Flyers and Leaflets; Useful Info or Junk Mail?

When businesses and companies try to advertise their services they often resort to using flyers and leaflets to grab our attention. We normally take a peak in our letterbox and see numerous single pieces of paper and immediately ignore them or bin them. Therefore, when it comes down to it, are leaflets and flyers actually useful in getting business information across, or are they just an annoyance destined for the scrap heap?

As shallow as it might sound, initially it would seem that the decision breaker is all about the first impression that the flyer/leaflet gives the receiver. If it looks of a high quality, has eye catching details and artwork, we might be inclined to actually let our eyes quickly scan the paper, which normally means the business gets across exactly what they want to the recipient. Whereas, if the leaflet/flyer looks dull, unexciting and rather plain we tend to immediately disregard it. It would seem the key to initially surviving the bin is to grab the reader’s attention straight away, even if it’s just down to nothing more than the texture of the paper it’s printed on.

Furthermore, in addition to whether they get read or binned, there is also the question of whether they’re actually worth the time, effort and money businesses invest in these services if they’re going to be thrown out virtually straight away. Once again it would seem that appearance and quality is the pivotal point between success and failure. If a company puts in the effort and actually delivers high quality thoroughly designed flyers and/or leaflets to their customers, they’re more likely to be successful, and in turn it makes the money invested into the service worthwhile.  That’s why is always worthwhile visiting sites that have online design services and templates like for ideas and designs.

However, if a company doesn’t put in the effort and simply settles for ‘any old template’ then they’re probably going to waste money in the long run. Although being very easy to please and settling for any design, preferably the cheapest, might be kinder on your businesses pocket, it actually could end up hitting you harder if nobody shows an interest in your services. While you may have opted for the cheapest, you still have wasted money, no matter how little, by not connecting with the public, whereas flyers/leaflets from renowned specialists like instantprint, will get noticed more and in turn probably bring in more customers.

Therefore, when it comes down to whether a flyer and/or leaflet is junk or useful, it actually comes down to how much effort and time has been taken in choosing, designing and distributing them is the deciding factor in the whole process.

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