mail.

“We didn’t have to pay for others to eat, drink and party and were able to spend the wedding money on ourselves while travelling the world.”

So, after a courthouse ceremony in England, they took their wedding savings (and their 5-year-old son) and held seven more weddings in France, Russia, China, Nepal, India, Mauritius and South Africa.

Though friends and family joined them in several locations, Amelia said their South African wedding was her favorite “because all of Brett’s family were there.”

Which shows, ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you get married or how you much you spend — what matters is who you celebrate with.

Keep that in mind if you’re planning a wedding, and make decisions based on your priorities — not what you think a wedding should be.

You don’t have to spend $2,141 on flowers or get a 5-foot tall cake to have the perfect day… You could have a tiny wedding or a food truck wedding or a delayed reception, instead.

“We will never have a traditional wedding,” Amelia explained to The Daily Mail..

“We live to travel and I would far rather spend the money on travelling than on a party for a day.”

Your Turn: Would you prefer a big wedding at home? Or several around the world?

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